Reliable, not a kind of talent, but a kind of character
Reliable, not a kind of talent, but a kind of character
When you make all the people you meet feel secure, everyone will be the dignitaries on your way to success.


in 1948, Best West opened a new hotel in New York.

during the pre-inspection, Best turned on the faucets in the hotel's 700 rooms at the same time and found that there was a spill on all floors.

Best asked the construction team to rework to triple the diameter of the main and underground pipes.

this means that he will have to add at least $6 million to the budget and delay the opening of the hotel for six months.

some people advised him that the drainage performance of the hotel has far exceeded the government standards, and it is impossible for all rooms to release water at the same time.

Best says:

"as the owner of this hotel, it is my duty to make sure that guests can safely use water under any circumstances."

it turns out that there are no 700 rooms releasing water at the same time in the hotel.

but during the torrential rain in 1979, The Best became the only hotel in the area that was not flooded.

in the following 40 years, The Best entered the list of "the most sense of security hotels in the world" and became the first choice for countless tourists.

the real truth is not to be responsible for what everyone can see, but to take responsibility for all the variables that can happen.

Douban 9.5 points in the American TV series "desperate lawyer", there is such a plot.

Gus, the boss of a fast food company, plans to build an underground warehouse.

the engineers who heard the news showed off their high-tech equipment one after another, and said that as long as the budget was sufficient, no matter how complex the structure of the warehouse.

only Wiener from Germany surveys the site with a tape measure, calculates the force with paper and pen, and finally makes a long list pointing out the construction difficulties of the project and the legal risks that may be faced in the future.

Gus asked, "if you describe the project as so difficult, don't you worry that I think you are incompetent and will not grant you the project?"

Wiener replied, "honesty is more important than ability in engineering."

share another real-life story.

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I was interviewed by a local magazine when I was a sophomore because I was involved in a college student entrepreneurship project.

the interview was scheduled for 10:00, and he left by car two hours early, but he was still stuck about 7 kilometers from his destination.

before sharing the bike, he went straight to the side of the road to buy a bike and rode all the way to the interview site.

later, when he was nearing graduation, the magazine leader contacted him:

"if you don't find a suitable job outside, there's always a job reserved for you here."

it turned out that there was a traffic accident on the day of the interview, and most of the local roads were paralyzed, so the magazine did not force him to arrive on time.

but he would rather cover his living expenses for half a month than fulfill his agreement.

Feng Yuxiang said, "if you are sincere to others, they will not deceive me; if you believe in things, nothing is impossible."

the so-called reliable means to seek truth from facts, it is not easy to agree to what is difficult to do, and what you have promised must be done well.

some time ago,

# Dong Yuhui changed his job #

has become a hot topic in the whole network.

Dong Yuhui quickly clarified through Weibo that he has no plans to leave New Oriental at present.

some netizens do not understand why many teachers, including Dong Yuhui, are willing to stay with Yu Minhong when they can get higher pay on other platforms.

there is an answer that I quite agree with: Yu Minhong is responsible and gives people a sense of certainty.

people who are familiar with Yu Minhong know that Wang Qiang and Xu Xiaoping are also starting a business with him.

in terms of knowledge, he is not as good as Xu Xiaoping, who has studied abroad; when it comes to eloquence, he is not as good as Wang Qiang, who is well-read.

but every time a company is in crisis and needs someone to carry it, he is always the first one:

Yu Minhong personally went to major banks and borrowed 7 million yuan of emergency funds to help New Oriental survive the most difficult period.

the market capitalization of New Oriental plunged by 90%, and it was Yu Minhong who led the transformation of the company and found a way out in the live broadcast industry.

an investor once said:

when the wind is going well, anyone can use his talents as he pleases, but when variables come, not everyone can hold his ground.

the so-called reliable is to take responsibility and not to evade it. The worse the situation is, the more you want to let the people around you have sense of security.

A float glass manufacturer in Indonesia is on the verge of bankruptcy. The general manager visited Cao Dewang overnight and asked him to buy unsalable products.

the assistant thinks this is an opportunity to drive down the price.

Cao Dewang said that he could not take advantage of the crisis and still purchase 4000 tons of glass a year at the market price at that time.

in the 1980s and 1990s, the Asian automobile industry developed rapidly, and float glass was soon in short supply.

but the Indonesian company has always maintained a cooperative relationship with Cao Dewang's Fuyao Glass, and has not raised prices for 16 years in a row.

in 2006, Huang Zhongsheng, the purchasing managerBecause his subordinates took kickbacks, he was demoted to deputy sales manager, and his salary was reduced by half.

when he heard the news, Fuyao Glass's competitor used 300000 of his annual salary to dig up Huang Zhongsheng, which he flatly refused.

was later asked by Cao Dewang, and Huang Zhongsheng explained:

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"my son was born with cerebral palsy and needs to stay in Fuzhou for treatment, and you took the initiative to let my wife and son live in your home in Fuzhou. Even relatives and friends may not be able to lend a helping hand in this way. "

many years later, Cao Dewang wrote in his autobiography "Heart if Bodhi": only by being kind can one become rich.

in this world, everyone is willing to deal with kind people.

when you get along with such a person, you can drop all your precautions. You don't have to worry about the other person's behind-the-back tricks when you gain power, and you don't have to be afraid of falling into a well when you are down.

to be reliable is to be well-intentioned. When you learn to compare your heart to heart, others will treat you wholeheartedly.

for the same thing, others give 10 points and achieve 60 points; you also contribute 10 points, but achieve 90 points.

it's called talent.

what is reliable?

one thing, you are willing to pay regardless of cost in order to achieve 100 points.

reliable, not a talent, but a character.

compared with others, you may not have superb skills, rich experience, outstanding IQ, or strong capital.

but none of this prevents you from becoming a reliable person.

Technology will be updated, assets will be thundered, experience will become inapplicable, and the strongest brain will not be equal to artificial intelligence.

only good character, no matter how the times develop, will always be bound with reliability.

Li Ka-shing once said that it is good to have a deep acquaintance with reliable people and chat with smart people.

the so-called reliability is not how capable you are, but how much trust you deserve.

when you make all the people you meet feel secure, everyone will be the dignitaries on your way to success.

I quite agree with one sentence:

"once the inner character is formed, it is not easy to change, accompanying and affecting our whole lives."

A person's greatest capital in life is sincerity, kindness, responsibility and responsibility in his bones.

there are many smart people, but not all of them are worth trusting and trusting.

people with good character may not be shrouded in the halo of talent, but that reliability deserves to be frequently favored by fate.