Your emotional value is a kind of top kindness.
Your emotional value is a kind of top kindness.
People who can provide emotional value are often kind people.



David Hawkins, a famous American professor of psychology, once drew a "hierarchical map of the energy of human consciousness".

he pointed out that the influence of energy on us is incredible. When a person with positive energy appears, his magnetic field will drive the people around him to become orderly and beautiful.

your mouth is full of complaints, and others are apt to feel depressed.

if you provide good emotional value, others will naturally be infected with happiness.

he Jiong once said: "not to bring negative emotions to others is the real self-cultivation."

in the final analysis, it is a great kindness to give emotional value to others.

give happiness when you get along with others

I have read a story.

A female boss covered with dirt called the employees of the company and scolded them in the face.

hung up the phone, the staff angrily came around and yelled at his wife why she hadn't cooked dinner yet.

his wife, who was full of grievances, vented all her anger on the patient who came to get an injection at work.

after the patient was discharged from the hospital, when he was walking slowly across the sidewalk with a limp, the passing driver honked his horn crazily and the two sides yelled at each other.

you see, in the magnetic field of your negative energy, other people's magnetic field will become chaotic.

between people, emotions are contagious.

Jin Yong once wrote a preface to Cai Lan's, in which he mentioned the friendship between the two.

Jin Yong likes to play around with Cai Lan.

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Cai Lan's chic and fun can often drive away the haze and unhappiness along the way.

he never complains that the food is not delicious, that the car is too bumpy, or that the female tour guide is not beautiful.

he drank the worst spicy Italian wine with relish, and the snacks in Singapore's Dabai stalls could also taste different flavors.

Cai Lan taught Jin Yong how to suck cow bone marrow. When he saw Jin Yong frowning, he laughed heartily.

drinking, smoking and chatting with Cai Lan is one of the great joys of Jin Yong's life.

Jin Yong later fell ill and still liked to sit next to Cai Lan at banquets.

Jin Yong explained that he was happy because he was with him.

and people with high emotional value can have a good life, whether they are in a quagmire or encounter setbacks.

it is rare luck to be nourished with positive energy, while nourishing others with a good mood is the top accomplishment.

give comfort when others are in pain

Zeng Guofan put forward a principle of "eight and nine do not pay".

among them, there is a kind of people who can be associated with: those who benefit when they are poor.

according to Zeng Guofan, this kind of friend will give you support and encouragement when you are at a low ebb.

1997 was the darkest moment in Song Dandan's life.

at the age of 36, her marriage broke up, as if she had lost everything overnight, and her mood collapsed to the point where she wanted to commit suicide.

one morning, it was already dawn, but instead of getting up and opening the curtains, she was thinking about how to end her life.

suddenly she received a call from her friend Ni Ping for many years. Ni Ping asked her what she was doing.

Song Dandan was lying on the bed, tearfully saying that she wanted to die. Ni Ping said, "Don't die yet, come to my house and wipe the floor for me first."

when Song Dandan rushed over, he found that Ni Ping didn't really want her to help with the cleaning, but cooked a meal for her, invited her to dinner, and comforted and encouraged her with her grandmother.

recalling this past, Song Dandan said gratefully: "in the most difficult and bumpy time of my life, she gave me great support and accompanied me out of the darkest time."

when one is in pain, he seems to be surrounded by high walls, struggling but not seeing the light of day.

at this time, you can give a hope, this is a kind of kindness.

maybe someone else is suffering, and you can help him out of his depression with warm words.

maybe someone else fell into the doldrums and was discouraged, and you saved him with a helping hand.

this kind of caring comfort is the rarest goodwill in the world.

give decency when others are embarrassed

famous mouth Dou Wentao once mentioned a very embarrassing experience.

when he was in junior high school, he gave his first speech on stage and memorized the manuscript several days in advance.

unexpectedly, as soon as he got on the stage and looked at the dark head under the stage, he was so scared that his mind went blank and people didn't listen to him.

in the middle of the speech, he gave a buzz in his head and forgot his words.

for a whole minute, Dou Wentao and hundreds of people below looked at each other, and the scene was so quiet that a needle could be heard.

he tried hard to remember the next word, but the more anxious he was, the more he couldn't remember it.

obviously no one was talking, but he felt that everyone was secretly laughing at himself.

thinking about it, he suddenly felt a warm current in his left trouser leg, and the next second, he fled in front of the whole school.

when Dou Wentao returned home, he was so desperate that he didn't even dare to go to school the next day.

unexpectedly, the teacher at that time not only did not criticize him, but also praised him in front of his classmates:

"it doesn't matter, you were just too nervous in your first speech.Hey, who's not nervous on stage? And you read the first two paragraphs really well, and you are a good speaker. "

A few words, like a beam of light, illuminated his dark world.

Dou Wentao later said with emotion: "without the teacher's words, there would be no me now."

because he had sworn that he would never take the stage again in his life.

but the teacher's kind comfort not only maintained his self-esteem, but also coincidentally achieved his hosting career.

sometimes, an embarrassing thing, a mocking remark, can become a scar for a lifetime.

like a wooden stake, the hole never heals after the nail is pulled out.

because no one wants the wound to be removed again and again, and no one likes to be looked at again and again in embarrassment.

give direction when others are confused

writer Hu Xinliu said that in the difficult journey of life, a simple word of encouragement from others can often give you unlimited motivation.

the road of life is long, and the lucky thing is to meet someone who will give you a ride at some junctions.

they use encouragement to untie your heart knot and help you build bridges and pave the way.

in 1984, Mo Yan, who first entered the literary world, has published several novels, but there has been no response.

for a time he felt depressed and wondered whether to keep going.

he even specially wrote a review, saying: last year's issue of Lianchi published a novel by Mo Yan entitled "Folk Music". After I read it, I felt that it was very good, with a bit of artistic supremacy.

Sun Li's position in the literary world can be said to be highly respected.

with his affirmation, Mo Yan was so encouraged that he no longer hesitated and devoted himself to writing.

when you have no way to go, the most valuable thing is that someone lights a lamp for you to show you the way.

to applaud unstingingly when others are confused, it may be a casual move for yourself, but for others, it is the drifting wood after drowning and a light in the fog.

someone has done an experiment:

in the subway, everyone is busy with his own business, lifeless.

suddenly, a man let out a burst of laughter.

the exaggerated laughter attracted the attention of everyone in the carriage and looked at him one after another.

as the laughter continued to ring, everyone was infected and the corners of their mouths rose uncontrollably.

at first, the dull subway car was slowly filled with laughter.

those who plant flowers in their hearts smell fragrance; those who plant thorns in their hearts encounter sharp thorns.

people who can provide emotional value are often kind people.

: Yifan