Congratulations to those who do not delete Wechat moments.
Congratulations to those who do not delete Wechat moments.
The true maturity of a person is to accept who he is in the moment.

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not long ago, Xia Xia, a college classmate, sent her wedding invitation, and we had a lot of heart-to-heart talk.

looking at the summer in the wedding dress, the past of our college days flashed in my mind. We used to go shopping and laugh together, grab seats, and sit on the campus grass to tell each other secrets.

when I thought of this, I opened my moments and tried to find the pictures I had recorded before, but there was no sign of them for a long time, and there was only a little serious and insipid content left in the moments.

I don't know when, I always subconsciously clean up my moments and delete some content that I think is "unbearable".

among them, there are complaints about conflicts with girlfriends, dissatisfaction when arguing with family members, and sadness after falling in love and breaking up.

but now, if I want to look at it again, there is nowhere to find it.

perhaps, the original cruel deletion is to feel that a certain moment is very stupid, a certain moment is very bad, but now think of it has become a good memory, the heart will inevitably emerge a feeling of remorse.

this is often the case with people who hate it when they have it, and then regret it when they delete it.

after all, I had to give up resentfully.

I wonder if you have found out?

WeChat moments used to be a way to learn about friends' lives, but now they have become furnishings and barriers.

when we ate delicious food in the past, we couldn't wait to share our joy; when we met interesting people and things, we had no scruples about writing about them.

many experiences and beauties of life will be recorded in our moments. On the one hand, we want to share them with friends and family, and on the other hand, we want to imprint time.

but gradually, we have changed unwittingly.

We began to deliberately manage our moments, repeatedly thinking about what we wanted to post, and deleting our posts again and again for fear of leaving a negative impact.

however, the carefully carved moments have not only failed to bring a better experience, but have lost the fireworks of real life.

in the end, moments lose their original meaning, and we are no longer who we really are.

some people say: "deletion is to say goodbye to who you were in the past, and it is a sense of life ritual."

at first glance, it makes some sense, so we hover between the beginning and the end.

the sadness in the dead of night is gone before dawn;

complaints about emotional problems are deleted as soon as they are sent out.

after working overtime, I still choose to hide my fatigue after thinking about it.

seems to clear the trace, and all unhappiness will become invisible and dissipate in the air.

however, I forget that the real farewell and forgetting are silent.

formal elimination is just a sign of rejection and resistance to the present, mixed with a kind of uneasiness.


@ Ziyu


"I like to delete moments very much. I often express my feelings coldly one second, and then I feel naive and naive."


once I attended a department dinner and took a lot of photos with my colleagues, and I immediately shared it in the moments.

when I go home in the evening and take a closer look, I find that there are several oil spots spilled when eating hot pot on the white T-shirt.

I immediately felt very embarrassed and immediately deleted the dynamic.

the next day, I told my colleagues about it, and several of them unanimously said that they did not notice the stain on my clothes.

in this way, I have deleted and deleted for a long time. I seem to have posted it on moments, but it seems that I haven't posted it.


@ white tone


in fact, many times I don't want to delete it, but I'm afraid that some content will leave a bad impression on others, so I have to delete it in the end.

for example, on a trip to Aba, I suddenly wanted to express my opinion: "Why are the clouds on the plateau whiter?"

but after I posted it, I regretted it, thinking that others would think that I was hypocritical and ask such artificial questions.

for example, after a quarrel with my husband one day, I casually sent a message: "Marriage is more often a chicken feather."

but I deleted it in a few minutes, worried that others thought I was full of negative energy and was a pessimistic person.

such sharing can be found everywhere. On the surface, there are no more than all kinds of reasons and helplessness.

but in the final analysis, it is that we cannot accept our own embarrassment and embarrassment at some point, and care too much about the words and opinions of others.

I can't help thinking of a sentence in the book "No Future, No Love in the past":

"everyone is not perfect, which is not terrible at all. The terrible thing is that there is a perfect self in my heart


, and compared with the situation in real life, once you can't do it, you strongly doubt your own worth.


perfection is like a spell, if you care too much, you will be bewitched and irrational and true.

whether it is self-demanding or judged by others, it should not be a constraint for you to express yourself.

time never goes back for anyone, everyone's joys and sorrows are unique experiences, once deleted, it will be difficult to turn back.

whatever belongs to you, all emotions deserve to be recorded, not for others, but for yourself.

for moments, I like this metaphor very much:

"moments is a chocolate box with memories, full of chocolates of different colors and tastes."

Yes, there are endless memories of the past in moments, good or bad, are our exclusive memories.

of all my friends, Chen Wei's circle of friends is the richest. Whenever I feel restless, I will turn over to have a look.

Chen Wei's circle of friends is not so beautiful, but everything is very real.

there is time to get together with his family, experiences at work, and daily trivialities that are difficult to laugh or cry with his husband.

of course, there are also records of travel, shopping, eating, drinking and merrymaking.

Chen Wei sometimes laughs at the wrinkles in the corners of her eyes like ditches, and sometimes her hair flies like a madman, and her free and easy energy often gives me a sense of certainty.

I remember that when we went back to our hometown in Sichuan for the Spring Festival, we ate Spicy Hot Pot strands on the familiar street, and then we rubbed each other with chili peppers.

I was about to wipe it off with a tissue when Chen Vera stopped me and said, "Don't wipe it yet, let's take a picture and record it."

Chen Wei immediately sent it to moments. I clicked on the picture and was amused by the dirty appearance of the two people.

I sighed: "you really let yourself go, and you are never afraid of losing face!"

Chen Wei said proudly, "what is there to be afraid of? this is the real us. We don't have to look at it if we don't like it."

come to think of it, the essence of a social platform is expression, and everyone has the right to record their emotions and states.

especially in adulthood, when we walk through the world, many emotions are piled up in our hearts, and we even need a channel for output.

whether it's moments, Weibo or Xiaohongshu, everything should be simple.

there is no need to hide sadness or joy, as long as it does not affect others, expression has its own power.

as Akutagawa Ryunosuke said, "if I delete any moment in my life, I can't be who I am today."

A person's true maturity is to accept who he is in the moment.

there is a magnificent volume of history in moments, which hides the roads you have traveled and the scenery you have seen.

even if occasionally hypocritical and artificial, it is a wonderful interlude along the way.

Please believe:

all joys and sorrows, love and hate, will be condensed into your growth experience, emitting the fragrance of poetry through the precipitation of time.

as I get more mature, I like this sentence more and more:

if it is a tree flower, make a tree flower; if it is a sea, it will become a sea.

the posture that makes you most comfortable is the one you like most in the world.

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the highest state of life lies not in external wealth, but in inner comfort.

express boldly, be yourself bravely, laugh if you want, say what you want.

the soul does not want to be noble, but wanton and free and easy, emitting a unique charm.

maybe not everyone knows how to appreciate it, but someone will applaud you.

it's you, it's me, it's TA, that's enough!