"you've been snoozed by my son, and you want a bride price?" The girl was insulted by her mother-in-law before marriage, and she responded with a word that was too relieved!
"you've been snoozed by my son, and you want a bride price?" The girl was insulted by her mother-in-law before marriage, and she responded with a word that was too relieved!
May everyone have a harmonious and happy marriage.


with the opening up of society, cohabitation before marriage has become a common thing.

different people have different views on cohabitation before marriage.

some people say that cohabitation before marriage is irresponsible to women, while others think that this way can make couples get to know each other better and stop their losses in time.

but some women look down on girls because they have lived with their sons.

when he got married, he unexpectedly said, "you have moved in with my son, and you still have the nerve to ask for betrothal gifts?"

Today, I will discuss this incident with you.

be looked down upon by my mother-in-law

the thing is, Li Li and her boyfriend began to fall in love on campus in their freshman year and have been together for four years by their senior year. When they were about to graduate, Li Li and her boyfriend moved out, and the two began to live together.

Li Li and her boyfriend have been living together for three years before they know it, and they are like a real couple these three years.

We will go out to see movies together on weekends, and our life is very happy.

up to now, their jobs have been stable, and it is time to consider getting married in the future.

so on the same day, she discussed with her boyfriend, who knew that her boyfriend said no unusually.

when she opened her mouth for a month, her boyfriend still didn't do anything. Li Li began to worry. Finally, under Li Li's tough attitude, her boyfriend agreed.

the two sides invited their parents the next day, and the boyfriend's mother did not speak from the beginning to the end.

but when it comes to betrothal money, the boyfriend's mother said they wouldn't give a penny.

her boyfriend's mother went on to say that Li Li was shameless: "I've been living with my son for three years. How dare I ask for betrothal money?"

then Li Li roared, "Auntie, I'm not getting married."

"if you don't marry, you won't marry. I don't approve of you coming into our house for a woman like you!"

and the boyfriend never said a word no to his mother, nor did he excuse Li Li.

so please don't be carried away by love and think twice before you act.

comments from netizens

after this matter was uploaded to the Internet, netizens talked about it. Most of them said that girls did not love themselves:

"cohabitation before marriage can be said to be not self-loving, don't use any excuses to refute it."

"cohabitation before marriage, careful choice of mate, once hand in hand, will be together for life."

"so girls should respect and love themselves and live together unmarried, which will be looked down upon by their mother-in-law."

but some netizens said: "Men should understand that if they love someone deeply, they will be happy when they get married, and everything they do can lead to the right path."

in fact, there is no difference between right and wrong about cohabitation before marriage. What is really wrong is people's attitude and outdated ideas.

the value of our lives can never be calculated by cohabitation before marriage.

what if you live together? As long as you really love each other, are willing to be responsible for each other, and want to walk for a lifetime, it's okay to live together before marriage.

in my opinion, Li Li is actually very lucky. I saw the character of my mother-in-law and boyfriend before I got married.

at this time, it is not too late for her to regret, and it is the best solution to stop the loss in time.

be responsible for yourself

after that, there was a hot search for a wedding, which looked extremely simple, especially the clothes of the two newlyweds.

because girls are not valued by their parents-in-law, the wedding is very simple, and they don't even rent a wedding dress.

the girl and the boy got to know each other as a part-time worker. They stopped going to school when they were young and chose to go out to work.

the two had a good conversation at the construction site, so they began to fall in love, and soon the girl became pregnant.

however, it seems that only the parents of the boy's family are happy.

when the wedding was approaching, my mother-in-law kept saying that there was no money in the family, so if she could save, she would save if she could. She also said that she would have another child soon, and that there was a lot of room to spend money.

the calculation was revealed between the words of my mother-in-law, so the wedding photo was not taken, nor did the three gold medals and bride price.

always compromises in his own life script, low to the dust, then he is doomed to get a worse and worse ending.

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coming back to the topic of cohabitation before marriage, I thought of another thing.

not long ago, an ordinary girl suddenly became popular on Weibo because she sent a Weibo message "We live together".

just 5 words, but left more than 600 messages scolding her in the comment area:

"I don't know what you young people have learned at school. Don't your teachers and family tell you courtesy, righteousness and shame?"

"Don't let an honest man take it. Try to get married if you can."

nowadays, with such a high divorce rate, it is not only responsible for oneself, but also responsible for marriage to get to know each other before marriage.

cohabitation is just a means, there is no correct answer, our ultimate goal is to find a person who can stay together for a lifetime.

respect children

Shakespeare wrote in Romeo and Juliet:

"Young people's love is changed, not from the heart."

Love is the story of youth; marriage is the responsibility of adulthood; one is romantic, the other is romantic.Talk about Chai Mi.

as parents, we certainly have expectations for our children, and even for our children's marriage, we may have certain plans.

but smart parents will not interfere too much. It is enough to take good care of their children at the moral level, and let their children decide on other things.

respecting the choice of the child and the other half of the child is not only the responsibility of the parents, but also the efforts that must be made to win a warm atmosphere for the extended family in the future.

if you can't show enough sincerity or even refute each other's face, it will not only embarrass the children, but also affect the harmony of the family in the future.

, I wish you all a harmonious and happy marriage.