Zhang Songwen: playing "the Storm" is what I regret most.
Zhang Songwen: playing "the Storm" is what I regret most.
In this impetuous vanity fair, few people are willing to precipitate.


when Zhang Songwen took part in a variety show in 2019, the reporter asked him whether he would adapt after he became popular.

Zhang Songwen was surprised: I'm not popular.

he makes no secret of his embarrassment in front of the camera-there are only three plays a year, and he can get the part because he knows the director.

Zhang Songwen was 43 years old that year, and other young actors called him "teacher" in variety shows, but when he entered the set, his salary might not be as high as that of those young fresh flesh.

he said bluntly that he really wanted to be popular and wanted to try to get high pay.

four years later, Zhang Songwen became famous overnight by "raging", but when he wanted to be famous, he chose to be invisible.

refuse to interview, refuse to do business, and even do little publicity for TV dramas.

if you really want to ask, performing a wild ride is probably what Zhang Songwen regrets most.

first, a casual remark was infinitely magnified by the media, which led to a cyber violence against a director; then the boundary of his private life was infinitely broken by traffic, and his wife and children were secretly photographed when they went out on the street.

some media and netizens have no lower limit to repeatedly touch Zhang Songwen's past life and this life archaeology, which makes people feel frightened. After all, God is destroyed after God is created.

even Zhang Songwen himself said: "this dull wave (Weibo) will drive people crazy sooner or later."

he was popular, but he also regretted it.

entertainer Zhang Songwen

Yao Chen commented on Zhang Songwen: a playboy.

before entering the Film Academy, Zhang Songwen was a tour guide. He was awarded the "Best Tour Guide in Guangdong Province". In 1999, when most people were still earning about 500 yuan, his monthly income had exceeded 20,000 yuan.

if you follow the rules, it will be a stable and prosperous life. However, a conversation with a friend made Zhang Songwen realize that his dream was to make a movie.

in that year, Zhang Songwen quit his job and went to the Film Academy without hesitation, where he studied professionally for several years.

he gave up everything to fight for his dream, but reality poured a bucket of cold water on him.

in the first year of graduation, Zhang Songwen interviewed more than 360 troupes and didn't get any roles. In the second year, frustrated, he only went to 280 crews, but no one was interested, and it was still the same in the third year.

the dream is a complete failure, and life is stretched.

when he first graduated, Zhang Songwen was so financially strapped that he could not afford to pay the rent, so he only ate one meal a day to save money.

but instead of going back to his job with a monthly salary of 20,000 yuan, he struggled with his dream.

he finally got a role as a 30-yuan-a-day extras to act as human backgrounds behind the male and female actors.

excited Zhang Songwen pestered the director to keep asking: what's the character's name, how old the character is, and what character the character is.

the director was so annoyed that he finally got angry and changed.

but in this way, a playboy is still a playwright.

for drama fanatics, the play is bigger than heaven, even if it is a background board, this character can not be empty, he needs to understand the characters, and then establish the characters in a full way.

this is meaningless in the eyes of others. Zhang Songwen persisted for 13 years and played countless supporting roles.

"when I was filming you, I didn't think of you, because you were too far away, but when I edited it later, I found that no matter how far away it was, you were building this character by yourself, so I think if you cooperate with you, you should be responsible for the character."

the director's name is Lou Ye, and their later film is called "A Cloud made of Rain in the Wind".

entertainer Zhang Songwen has come to the fore.

actor Zhang Songwen

nowadays the biggest label on Zhang Songwen is "late bloomer".

everyone is happy for such a good actor. However, few people know that the label "late bloomer" has been affixed to Zhang Songwen three times.

the first time is "there is a cloud made of rain in the wind", the second time is "hidden corner", and the third time is "wild wind".

he stood out again and again, but he fell silent again and again.

it seems that there is no red life, but in fact, fate has extended the olive branch to him, but Zhang Songwen himself did not answer it at all.

take the blockbuster "Storm" as an example, this craze swept all the creators. Sister-in-law Gao Ye went to the film festival, Gao Qisheng and Tang Xiaolong made magazines together, and even the policewoman Xiao Wu, who had not appeared a few times, received offline real estate advertisements.

everyone was very busy, but Zhang Songwen was quiet. he didn't answer interviews or business, and even during the popularity of "Raider," he only posted a few Weibo postings.

if you want to ask Zhang Songwen what on earth is he busy with?

the answer may be a little funny, he is busy with life.

