When you reach middle age, don't spoil your fengshui.
When you reach middle age, don't spoil your fengshui.
Keep a kind mouth and enjoy a life of wealth.

Laozi Daojing

as the saying goes, "one life, two games, three fengshui."

fengshui nourishes people, and people also raise fengshui. Everyone has three places of fine fengshui.

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if you get well, you will have no worries about wealth, endless blessings, destruction, ups and downs, and a difficult life.

when people reach middle age, raise these three places of fengshui well, so that life can go smoothly.

people's first fengshui: heart

"Zhu Zi genre" says: "the heart is the origin of everything." If a man has one heart and one heart, everything will be right. If the heart is not right, nothing has to be right. "

Life is a spiritual practice, the most important thing is to cultivate your heart.

when you have a broad mind, you will have less trouble; when you have a big heart, things will be small; if you feel at ease, you will have more blessings.

during the Northern Song Dynasty, Youwei was born into an official family and had the ideal of becoming an official by imperial examination from an early age.

but things went against his wishes, and he was discouraged by repeated failures.

A few years later, he failed the list again. Unable to accept the reality, he was depressed all day and soon contracted a serious illness.

the teenager's mother knows very well that this is caused by heart disease, and if he is unable to open his heart, the teenager will sink until he dies.

later, after his mother's careful relief and care, he suddenly figured it out.

sometimes you have to have it in your life, but don't force it all the time.

since I can't pass the exam, it's better to accept the arrangement of fate and be a comfortable teacher.

as a result, he gave up his desire for an official career and turned to go to school. As his mood improved, his body gradually recovered.

in the years since then, he taught and educated people, had countless peaches and plums, married and had children, and had no worries about food and clothing, and has since reached the peak of his life.

the road of life is always rugged and ravines.

if you are always depressed about trifles, you will only make yourself physically and mentally exhausted, embarrassed, and even go to extremes.

Zhuangzi said, "I know what I have to do, but I feel at ease."

all things in the world, nothing but a moment, a long way of life, there will be a turnaround.

only by relaxing your heart, looking down on things, and opening your mind can you let the painful life be full of willows and flowers.

Heart is the root of everything, and a good state of mind is the cure for everything and the greatest wealth of life.

only by training your heart well can you resist all the difficulties in the world, take good care of your heart, meet with happiness, and have a calm and beautiful life.

people's second fengshui: mouth

words are the voice of the heart, words are the state of mind, and your mouth is your fengshui.

mouth spitting roses, mouth rich, prosperous; mouth Tribulus terrestris, mouth poor, ill-fated.

as the saying goes, "if you talk too much, you will lose, and evil will come out of the mouth."

nonsense is the beginning of trouble and the root of Ford's dissipation.

in ancient times, a doctor surnamed Li opened a drugstore.

one day, a seriously injured man came to see him, and he cured him with superb medical skills.

the patient came to the door with a gift to thank him and praised Li Lang-Chung for making a comeback. Li Lang-Chung prepared food and wine and warmly entertained him.

after three rounds of drinking, Li Langzhong felt that the two were very happy to talk to each other, so he began to talk freely.

talked with him about his childhood neighbor, and now he is an official in North Korea, saying a lot of embarrassing things about each other.

Li Lang-Zhong felt that he was grateful to him, and he would not go out and talk nonsense, so he lived a safe life.

A few days later, Li Langzhong's drugstore was suddenly shut down by the government. Only after inquiring from many sides did he know that the patient was a distant relative of his neighbor. When he got home, he told the whole story to his neighbor.

the neighbor who was an official was furious and shut down his drugstore permanently for a random reason.

mouth is the door of misfortune and good fortune, a word can make a person like a spring breeze; a word can make a person black and blue all over.

anyone can open his mouth to speak, but seemingly ordinary words often hide infinite power and affect a person's fate.

saying evil words, hurting others and hurting yourself will only bring endless trouble and disaster to yourself.

as the old saying goes, "keep your mouth open and keep your heart safe."

to keep your mouth shut and think twice is not only a respect for others, but also a responsibility for yourself.

keep a kind mouth and enjoy a life of wealth.

people should be kind-hearted, say kind words, do not expose the shortcomings of others, do not hold grudges with others, naturally cherish virtues and carry things, and accumulate virtues and blessings.

people's third fengshui: behavior

the Book of morality says: "the way of heaven has no relatives, and it is often with good people."

Life is an interaction that returns the favor, and all the kindness you give will eventually come back to you.

God will bless you by being kind to others and accumulating good luck for yourself.

A woman was out running errands when suddenly there was a heavy rain, so she had to go into a shop to take shelter from the rain.

the clerk in the shop was busy and thought she was in the way, so they kept her away from her.

only a young waiter came forward and asked, "what can I do for you?"

the woman replied, "I don't buy anything. I just want to take shelter here."

the waiter said nothing, but turned to bring her a chair and some food, so that she could sit here and take shelter from the rain.

A few days later, the shopkeeper received a letter asking the waiter to go to the town next door to suit the children there.

it is the woman who wrote this letter. She is the richest businessman in the town and often solves the problems of life for the poor children.

because of the woman's contribution, the waiter brought huge profits to the shop, and later became the successor of the shop because of his outstanding performance.

being considerate and convenient is a person's kindness and thoughtfulness from the bottom of his heart.

when you are kind to others, others will repay you with the same and sincere kindness.

as Guanzi says, "those who are good are also good."

A small act of kindness will bring you endless good luck.

inadvertently friendly, unintentional kindness, and unrequited efforts will all be perceived by God.

when there is love in the heart, life is warm, there is light in the eyes, and life is not afraid of darkness.

if you do good deeds to accumulate virtue and practice your own good deeds, you can get gifts and blessings from God, then you can be stable and far away, and your life will be successful.

fate is determined by heaven, and fate is made by oneself.

good luck comes with a broad heart, good words and blessings come, and virtue wins good karma.

if you take good care of these three places of fengshui, you will go smoothly and get what you want for the rest of your life.

, may you and I both raise our own feng shui, get help from expensive people, reap blessings, and live a life full of good fortune.