If you want to be rich, be stingy first.
If you want to be rich, be stingy first.
May we have something to ask for for the rest of our lives and be at ease in body and mind.


there is a saying: "Poor and generous, rich stingy."

means that people who are cash-strapped and like to be fat and have a lot of money are careful with their money.

some people joke that the richer people are, the more stingy they are.

in the eyes of many people, stinginess equates to haggling or being penniless.

in fact, proper stinginess is not only an attitude towards life, but also a life practice.

those who are more stingy and richer tend to understand these three principles.

it is not terrible to be stingy with time, but it is terrible to waste time

Yi Shu said: "where is one's time visible?"

what the axis of time can hold in the end depends on how much power we give it.

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I have heard such a story:

Mr. Xu Yuanchong, a translator, stayed up until three or four o'clock in the morning in order to extend his working hours.

Mr. Lu Xun, a great master of the literary world, spends his time chatting and drinking coffee with others to read and write.

the reason why mathematician Chen Jingrun grows long hair is just to save time waiting in line for a haircut and devote himself to research.

aspiring people cherish time like gold, while time only creates a sense of powerlessness and out of control in those who live aimlessly.

when you kill time day after day, you will find that time is killing you, too.

wasting time is more distressing than the sense of urgency to make use of all available space.

Life is short, and so is time. Only those who set their goals and treat time well can grasp the present and live up to their time.

it's not shameful to be stingy, it's shameful if you can't afford to live

"what do you think of being stingy?"

there is a saying in Zhuge Liang's Book of Commandments, which is the best answer: "A gentleman's journey is to be quiet for self-cultivation and frugality for virtue."

being stingy is not about pinching pennies, but about abstinence and self-discipline.

Wang Yongqing, a famous entrepreneur, was ridiculed as the "most stingy" tycoon.

Wang Yung-ching grew up in poverty. At a young age, he not only had to grow vegetables to feed pigs, but also had to pick up dropped coal on both sides of the railway to sell money.

the days when he was down and out made him industrious and frugal.

when he grew up, Wang Yung-ching ran the rice shop business with a capital of 200 yuan. With a keen sense of business, his career expanded again and again, his business was booming, and eventually he became one of the richest people in the region.

Wang Yung-ching, who is sitting on wealth, has the same style of life as ever.

there was only a small piece of household soap left, and he stuck it on the new soap and continued to use it.

after the milk powder for making coffee is poured out, rinse the empty box with water, and then pour the remaining juice into the coffee cup.

Wang Yung-ching insisted that after running in the morning, his waistline was reduced by a circle, and his original straight and slim suit became loose and fat.

so his wife asked the tailor to come to the house and measure him. The tailor thought Wang Yung-ching rarely wanted to make new clothes, but he unexpectedly took out five sets of old suits from the wardrobe and asked the other party to change them from the old to the new.

Wang Yung-ching has to be treated equally.

when my daughter got married, she chose the cheapest style after comparing several flower shops.

employees can only fly economy class on business trips. If the reimbursement exceeds the prescribed amount, they should inquire face-to-face.

treat to dinner only in the company hostel, the waiter will divide the food according to demand, and you have to take it away if you can't finish it.

the real stinginess is not having but unwilling to give, but paying attention to being just right.

it is not shameful to be stingy. In comparison and vanity, people who push their lives into the abyss are ashamed.

how many people live for material service and cannot make ends meet? as a result, life is very difficult.

the more you experience, the more you will find that the strength of adults comes from money.

A serious illness can easily bring down a family, and an unemployment can instantly cause anxiety.

any time, if there is more money in the card, the sense of security in your heart will be increased by one point, and the retreat behind you will be increased by one point.

it is rude to refuse, but not to socialize.

in recent years, the word "garbage man" has become very popular in social circles.

the so-called "garbage people" refer to those who are unable to help us grow, but consume and influence us imperceptibly.

for such people, the best thing to do is to have less contact, or even refuse to do so.

in the book "Social burden reduction", author Li Weiwen shared a consulting case.

Ms. Zhu, the consultant, has a best friend who works as a product agent. Taking advantage of the friendship between the two people, the other party often sells products to Ms. Zhu.

at first, Ms. Zhu politely declined on the grounds of "lack of money". The other side said generously that the product could be used first, and the money would be repaid when the economy was well off, and he kept saying that there was no need to be so clear about the relationship between sisters.

Ms. Zhu failed to succeed for the first time, and then she passively received products from her friends many times.

the other person will also care about how she uses it every now and then, and then insinuates that Ms. Zhu pays on the grounds that it is difficult to get the money back.

in this way, Ms. Zhu spent money on a bunch of useless products.

some people, because of affection or weak ears, are obviously reluctant, but acquiesce in the offense of others in action.

you know, if you allow it without principle, you can't get other people's respect, it will only make others gain an inch.

the world of adults is inseparable from socializing, and sometimes it does take advantage of networking resources. However, need does not mean tolerance and compromise.

PsychologyHarriet Blake suggested that people who subconsciously have a pleasing complex are easily persuaded socially, afraid to express their true ideas, and afraid to conflict with others.

in fact, a comfortable relationship does not need to be humble and flattering, but to respect and encourage each other.

as the writer Li Xiaomo said:

"mature people are always neither humble nor arrogant between advance and retreat, and establish their own interpersonal values of equality."

in the face of social activities with internal friction, the safest thing to do is to be unflattering, not pandering, and always stand firm.

to socialize is to add and refuse to subtract.

Smart people all know how to break up interpersonal relationships.

A clean circle and friends who are in tune with each other is what socializing should look like.

"stingy" is not really stingy, but staying sober and rational in the face of secular prejudices.

it's not so much stingy as learning to weigh and choose after recognizing your own needs.

the goal is clear, every minute counts, and the closer you are to success.

contentment is always happy, everything is moderate, and determined people know how to subtract redundant desires and live a natural and comfortable life.

learn to respect yourself and listen to your heart, so that people who love themselves can live a wonderful life and win the respect of others.

the road of chasing dreams is full of thorns and temptations, but we are also self-cultivation and looking for a better self.

, may we have something to ask for for the rest of our lives and be at ease in body and mind.