Where is your desire, which level is your life?
Where is your desire, which level is your life?
If a person has some control over desire, he has some control over life.

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everyone has desire, because it is human instinct and nature.

some people have become slaves of desire, some people have become masters of desire, and others have turned desire into a never-ending hope.

the level of your desire is the level of your life.

low desires depend on indulgence

Today, most people fall into a reality.

knowing that you keep eating junk food to get fat, you still keep eating it.

knowing that it will degenerate if you keep playing games, you just can't quit.

knowing that staying up late will hurt your body, but still stay up for a long time.

I have heard a saying: "A man's greatest enemy is himself. If he indulges his nature, he will slowly destroy his future in the process of constantly satisfying himself."

in many moments, the more you indulge yourself, the more likely you are to be manipulated by desires.

Life Times once published a report on the observation of contemporary people's indulgence.

these six cartoons are the epitome of most people's lives.

too many people are completely bound by desire in a life of indulgence.

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he is obviously 20 years old, but he has 50-year-old knees, 60-year-old back and 70-year-old waist.

every day, precious time and energy are thoroughly consumed in the combination of laziness, leisure, not thinking, and not learning.

there is a sentence in "Entertainment to death":

"what destroys us is not what we hate, but what we love."

it's very easy to indulge yourself, but it's very difficult to manage yourself.

sometimes, a network cable, a takeout phone, and a never-ending short video can make you happy in a short time.

but what you may not know is that all forms of entertainment that satisfy you immediately will eventually destroy you completely before you know it.

Advanced desires depend on self-discipline

writer Liao Yimei wrote in the Flower of pessimism:

"if you don't believe that restraint is the key to happiness, indulgence is certainly not."

in life, the more self-discipline a person is, the more he can get real freedom and happiness.

there was a question on Zhihu: what is the most unmotivated person you have ever seen?

A highly liked answer is:

"they are anxious about the status quo, and they do not have the perseverance and determination to change themselves.

three minutes of heat, often abhor their own failure, adhere to the most thing is not to persist.

in many moments, the advantage of lack of self-discipline is to escape temporary pain, but the downside is that it allows you to live the life you least want in the midst of day-to-day burnout.

there is an inspirational movie called Love for a hundred dollars.

the heroine, Ishiko Saito, is a 32-year-old jobless house girl.

she squats at home doing nothing every day, neither going to work nor helping to manage her own restaurant. All she knows is playing games, sleeping in and eating snacks all day.

until one day, a son was thrown out of the house by her unpleasant sister, and she had to work as a cashier in a 100-yuan supermarket in order to make a living.

by chance, she met a boxer, and then she wanted to make a change in her life, so she began to learn boxing.

throughout the training, she kept skipping rope, running and practicing boxing every day.

she has lost weight, and her clothes have changed from baggy size clothes to capable sportswear.

the once sloppy living habits have also been changed, and the state of mind has changed from decadence to more positive and upward.

although she did not win a professional boxing match, this persistence and self-discipline brought her a complete change.

the writer Gorky once said:

"even a little restraint from yourself will make you strong and powerful."

if you want to lose weight, you have to eat to control your appetite; if you want to be beautiful, you have to exercise every day; if you want to be strong, you have to make progress every day.

self-discipline is the only way for a person to get better.

all procrastination, laziness and laziness will only lead you to a worse life.

Top desires suffer

Wang Shi mentioned in the three Peaks of my Life:

the first mountain in his life was on May 22, 2003, when he successfully climbed Mount Qomolangma from the north slope.

the second mountain in his life was seven years later, in 2010, when he climbed Mount Everest for the second time from the southern slope at the age of 52.

he once said when talking about the feeling of mountaineering:

in fact, every time I enter the mountain, I regret it. Up to four or five kilometers above sea level, the wind is blowing, headaches and nausea. I scold myself and ask myself why I am cheap again.

but before I reached the top, I began to wonder which mountain to climb next time.

Life is so short that you will feel like a year when you enter the mountain. You have to endure it anyway.

mountaineering is the concentration of life, and we still need to continue to climb another peak, that is, the peak in our hearts.

writer Bernard Shaw once said, "Life is the biggest."Happiness is committed to a goal that you think is great. "

A person's top happiness is not staying at one peak, but running to the next peak forever.

as we all know, Mo Yan is the first Chinese writer to win the Nobel Prize for literature.

but Mo Yan, who won the big prize, never stopped on the road of writing.

he once mentioned in an interview that he had been writing for more than 40 years, and the longer he wrote, the more difficulties he would encounter.

because at the beginning of his creation, he could write whatever he wanted, with little regard for the reaction of his readers.

now, as he knows more and more literary forms, writes more and more works, and even gets more and more honors, he always hopes to constantly break through himself and never repeat himself, but also hopes to break the "spell" of the Nobel Prize. to create better literary works.

Aristotle said: "in the pursuit of happiness, compared with animals, the pursuit of happiness should be more advanced and great."

A person's top happiness is never-ending growth and progress.

maybe in this process, what you experience is not the pain brought by short-term indulgence, nor the pleasure brought by long-term self-discipline, but the never-ending suffering.

A person's life is not a life of pursuing happiness, but a life of pursuing value.

when we try to shine hard, the process is bound to be hard, but it's worth it.

some people say: "the history of human progress is a history of desire restraint."

desire is like a Mustang.

when you release the rope, it will crash sideways; when you hold the rope, it will lead you to life.

when you tie the rope to its heart, it will take you farther away.

if a person has some control over desire, he has some control over life.

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