When you are old and go to your brothers and sisters for dinner, you will understand these three things.
When you are old and go to your brothers and sisters for dinner, you will understand these three things.
Between brothers and sisters, there is no inextricable knot, no inextricable contradiction.

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when we were young, brothers and sisters were our closest playmates. They chased and laughed, quarreled and spent a good childhood together every day.

when they grow up, brothers and sisters all get married and start their own careers. With their own lives, it is usually difficult to see each other. Only their parents are the only ties connecting each other.

when we slowly grow old, our parents leave us, and there are fewer and fewer relatives around us, we gradually realize the value of family affection, and only then do we realize that brothers and sisters are the people who spend the longest time with us in our lives.

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Brotherhood is an emotion that we can never give up in this life.

when you are old and go to your brothers and sisters for dinner, you will understand these three things.

after the death of parents, brothers and sisters are the closest.

recently, I saw a video on the Internet.

my 101-year-old brother went all the way to see his 96-year-old sister.

after a brief reunion, the two will be separated.

when parting, the younger sister caught up with her brother's car, gave him 200 fast money, and said to his brother, "buy something delicious!"

both of them burst into tears before their voice fell.

the old man's act of wiping tears with his hands makes people's eyes sore even after watching it.

some netizens commented: "I am so happy to have brothers and sisters at this age!"

Yes! When you get old, you realize how important it is to have a flesh-and-blood person in this world.

when you are old and your parents are gone, brothers and sisters are the dearest people in the world.

Friends will end, children will grow up, except for the partners around us, only brothers and sisters can accompany us through the second half of life.

it is a great happiness that brothers and sisters can still get together when they are old.

with their company, we will not lack warmth; with them by our side, we will not be afraid of any difficulties.

Please be kind to your brothers and sisters in your old age, because they are the most precious gifts left to you by your parents in this world.

brothers and sisters love you more than you think

the self-media author, the ferry man, once shared a story.

one of her friends has a brother who died of illness the year before last.

the day before he died, my brother was speechless. He just held his sister's hand and watched silently all night.

Brother and sister quarreled from childhood and grew up together, but they did not expect that the fate of this life was so short.

the day my brother died, I couldn't sleep for a long time.

the younger sister leaned in her brother's ear and said, "Brother, don't worry, our parents have me. I will live a good life for you in the future."

two years later, my sister accidentally flipped through three text messages she had sent before her brother died on her husband's old mobile phone.

the first text message: "I'm afraid I have only a few days left, so please give it to you."

the second message: "she sometimes has a bad temper, which I am used to. Please forgive me."

the third message: "take care of her for me. I will always be grateful to you and bless you in heaven."

after reading the text message, my sister has burst into tears.

many times, brothers and sisters love you more than you think.

most of the feelings between brothers and sisters are silent and deep, which are difficult to detect at ordinary times. Only when they realize that they have already gone deep into their hearts and have been nourishing each other.

each pair of brothers and sisters have the same blood, the same growing environment and memories, and this relationship can not be replaced by any other emotion.

maybe time and fate will separate you from each other and make you temporarily estranged.

but what can never be separated is the kinship and love that are connected by blood.

it is not until the end of life that people understand that all sibling relationships will eventually come together.

Life is long, but fortunately, brothers and sisters can accompany each other all their lives, take care of each other, protect each other, and love each other.

brothers and sisters, we should cherish our brotherly affection

in a program, Xue Zhaofeng once said this:

"of all the family relationships, Brotherhood, brothers and sisters, accompany each other and support each other for the longest time. This is a gift from parents to their children, a generous gift. "

I think so.

Brotherhood can often penetrate time, transcend all difficulties and obstacles, and bring us comfort and warmth.

when people are old, it is lucky to have brothers and sisters around, and we must know how to cherish it.

saw a piece of news not long ago:

A woman surnamed Bai in Zibo, Shandong Province, her father was admitted to the hospital because of illness and needed an operation.

after hearing the news, her three uncles, an uncle, as well as her sister-in-law and uncle immediately drove more than two hours to the hospital.

because the hospital did not let too many people in, her uncles sat downstairs all afternoon until her father's operation was over.

this scene moved countless netizens to tears.

remember a maxim: "A friend is always dear, and a brother is born for adversity."

when we encounter hardships and hardships on the way of life, the people who really care about and help us are often our brothers and sisters.

people will find in their old age that brothers and sisters are like crutches to each other, no matter what happens.With brothers and sisters together and relying on each other, there is no hurdle that cannot be crossed.

the greatest happiness in life is to have someone to accompany you young and someone to accompany you old!

when you get old, you should manage this rare relationship well.

in life, help each other, be kind to each other, care less, be more tolerant, and care for each other from the bottom of your heart.

when you get along, you have something to say and something to discuss. When you encounter problems, don't rush to argue, but be patient and listen to each other's opinions.

cherish your loved ones with your heart, and protect your most precious family affection with your heart.

because of the existence of brothers and sisters, our lives are more gorgeous and our lives are happier.

there is a particularly moving sentence in the movie "my brothers and sisters":

"brothers and sisters are snowflakes in the sky, falling on the ground, melting into water and ice, so they can no longer be separated."

brothers and sisters are the dearest people in the world after our parents left;

brothers and sisters are the ones who stay with us for the longest time in their lives.

brothers and sisters are the people we need to cherish and protect in our lives.

when we get old, our brothers and sisters are our armor, our crutches, our warm sun.

No matter what unhappiness you have in the past, you should tolerate and let it go.

between brothers and sisters, there is no inextricable knot, no inextricable contradiction.

between brothers and sisters, do not turn over the past, do not hold grudges, a little more dependent and cherish each other, the relationship will get better and better.

, when I get old, I will be unable to walk, and I will still be able to have a heart-to-heart talk, chat, talk and laugh, quarrel and quarrel with my brothers and sisters, which is the greatest happiness and happiness in my old age.

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