Zhang Songwen has the most photos of scenery from various places on Weibo. He is keen to share what he has seen and heard, introducing each region's culture, food, and even customs like a travel blogger.

he waited on his yard at home. He planted vegetables and flowers. He said: vegetables are survival, flowers are life.

he will also take care of his neighbor's land. Once, because he needed to go out to work, he was sorry that he could not help harvest cabbages, but when he returned home, he found several cabbages neatly placed in front of his house, and he was happy for a long time.

he also likes surfing the Internet, remembering ID avatars of each of his old fans and chatting online with them like friends. A fan who had supported him for a long time needed surgery, and Zhang Songwen even helped her find a bone marrow match.

he still lives in a rented house on the outskirts of Beijing, wearing a hat bought for a few yuan and a 12-yuan shirt. When he finds that the quality is good, he will buy several more in one breath.

in the bustling fame and fortune field of the entertainment industry, Zhang Songwen looks like an outlier.

but maybe he was different from many people from the beginning. He entered the circle just for acting, so once he left the camera, he returned to the role of ordinary people.

he is actor Zhang Songwen, not star Zhang Songwen.

spare Zhang Songwen

however, no matter what Zhang Songwen thinks, more people define Zhang Songwen as a star.


first the scalpers came to him.

on February 10, a netizen told Zhang Songwen in the comments section that his signature had been sold for 8,000 yuan online.

The awe-inspiring formal wear for toddler girl is all you need; it is an essential. Our collection has now made it super cool to get your choice.

this completely exceeded Zhang Songwen's understanding, and he could not hide his shock and asked how this happened.

he remembers the girl who asked him for his autograph. The girl told him that she had come from far away, and for this reason he signed his autograph.

he thought he came so hard to ask for his autograph because the girl loved and recognized him, but he didn't want it to be just a business with the other party.

this incident has a great impact on Zhang Songwen, but this is not the end, because the "paparazzi" have also come up.

it was Zhang Songwen's family who had the accident this time.

46-year-old Zhang Songwen has been protecting his family so that they can live a normal life, away from the camera and criticism.

but after the explosion, the paparazzi began to squat at his door for traffic. In this way, photos of his wife and children were unexpectedly exposed on the platform and sparked a heated debate.

the matter has not come to an end so far, and Zhang Songwen has not received any apology. But the aftershocks of "Storm" continue, and "just passers-by" is online.

A few years ago, Zhang Songwen once told the story of picking up garbage in the desert only to be left in the desert by his colleagues.

the story didn't attract any attention at that time.

it is hard to imagine that these so-called righteous passers-by unexpectedly exposed Zhang Jizhong for months just by speculating.

in the end, it was only when Zhang Songwen came out to apologize in person that the storm ended.

at this moment, I seem to understand why the "wild ride", Zhang Songwen chose to "invisible".

it's a pity that even if he guessed the result, it wouldn't change the ending.

if you do it again, will Zhang Songwen shoot "Crazy Storm"? I think it will. It is a good play, and it is impossible for a playwright to reject such a work, but once again, I believe that Zhang Songwen's invisibility will be more thorough.

remembering the video I saw not long ago, Zhang Songwen's itinerary was exposed online, and fans flocked to the airport to "chase stars". Even though Zhang Songwen was wearing a mask, his mobile phone snapped wildly in front of him.

instead of being angry, Zhang Songwen went to a corner of the open space, then kindly stopped them to take a group photo and asked, "can you not come again after this shoot?"

Yes, really don't come back.

in this profit-seeking entertainment circle, it is rare for anyone to stick to his original heart; in this impetuous vanity fair, few are willing to precipitate.

he just wants to be an actor, please leave him alone!