Women look young because of these five good habits, of which more than three are good.
Women look young because of these five good habits, of which more than three are good.
Live a regular life, eat every meal, keep exercising, be optimistic and have a decent image.


Plato said: "time takes everything away, and your name, appearance, character and fate will be changed over the years."

but there are always some women in life, although they are getting older, they can still maintain an elegant posture and live younger and younger.

behind a woman's posture and appearance is her lifestyle and habits.

if you want to "age slowly" for the rest of your life, you might as well start with these five points.

have a healthy diet

gourmet Cai Lan said:

"A good life begins with eating well, and eating well means loving yourself."

Food is an important source of human energy, and eating well is the most important thing in our lives.

people who eat regularly and eat healthily tend to have a well-proportioned body and look young and energetic.

people who often eat and drink without restraint are not only prone to obesity, but also increase the burden on their intestines and stomach.

I have a female friend who is in her forties. She used to like to eat heavy oil and spicy food, and often drank drinks and ate sweet and cold drinks.

over time, her body began to get out of shape, her skin was often oily, and she grew a lot of pimples, which made her look like she was several years older.

later, when she went to the hospital to see a doctor, the doctor gave her some specific dietary advice in addition to prescribing medicine.

from then on, she began to cook at home, often buying some fresh fruits and vegetables, making all kinds of dishes according to recipes and matching her diet properly.

after a period of time, she found that her skin began to improve, her pimples decreased little by little, her figure gradually returned to normal, she looked refreshed every day, and she looked a lot younger.

eat healthily, so that people can have a good sleep, live a good life, and maintain a symmetrical body and youthful condition.

Please remember to be kind to your body in the second half of life.

1. Eat three meals a day on time, eat less barbecue and fried food, and don't eat too hot food.

2, reasonable collocation of meat and vegetarians, intake of staple grains, vegetables and fruits, eggs and milk, to maintain a balanced nutrition.

3. Restrain your desire, quit smoking and drinking, be responsible for yourself, and make your family rest assured.

A healthy diet is the best way for us to cherish our health.

eating every meal and living every day is the greatest responsibility for our lives.

keep exercising

there is a hot question on Zhihu: "what is the most expensive thing you have ever bought?"

there is a piercing answer:

"Health, the original organ, no matter which one is broken, is enough to ruin everything."

Health is everyone's most precious asset, and exercise is not only the best way to maintain health, but also the most natural maintenance secret.

the fitness story of Chen Jifang, a 73-year-old hardcore grandma in Shanghai, has inspired countless people.

during the 2018 physical examination, Chen Jifang's physical examination showed problems such as fatty liver and hyperlipidemia.

Granny Chen walked into the gym by chance. Under the leadership of a professional coach, she started with the most basic aerobic training.

you can do some strength training slowly, such as lifting kettlebells, heat wave battle rope, straight leg pulling and so on.

in only 3 months, Grandma Chen successfully lost 28 jin of weight and developed a waistcoat.

when we went to the hospital for re-examination, the fatty liver disappeared and all the indexes of the body returned to normal.

later, she not only exercised by herself, but also became a fitness instructor in the community center, driving more people to work out together.

Grandma Chen said, "only when you are never too old to learn can you live to be too old.

it's never too late to pursue health.


keep exercising, so that Grandma Chen has a good figure, full of vitality, and looks much younger than her peers.

exercise regularly and exercise your muscles and bones so that your body can stay healthy.

about sports, share these three suggestions:

1, do not sit for a long time: sitting for a long time will affect people's blood circulation and cause backache and backache.

so every half or an hour you sit, you have to stand up and move and exercise your muscles and bones.

2. Open your feet: walking for 30 minutes after dinner every day can stretch the body, maintain a pleasant mood, and help to get a good night's sleep.

3, people of age can practice tai chi, Baduanjin, lunge, etc., to avoid doing some strenuous exercise, causing adverse effects on the body.

exercise is the secret of keeping the body young and the best way to build a strong body.

those who keep exercising will never grow old.

rules of life

the Internal Classic of Huangdi says: "there is a regular diet and a regular daily life."

eight simple words, but it explains the most simple philosophy of health preservation.

adhere to a regular schedule, sleep well and eat on time in order to slow down the aging speed of the body and maintain a young state.

abroad, there is a 77-year-old granny named Shunzi.

she gets up at 5: 15 every day, finishes housework at 8 o'clock and goes to bed at 10:00.

