On March 18, 16000 doctors and nurses suddenly poured into Wuhan, the hotel was full, and Wuda silently closed the cherry-watching channel.
On March 18, 16000 doctors and nurses suddenly poured into Wuhan, the hotel was full, and Wuda silently closed the cherry-watching channel.
Thank you, everyone who has worked hard for Wuhan.


the cherry blossoms in Wuhan are blooming again.

Wuhan University silently closed the cherry-watching reservation channel on March 18.

in those two days, many hotels in Wuhan were suddenly unable to book a room.

it turns out that they are back:

three years ago that winter, ten thousand people were retrograde in white, and more than 16,000 doctors and nurses came to Wuhan to support them.

the cherry blossoms all over the garden declined other tourists that day, just to wait for their arrival.

when they arrived that year, the ice and snow in Wuhan had not melted.

by the time they left, the cherry blossoms were in full bloom.

but before they can enjoy it carefully, they will return to their respective cities.

so that year, when the medical teams from all over Hubei were on their way home, and when Wuhan citizens took to the streets to bid farewell, Wuhan issued an agreement:

when the cherry blossoms are in full bloom, the medical team from Hubei will be invited back.

revisit the same place and take a good look at the spring light you missed that year.

at that time, there were more than 40,000 medical and nursing workers in Hubei.

worried that not everyone will have a holiday when it comes to flower season, so Wuhan specially extended this agreement for three years.

is to give every doctor a chance to attend this cherry blossom appointment.

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another year and three years, Wuhan fulfilled its promise.

when the medical staff arrived, volunteers and staff lined up at the airport to welcome them.

on the way to Wuhan University, the traffic police opened the way for them.

Wu University also arranged chauffeured cars, opened up a green channel, laid a red carpet, and set up a cherry blossom arch.

also prepared a heavy commemorative badge for each of them to fight the epidemic.

under the blooming cherry trees, the students of Wu University sang for them in unison.

Wuhan, with the highest courtesy, welcome the heroes who protected themselves at that time.

three years ago, you were not afraid of wind and snow for me; three years later, I gave you a bright spring.

there was a young doctor from Anhui who looked at the cherry blossoms all over the garden and choked up several times.

she said:

"it turns out that Wuhan has not forgotten who we were that year."

the day when I learned that the hospital was soliciting medical staff to help Wuhan was the birthday of Dr. Zhao Chunguang's 5-year-old son in Xiangya Hospital of Central South University.

but the situation was so urgent that he signed up to leave before he could have dinner with his son.

is duty-bound.

New Year's Eve, we were reunited at home that year.

at that time, the people's Liberation Army and medical workers in Shanghai, Chongqing and Xi'an were already saying goodbye to their families.

No sooner had my mother as a soldier changed her uniform than she had to leave.

can only gently wipe away tears for the daughter who does not want to loosen the corner of her clothes.

but they just stood up and put on their robes.

when we look back now, we already know what happened later: the haze in Wuhan dissipated and came back to life.

but for them at that time, who was not in front of an unknown fear?

No one knows whether they will fall or not, but no one stands back.

that year, two medical teams assisting Hubei met at Wuhan Tianhe Airport.

"We are from Qilu Hospital of Shandong University. Which hospital are you from?"

"We are from Huaxi Hospital."

"come on!"

"come on!"

then, with a wave of his hand, he told him to take care, and each went to the front.

in fact, Qilu and Huaxi did not meet, but were reunited.

Qilu and Huaxi medical schools went hand in hand to protect education more than 80 years ago.

more than 80 years later, they got together again to fight for the medical cause.

in the past, today, every time is duty-bound.

because no matter where we come from or where we are going, we are stepping on the same piece of land under our feet.

that year, the two doctors fought side by side in the same cabin for 40 days.

when I said goodbye, I found out that the other person was my classmate.

wear tight goggles and face masks every day.

if you can't recognize who is who, write your name on the back and cheer each other up.

someone asked a young nurse:

"have you considered the risk that you will also be infected?"

she said:

"in case. My colleagues will save me. "

it is not that they are not afraid or timid.

it's just that since I've decided to go through fire and water, I'm ready to risk my life.

that year, Wang Benxue, a doctor in Tongren City, Guizhou Province, received a notice of aid to Hubei in the early hours of the morning.

as soon as I left, it was more than 50 days.

when he was in Wuhan, he didn't even dare to open a video with the children.

because every time I open it, my daughters will miss him to tears.

