Wu Yanzu, 48, "disfigured" recent photos exposed, his face old, asexual marriage 10 years later, how did he become like this?
Wu Yanzu, 48, "disfigured" recent photos exposed, his face old, asexual marriage 10 years later, how did he become like this?
Look forward to the emergence of more excellent actors with both strength and character.

here comes the wife show-off demon again.

Yes, he is your grandfather.

recently, Daniel Wu shared a video of his wife Lisa on Weibo, writing:

"I lost to my wife. When I finished seventh in the vintage race, she won the fourth bronze medal in the equestrian steeplechase."

Love and appreciation that cannot be hidden between words ~

this scene aroused the envy of netizens in the comment area:

"here comes the wife-dazzling demon again, the immortal couple."

"Ah Zu likes to show love so much. I'm so jealous."

"when I see you, I understand what it means to grow together and support each other. I hope you will be happy forever!"

who would have thought that the ruthless outlaw on the screen turned out to be an affectionate and reliable "wife-spoiling monster" in life.

also makes people wonder what kind of life experience he has.

there are many stars who rely on these roles, but very few can rely on their appearance and acting skills.

and Daniel Wu is one of them, and it is not too much to describe him as a beautiful woman in prosperous times.

Yue Yunpeng even dreamed that he wanted to have the same appearance as Daniel Wu.

even though his appearance is outstanding, Daniel Wu is not complacent. He knows very well that without enough connotation and support, his appearance is just an empty shell.

when he was in college, he got an AA in all his subjects, the proper high achiever.

after graduating from the architecture department of the University of Oregon in the United States, Daniel Wu has been a leader in the industry.

his architectural work Mulan Square was also shortlisted for the Royal Institute of Architects Award in the field of architectural design.

when he graduates from college, Wu Yanzu plans to start a three-month backpacking trip with 1000 yuan.

at that time, he had no idea that this trip would push him into the entertainment industry.

in desperation, he had to follow his sister's advice and work part-time as a model to maintain the cost of travel.

he is like a fish in the water in the modeling world, and a bigger opportunity comes quietly.

as soon as his clothing advertisement was broadcast, it caused great repercussions in the industry, and at the same time, it also made director Yang Fan notice:

"isn't this the hero I'm looking for?"

in this way, Daniel Wu starred in the first film of his life, the Love of Beautiful and Young Men.

wearing a police uniform, looking back calmly, that smile makes people's heart ripple.

unexpectedly, in order to travel "part-time" acting, but because of a glimpse of fire out of the circle.

maybe God appreciates the meal. Since then, Daniel Wu has made a series of films and created many classic characters.

he also had to put aside his architect's dream and devote himself to acting.

in "Xin Zha Shi Mei", he staged a love affair between an undercover policeman and a rich son with Yang Qianli. Now, in retrospect, the sweetest love is nothing more than this.

in the literary film City of Glass, Daniel Wu nominated for Best New Actor at the 18th Hong Kong Film Awards.

relying on his appearance, Daniel Wu has gained a foothold in the film industry, but he wants to make a self-breakthrough and does not want to limit his comfort zone all the time.

in the Gallery of Devil Night, he worked as an executive producer and actor for the first time, playing two roles, shuttling between dreams and reality, showing the anger, pain and unease of the twin brothers incisively and vividly.

A rich level of performance allowed him to win the nomination for Best Actor at the Golden Horse Award for the first time in his acting career.

wandering around, the road is not as pure as he thought, but he is also very honest:

"I'd rather not shoot a movie than make that kind of junk film. I'm not afraid to leave this circle."

for a long time, Wu Yanzu has been breaking away from the various weights that this pair of skin has brought to him.

he wants to win everyone's applause by virtue of his acting skills, not by a "God's face".

after a long silence, the emergence of "the Dark Night in Mong Kok" completely reversed the transformation of Daniel Wu.

he is no longer a single handsome guy, but a violent killer, wandering between black and white, good and evil, but he can skillfully blend himself with the character's incompatible temperament.

then he met the best character, Guan Zu, a twisted, cruel and arrogant villain in the New Police Story.

facing the camera, the head swings and the evil spirit smiles, which makes people feel creepy.

with this show, he not only won high attention and popularity, but also won the Golden Horse Award for Best supporting Actor.

to this day, the phrase "stop, Ah Zu," is still sung to each other on the Internet, with all kinds of emojis constantly.

for him, the approval of the audience is more important than anything else. If you just like his appearance, but can't remember the role he played, you will be unsuccessful.

and he has been doing it all the time. Regardless of the size of the character, Daniel Wu can do his best to break and crush himself into the character.

even if he became a monk halfway, his love of acting would not be delayed.

he has never failed to live up to the word actor.

for a long time, the emotional entanglement surrounding Daniel Wu has always been the concern of the public.

even make fun of the advertisement on the hand sanitizer:

"I don't seem to need immunity.Wash disinfectant, married for ten years, my place is probably the cleanest place in my body. "

will also be described as "asexual marriage" and "marriage change" by netizens.