Grandma Shunzi recorded her daily life and wrote it into a book."A recipe for life" and "a good life forever".

the sales of these books are so good that she has become a famous local writer and has been sought after by many readers as a "goddess of reverse age".

Grandma Shunzi said, "your way of life determines your quality of life."

an orderly life and a high degree of self-discipline make the 77-year-old grandma Shunzi's heart rich and calm, her face always radiating self-confidence and happiness, and she is getting younger and younger.

as Kaifu Lee said:

"never indulge yourself and make excuses for yourself.

be strict with yourself. Over time, self-discipline becomes a habit, a way of life, and your personality and wisdom become more perfect. "

self-discipline, you need to start with every detail of your life: when to go to bed, when to get up, when to eat, and so on.

over time, you will get used to these habits, feel the joy of life, and reap joy from the bottom of your heart.

1, go to bed early and get up early, don't stay up late, let the body get a better rest, nourish the spirit, and welcome every day in the best condition.

2. Eat on time, eat regularly, take every serving of food seriously and make your life steaming hot.

3, tidying up clothes regularly, tidying up the room, and a clean and tidy environment will make people feel comfortable and happy.

live a regular life and treat yourself well is the best way to live in this life.


there is a famous saying in Samuel's Youth:

"Youth is not a time, but a state of mind."

what kind of state of mind you have, what kind of life you will have.

pessimistic people tend to be restless because of trifles, get caught up in their own emotions, and can't extricate themselves.

and optimistic people, no matter what problems they encounter, will not complain about prevarication, but know how to solve themselves and get out of the predicament.

in Reality Show's "Outstanding Chinese", there was a special ballet company:

the average age of their troupe members is 52, they have almost no dancing skills, and they all come into contact with ballet in middle age or after retirement.

although there is no professional background and there is a gap between movements and professional dancers, they still devote themselves wholeheartedly and try their best to show their best, which is applauded by the judges.

there is no sadness on his face, and he smiles all the time, which naturally makes people feel comfortable.

there is no worry in mind, peace of mind in the face of everything, appearance will look young.

as Mr. Feng Zikai said:

"when the heart is small, all the little things are big; when the heart is big, all the big things are small."

look down on the vicissitudes of life and feel safe and sound. "

keep a good mindset, you might as well start with these four points:

1. Smile often: when the corners of your mouth rise slightly, beauty will come quietly.

2, have a normal mind: be content, cherish the present, look down on gains and losses, and live a life that takes its course.

3. Learn to let go: stay away from the people and things that consume you, do what you like, and be with the people you like.

4. Know how to introspect: when you encounter something, first find the reason from yourself, don't judge others at will, be good at summing up experience and reflecting on yourself.

May you and I both maintain a good state of mind, face the impermanence of life with a simple and peaceful heart, and make every day the most wonderful day in our lives.

manage image

British writer Russell said:

"A person's appearance is the appearance of a person's value.

it hides your self-disciplined life and the life you are pursuing.


your appearance is the best reflection of your way of life.

it is a person's highest self-discipline to manage his own image on the way to getting old.

there is an old woman in Beijing named Sheng Ruiling. Netizens call her "Immortal Grandma".

although he is 93 years old, he still has a model-like figure, beautiful and elegant temperament.

someone learned from Grandma Sheng and asked her what is the secret of staying young.

Grandma Sheng replied, "I was so busy with beauty that I forgot to grow old."

she usually pays great attention to managing her image, often smiles in front of the mirror, and always matches her clothes carefully when she goes out to make herself in a good mood.

it is because of Grandma Sheng's pursuit of beauty and her emphasis on daily appearance that she looks energetic, elegant and decent, and looks much younger than her actual age.

to manage your image, you might as well refer to the following three points:

1, pay attention to maintenance, serious skin care, regular facial massage, drink a cup of warm water every morning, insist on soaking your feet with hot water.

2, neatly dressed, clean appearance, maintain self-confidence, be the most authentic yourself, and have the courage to face everything.

3, gentle speech, elegant and decent speech, full of kindness to others, full of expectation for life.

paying attention to image and pursuing beauty is not only a positive attitude towards life, but also the best weapon against years.

Audrey Hepburn said:

"the beauty of women increases with age.

some people are young but old;

some people are old but still young.


if you want to be a woman who is not afraid of the years, you need to practice both inside and outside, and keep investing in yourself.

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live a regular life, eat every meal, keep exercising, be optimistic and have a decent image.

when you form these habits, you will find that you are always young and passionate about life.

, may all friends live more and more beautiful, and their days become more and more wonderful.