56 days later, Wang Benxue finally came back.

the moment she saw her father, the eldest daughter stared at him for a few seconds and burst into tears.

the little girl asked foolishly:

"Dad, what happened to your hair?"

fight against epidemicIn two months, Wang Ben learned a head of black hair and all turned white.

for dozens of days and nights, Wang Benxue looked dozens of years older.

how hard, worried and critical are the days in Wuhan?

these questions, on the lips of Wang Benxue's wife, were swallowed again, and only turned into a sad thank you:

"Thank you for coming back safely, thank you for not leaving me alone."

that year, Dr. Liu Kai, who came to Wuhan from Zhongshan Hospital affiliated to Fudan, was escorting 87-year-old Wang Xin to do CT.

the old man is a critically ill patient who has been hospitalized for more than a month. His condition is very serious and his mood is very bad.

I don't want to communicate with the doctor in the ward, or even answer the phone from my family.

that day, Dr. Liu Kai pushed him into the sunset. Watching the sunset in March in early spring, he stopped and asked Wang Xin:

"would you like to see the sunset for a while?"

the old man nodded.

A 27-year-old doctor, with an 87-year-old patient, watched a sunset seriously.

his mood changed and his condition finally got better.

the old man hugged him silently, took out his violin and played a farewell song for them.

the old man said:

"it was the doctors at Zhongshan Hospital who pulled me back from death."

and the stop in the setting sun was hung in front of Zhongshan Hospital for a long time.

in that year, all the patients in Wuchang Fangdang Hospital were discharged.

Dr. Jiang Wenyang finished his last night shift here.

lying on an empty bed, relieved.

but just a few days ago, the place was overcrowded and every doctor was spinning like a top.

that year, when an 80-year-old grandmother was cured and discharged from the hospital, she suddenly knelt down to the medical staff to express her gratitude.

that year, when the Guizhou medical team from Hubei was on its way home, an old man knelt on the ground and folded his hands.

after the bus passed, the old man still couldn't get down on his knees.

all of his family of 11 were infected with COVID-19, and 3 of them were seriously ill.

it was the meticulous treatment of the Guizhou medical team that he recovered and discharged from the hospital and turned the corner.

he doesn't know how to report this and how to thank him.

can only stay by the side of the road and express their gratitude.

that year, Mr. Zheng in Wuhan had been ill for 12 days before he was hospitalized.

after the medical team of Qilu Hospital came, he was admitted to hospital.

finally got better, he hired a nurse to make a video for him.

in the video, he choked up and said:

"Xu Yanan, Duan Guangjuan, Zhou Xiaoyu, Wang Zhenjun, Tian Hui, Ma Liang.

although I can't see you clearly through your protective clothing, I keep your names in mind.

We may just be passers-by in your lives, but you are our turning point, you have given us a second life. "

as he said, Mr. Zheng and the patients next to him bowed deeply to the medical staff.

A thank you, a bow, those moments in a hurry are worth a thousand words.

it must be with gratitude that you instinctively make such an expression.

recently, there is a very popular copywriter on the Internet:

when the local medical teams completed their mission and bid farewell to Wuhan that year.

Ying Yong, then secretary of the Hubei Provincial CPC Committee, came to see him off.

Hubei will always be your second home.

Wuhan has sent a special air ticket to every medical worker on the return trip.

Flight: victory.

originating station: Wuhan.

destination: beautiful hometown.

three years later, Wuhan once again sent them tickets.

this time it's a ticket.

this time, the mountains and rivers are all right.

doctors and nurses no longer have to cover their faces with thick masks and protective clothing.

finally take a good look at the spring in this city, it used to be so beautiful.

I suddenly remembered the overpass at the gate of Tongji Hospital in Wuhan.

there are many pieces of glass specially installed on the railing of the overpass.

on each piece of glass, there are clearly written the names, numbers and maps of the provinces and cities and the people's Liberation Army that have assisted the Hubei medical team.

Gansu Medical team, 796 people, rushed to assist Wuhan;

Tianjin Medical team, 1307 people, rushed to assist Wuhan and Enshi;

Jiangsu Medical team, 2802 people, rushed to assist Wuhan, Huangshi …...

A passing mother squatted down in front of the glass and read the name of each medical team to her 3-year-old daughter.

sophomores bow deeply in front of every piece of glass with the name of the medical team written on it.

there is a 72-year-old man, pointing to the railing with tears:

"We can't do it without them."

A city that understands gratitude will be invincible.