No one knows that Daniel Wu is a slow, warm and single-minded person in his life.

on the stage of "Kangxi is coming", no matter how seductive Xiao S is, he always looks straight in the eye and keeps a polite and embarrassed smile.

but the appearance of a handsome ruffian always causes the misunderstanding of "being unfaithful" to others.

but he never "prefers to commit murder", always adheres to self-discipline in the process of interacting with the opposite sex, and refuses to be ambiguous.

even er Dongsheng can't help praising:

"I really admire him when he doesn't even look at other women at the party."

Yes, he gave all his love and sense of security to his wife Lisa unreservedly.

the two have been in love for eight years and it's time to talk about marriage, but Lisa has always been afraid of marriage because of her parents' divorce.

so Wu Yanzu gave her a reassurance: "getting married must take a lifetime."

with this certainty and expectation. In 2010, 36-year-old Daniel Wu married his girlfriend Lisa in South Africa.

there is no century wedding, only a simple ceremony, but full of a sense of holiness, appears to be particularly happy.

at the wedding, Daniel Wu made an affectionate confession:

"Thank you for being my partner, my Guangming, my best friend and, above all, being a good mother to our little guy. Love you, baby! "

sweetly described life after marriage: "it's not me anymore, it's us."

when Lisa was pregnant, he suspended his work and became a "family cook", massaging his wife to remove swelling and doing all the housework.

after her daughter was born, she was proficient in bathing and changing diapers, and the super nanny was very good.

when I go out, I dress up very well, carrying plastic bags like a passer-by.

there is no shadow of yuppie handsome Azu at that time.

teased that his family status plummeted, but his face could not hide his joy.

I am worried that my daughter will be cheated by bad people when she grows up, so I hope she will not be very good-looking. There is no doubt that my daughter is a slave.

in order to leave some precious memories for his daughter, he destroyed his image and was willing to perform a fierce male ballet for his daughter.

as the daughter grows up, the focus of life completely shifts to the family.

self-introduction on personal social platforms puts the identity of husband and father at the top.

in his spare time, he also frequently exposes small fragments and warm daily life.

surprise that my daughter grows up, but she is sad for her daughter to grow up.

some netizens ridiculed Lisa for getting old and ugly, and he took care of his wife in a high profile:

"my only queen, Lisa, you are a light in my life."


so when Lisa was asked if she was worried about Daniel Wu's affair, her answer was quite confident and indifferent:

"I never worry that he will have an affair, although many girls like him."

because this is the courage and courage that love can give.

in this era of material desires, he always has a sincere heart and never goes with the tide.

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whether he is a husband or a father, he is skillful, qualified and responsible.

putting aside his star status and entertaining Yan Ba and other halos, Wu's character is even more worthy of being sought after.

Wu Yanzu rushed to the disaster area for two years in a row to build houses for the people in the disaster area.

Lian he could not help admiring: "this classmate is laying brick by brick in the back."

when it was time for the interview, he only replied faintly:

"I don't do this to get anyone's praise, but to make myself feel comfortable."

to help others build their homes as much as they can, Daniel Wu also has a sense of responsibility and justice to society.

in July 2020, an 89-year-old woman was attacked by two men and her clothes were set on fire.

Daniel Wu immediately helped spread the news and helped the old lady find the assailant.

in 2021, a 91-year-old Chinese man was suddenly pushed to the ground by a masked gangster and was seriously injured.

in an interview, Daniel Wu immediately voiced his position: zero tolerance.

and spend 25000 dollars with friends to issue a reward order to chase the fugitive online.

it is really praiseworthy to fight for injustice and do justice for the weak.

but Daniel Wu's "justice" has long been famous in the circle.

in 2005, in order to save the harassed woman, Daniel Wu was beaten on the head by a drunk and got six stitches.

apart from the just side, he has also been a practitioner of philanthropy for many years.

but he never boasts about it and always keeps a low profile.

he cared about children with cleft lip and palate, raised a charity project for cleft lip and palate, and became the ambassador of the smile Train.

even the gift money received at the wedding is donated to charity without hesitation.

someone once spoke highly of Daniel Wu:

"he is not the kind of star who protects himself in the bubble, the model in the window. He has his own sense of touch, and he will not be satisfied that he is the oneAppearance. "

this is what it turns out to be.

throughout the first half of Wu's life, he made his debut as a peak, with troughs and confusion, but he did not sink there.

but always know what you want, and always try to change and strive for it.

Today, the 48-year-old Wu Yanzu is still the male god in the eyes of many people, but he no longer stays in appearance.

he has superb acting skills, a sense of social justice and, most importantly, a gentle, strong and enterprising heart no matter when and where he is.

, like Daniel Wu's good deeds.

is also looking forward to the emergence of more excellent actors with both strength and character!