You can be a man as you wear shoes (it's too profound)
You can be a man as you wear shoes (it's too profound)
Being in awe and accepting the arrangement of fate calmly is the highest state of life.



there is a saying in the Book of morality: "A long journey begins with a small step."

shoes, accompany us all our lives, walk all the way, harvest all the way.

in a pair of shoes, there are all kinds of things in the world, which contain a lot of thoughts.

Life is like shoes. You can be a man as you wear shoes.

shoes are durable, people work

A pair of shoes is of excellent quality and durable, and comes first.

otherwise, no matter how eye-catching and affordable the price is, it will be in vain.

people are the same, the most great talent is to be frustrated and wear-resistant and able to withstand things.

from troughs to disasters, there is no shortage of impermanence that makes life earth-shaking.

if you try to stand it, the experience will turn into experience and transform you into a butterfly.

but if you don't stand up to it, no matter how hard you try, no matter how beautiful the future is, it will be nothing.

throughout ancient and modern times, those who have made achievements are all able to withstand things, and the more frustrated, the more brave they become.

Sima Qian was punished in the palace, but he still wrote incessantly, and wrote an everlasting "Historical Records".

Su Shi achieved success in his youth, but he was repeatedly relegated, but he was always full of pride and always lived with a different style.

Luo Yonghao failed to start a business, with a debt of 600 million, but he was still not discouraged, and he dared to bend over to bring goods to scale new heights.

as Jack Ma said:

"Today is cruel, tomorrow is cruel, the day after tomorrow is beautiful, but most people die tomorrow night."

all the way through life, there are numerous opportunities. Only by withstanding the darkness that we must go through can we reach the light and be the final winner.

A thousand shoes, a hundred faces

A pair of shoes, the temperament of leather surface, the simplicity of cloth surface, the convenience of movement.

style, flat heel comfort, low-heel commuter, high-heel beauty.

different shoes have different characteristics, and there is no distinction between high and low.

very much like between people, you have your advantages, I have my strengths.

each has its own advantages and disadvantages, but each person is unique.

therefore, you don't have to think about comparing yourself with others and asking for trouble.

someone whose job is not as good as you and whose salary is not as high as you will be proud and happy.

some people feel sorry for themselves when they work better than you and earn more than you.

always in comparison with others, worry about gain and loss, panic all day.

thus give up self-growth, and eventually lose control of life step by step.

as Hemingway said, "the true nobility is superior to who you used to be."

focus on yourself, carry forward your strengths, make a little progress, and walk at your own pace.

if you don't enjoy things and don't feel sorry for yourself, you can get better and better for the rest of your life, and the road ahead will be smoother and smoother.

shoes fit, people go well

writer Bi Shumin said, "what others see is shoes, but what they feel is feet."

to wear shoes, not to show others, but to be comfortable.

if you don't fit, you will suffer if you get more praise from others.

for example, if you fall easily in high heels, don't force yourself to hold on.

do you think your

barely, you can pack yourself into something that others like to appreciate.

but I don't know, when you wear it like walking on thin ice and dare not stride, you are really embarrassed.

in fact, others can't see the pain in your heart, so why let yourself live so tired?

Life is a journey to please yourself, and you should live for yourself.

you don't have to be careful to live in other people's eyes, and don't take care of other people's ideas.

you have to put on the most suitable shoes and take the most comfortable path in order to have the most beautiful scenery in life.

shoes walk, people know their fate

A pair of shoes, regardless of style, works all over the world.

one step at a time, across the hill, across the river, to the distance of the dream.

people's life, regardless of gains and losses, joys and sorrows, in order to know the destiny of heaven.

as Confucius, the most holy teacher, said, "if you don't know fate, you can't be a gentleman."

fate, up to heaven, everyone will be affected by the qi of heaven and earth, this is destiny.

knowing destiny is not resigned to fate, content with the status quo, giving up, and muddling along.

but know your fate, try to take life seriously, and try your best to practice your ideal of life.

do not care about external gains and losses, do not judge heroes by success or failure, be broad-minded and at ease, and always maintain peace of mind.

Chuang Tzu also said: "knowing that he has no choice but to live in peace, he is virtuous."

when one walks in the world, there will always be some helpless things.

being in awe and accepting the arrangement of fate calmly is the highest state of life.

regard what you get as a gift of destiny and what you lose as the training of life.

to follow the road of entry into the world with the heart of being born, where is not the Sunshine Avenue because of hard work and fate?



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