Your view of work is your life pattern.
Your view of work is your life pattern.
You treat your work as an errand perfunctory, imprisoning your own growth path.

Luo Zhenyu asked, "what's the trick?"

when Luo Zhenyu wondered why he was like this, he flipped his lips because the boss gave too little money.

after listening, Luo Zhenyu said, "is it good for you to make up an article like this?"

Luo Zhenyu asked, "has your level improved or declined in the past few years?"

he sighed, "it's falling so badly that I can't even find a job when I go out."

in life, how many people touch fish and work like this, and end up with nothing.

Amy Resnisky, a psychologist at Yale University, once divided the concept of work into three categories:

first, treat work as "Job";

second, treat work as a "Career";

third, regard work as your "Calling".

A person's view of work is his pattern of life.

you treat your work as a perfunctory job, and you are imprisoning your own growth path.

I have heard such a sentence:

"if you dawdle along, you will be fooled by. In the end, you are the loser."

many people regard work as a burden that they can't get rid of, so they never work hard when they can be lazy and never make much effort when they can fool around.

over time, those days of muddling along will gradually turn into an abyss trapped by themselves.

I know a graphic designer friend who once sighed about his work experience.

because it is a start-up company, the boss is not strict, as long as there are no big problems, basically a draft.

if he wants to draw an activity poster, he will visit various design websites, copy as he can, change as he can, and never take great pains to study it.

if you want to design a schematic diagram of the product, he doesn't pay attention to the font or the collocation of the elements, randomly find a background, paste the product picture up, and fix it.

when he has no work to do, he eats and plays, or chats with others. He never wants to take advantage of his spare time to improve his skills.

I once asked him why he didn't finish the task more beautifully since he had time.

he said disapprovingly that if you make do, you can get the job, so why ask for trouble and take great pains to do it so well.

later, the company closed down and he had to find another way out.

he interviewed a big factory.

personnel asked him to provide works that could be shoddy before, but he was ashamed to sell them.

personnel gave him an interview question and asked him to use several design software to draw a picture. He was stretched because a PS used to dominate the world.

A good company can't meet the threshold, so he has no choice but to look for small companies that don't have high design requirements.

this is the end of fooling around. In the end, you can only flutter in a small puddle.

A well-known media man and Caitou worked for an airline in his early years.

before carrying out a flight departure mission, he found that one flight lacked landing weather report.

so he told his deputy to implement the report and made it clear that without the report, the trip would be delayed and the plane could not take off on time.

two hours later, when he finished other work to ask the deputy class about the progress of the implementation, the deputy told him that the meteorological bureau could not be reached and could not be reached.

then, he Caitou asked him, "have you contacted the dispatch of the airport?" Ask the station to ask again. "

the deputy's answer is still that the phone can't get through.

and Caitou held back their anger and asked:

"when did this happen?"

"half an hour ago."

in this way, looking at the assistant class dryly waiting for the news, he Caitou angrily reprimanded the assistant class.

who ever thought that the deputy class was more annoyed, saying confidently that he had done it, and there was nothing he could do if he could not be contacted.

worried about the flight delay, he Caitou can only inquire about it many times. He contacted the airport staff and took off smoothly after getting the weather report.

in fact, sometimes problems are not insurmountable.

just in the eyes of the deputy, I have done my job, and the rest is beyond my scope of work.

there are countless people like deputy squad in life, like string puppets, poking and moving.

they only care about their own one-third of an mu of land, their share of the business, only think about how much money, how much effort.

find all kinds of excuses for extra things.

there is such a meaningful story.

A group of workers were working on the railway, and a train stopped slowly beside the track.

Captain Jack was invited by Mike, chairman of the railway company, to chat for more than an hour.

A worker asked Jack half-jokingly, "then why do you have to work with us against the sun when he has become a CEO?"

he bowed his head: "Twenty years ago, I only worked for $2 an hour, while Mike worked for his railroad cause."

Life is most afraid of becoming a bell-ringing monk, staring at the clock in front of him and listening to the bell in his earSound.

the Road to Wealth says:

"people who work for themselves actually sell themselves twice at the same time.

once sold to the boss, in exchange for salary; once sold to yourself, gained growth. "

when Cheetah CEO Fu Sheng joined the 3721 company founded by Zhou Hongyi when he was young, Zhou Hongyi asked Fu Sheng to keep good minutes of the meeting.

Zhou Hongyi talked freely for a long time. Fu Sheng not only wrote down all the contents, but also carefully studied the connection between each paragraph and how to string it together until two or three o'clock in the morning.

early the next morning, Zhou Hongyi put a very neat and beautiful minutes of the meeting on his desk.

Fu Sheng turns all colloquial languages into written languages with key points and abstracts.

since then, Fu Shenglai has taken all the minutes of Zhou Hongyi's meetings.

people are like a knife, you want to be sharp, you want to be like autumn frost, it all depends on how hard you are, and whether you can spare time and polish yourself over and over again.

people who work for themselves regard it as an opportunity to sharpen their knives in every job and every task.

A promising young newspaper reporter once had the privilege of interviewing entrepreneur Matsushita Konosuke.

for this hard-won interview opportunity, young people have worked hard to find materials, make outlines, and made adequate preparations.

therefore, he had a pleasant and congenial conversation with Mr. Matsushita Konosuke.

after the interview, Panasonic kindly asked the young man, what is your monthly salary now?

the young man replied sheepishly:

Display your unique femininity in our stunning collection of bright teal homecoming dress. Let them shower you with a display of exquisite taste.

"the salary is very small, only one hundred thousand yen a month."

Panasonic smiled and said:

"your salary is much more than that. Just like you deposit money in the bank, it earns interest when you deposit it in the bank."

and your talents will also generate interest in the banks of society, and you will be able to pay you back with interest in the future. "

in fact, what we pay for our work is to accumulate capital for opening up a broad life.

No one has a high salary and can get it easily.

if one wants to climb to the top from the bottom of the mountain, there is no shortcut, but one can only hone one's skills and ability, and go up step by step.

psychologist Wu Zhihong told the story of an apple tree.

there is an apple tree, which bears 10 fruits in the first year, 9 are picked, and only one is left.

"if you don't work hard, the results are all the same, so why work hard?"

the more he thinks about it, the more comfortable he feels.

in the end, the fruit became less and less, and it was cut off as firewood.

the story seems to be over, but the unfinished part is even more thought-provoking.

because the apple tree forgot, it could have continued to grow until it bore 50 fruits and 100 fruits.

you will have more fruit for yourself.

it's the same with our work, the temporary results don't matter, but our own growth is the most important.

when you choose to dawdle along and choose perfunctory work, you are actually rejecting the opportunity to grow into a towering tree.


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