Your pattern determines the outcome.
Your pattern determines the outcome.
What kind of life pattern you have, what kind of life ending you have.


once heard a story:

A grain of sand accidentally fell into the shell of the clam, and the clam was hurt by the sand.

the clam did everything it could to get rid of the sand.

cannot be cleared, so it is better to accept it and fulfill it.

after countless days and nights, sand has finally been sharpened into shining pearls.

this reminds me of a sentence: "once the pattern is magnified, good things continue to happen."

isn't this the case in life?

when you commit yourself to the bottom of the valley, you can see nothing but misty thorns; only when you stand proudly on the top of the mountain can you know how high and vast you are.

the more experience you have, the more you understand that what really bothers a person is not the size of the problem, but the pattern.

ability determines what you can get, while pattern determines how far you can go in the end.

when things happen, they care too much and live a long life


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shared an experience, which made people feel very sad.

she used to work for a company with great development potential. The company is not far from home and the environment is good. She is very lucky for her luck.

however, when she is in high spirits, she is always depressed because of some inexplicable trivia.

when she occasionally conflicts with other people's opinions, she will subconsciously compete with each other, saying nothing, but believing in her heart that it is all someone else's fault.

when she overheard someone praising her colleagues around her, she was uncomfortable and always felt that she was deliberately compared with her, and she was inevitably resentful.

she sent a message to her colleague, but she thought about it without a second. She wondered if she had offended her colleague, or whether she was rejected by her colleague.

A word or a look in other people's eyes will make her ponder for a long time, but on the surface she is submissive and friendly with everyone.

such wringing is, in the final analysis, the result of a narrow pattern.

A little thing magnifies the malpractice infinitely and disturbs the state of mind. There is no leisure and mind to feel the joy of life.

Feng Zikai said, "when the heart is big, the matter is small; when the heart is small, the matter is big."

to be a man, you can only let go of yourself and let go of your obsession to live calmly.

there are always regrets and helplessness in life, so why worry about it and let yourself fall into endless internal friction and exhaustion.

it's not that people who are open-minded and leisurely don't talk all the time, it's just that they never take it seriously.

when you walk around the world, it is never time that really soothes people, but the sudden pattern in your heart.

take a long-term view and move forward firmly

there is a saying in the movie the Grandmaster:

"one has to look into the distance. After crossing the mountain, one's horizons will be broadened."

be a man like a mountain, looking for all things, and tolerating all things.

there is a vision, there is a pattern, there is a pattern, there is a universe.

A paper company in the United States once bought a large number of paper materials to be made into stationery.

however, there was an accident in the course of transportation, and all the paper was wrinkled due to dampness and could not be used at all.

in the face of this situation, no one knows what to do.

it has been suggested that all the damaged paper should be returned to the supplier to reduce the loss.

after repeated consideration and experiment, they decided to make a row of small holes in these rolls of paper so that the pieces of paper could be easily torn into pieces.

because of the wrinkles, the paper becomes soft, and it is easy to tear and easy to tear. This material, which should have been discarded, has become a very convenient sanitary product.

companies sell them to restaurants, stations, schools and other major institutions.

if a person is short-sighted and only pays attention to immediate interests, regardless of the long term, it is bound to be difficult to achieve.

A really good person can hold on to himself and others, do not worry about temporary gains and losses, and are not confined to square inches.

pattern, the more comprehensive and profound the understanding of things, so they are more likely to make accurate judgments.

when you jump out of yourself and deal with the problem objectively and calmly, you can see farther and walk more steadily.

Life is originally an experience, and only when it is honed can it have the value of survival.

have a big pattern in mind, and there are no limits in life

promote the pattern, life can have unlimited possibilities. How should a person improve his or her situation?

tolerate what others cannot tolerate

Life is hard to avoid ups and downs, those unimportant things, there is no need to haggle over pennies, the more you don't like it, the more you worry about.

those who can tolerate others can also tolerate them. Only by letting go of other people's mistakes can they free their own hearts.

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the mind is narrow, the road ahead is narrower and narrower; the mind is broad, and life is getting smoother and smoother.

can withstand the sufferings of the moment

in life, no one can go smoothly, always encounter setbacks and tribulations, always one has to endure suffering in a long night.

difficulties without complaining, bitterness without complaint, to survive the trough of life.Know what responsibility is.

when you bear all the hardships, you will find that you are far braver than you thought, and those who can't beat you will only make you stronger.

regardless of temporary gains and losses

think only of yourself, regardless of others, and only see the small profits in front of you. You win for a while, but you can't win for a lifetime.

do not struggle with trifles, do not calculate in the tedious, will not be tortured by inner obsession.

the magnanimity of life lies in ignoring the gains and losses in order to live a leisurely life.

altruistic thinking, egoistic thinking

people are mutual, stand in each other's position, take care of others, in a sense, is to fulfill themselves.

the weak step on each other, the strong lift up each other, and the really wise have already had altruistic thinking, so they have made great progress.

A person's pattern is not inborn, cultivate yourself, improve the pattern, your life is destined to be not ordinary.

likes a sentence very much: "on top of the pattern, everything you see can be seen step by step."

when there is a pattern in the heart, the eyes are all the direction of the heart.

the smaller the pattern, the easier it is to stick to the square and the gains and losses in front of you, so you are narrow and cramped, and live in a mess.

what kind of life pattern you have, what kind of life ending you have.

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