When people are at a low ebb, how to cure themselves? That's the best answer I've ever heard.
When people are at a low ebb, how to cure themselves? That's the best answer I've ever heard.
No matter what the immediate experience will pass, the dark clouds will fade away and the scenery will be beautiful.

No one's life will be plain sailing

get here?

recently, actress Zhang Jingchu's name has reappeared in Hot search. Compared with previous scandals, she can finally take a long breath this time.

first, the court ruled that the Douyin account "Cheese run" spread rumors that Zhang Jingchu used improper relationships to obtain job opportunities for defamation, and her lawsuit won

second, he was admitted by the Director Department of the American Film Academy.

Zhang Jingchu, originally a talented actress, starred in a series of popular films such as "Peacock", "Tangshan earthquake" and "disciples".

the future was bright.


the reason is all kinds of "yellow rumors" and cyber violence.

A flood of irresponsible information buried Zhang Jingchu at the bottom of public opinion.

she was afraid to surf the Internet, and she didn't dare to read those sharp words for the second time.

also dare not go out, afraid of being recognized after pointing.

emotional collapse to depression, feeling deep despair of human nature.

Life can be said to have hit bottom.

she could not understand why one person would be so malicious to another person who had never met and knew nothing about for no reason.

at first, she used "no response" to face the knives thrown at her, believing in the self-purification of the pure.

but this does not make the rumors fade, but aggravate them.

for a whole ten years.

finally, she decided that she could not bear it any longer and wanted to fight head-to-head with yellow rumors and Internet violence.

collect evidence, initiate lawsuits, and sue people.

in the days of "disappearing", she has been fighting with the Internet storm.

at the same time, she also tried very hard to pull herself away from the bottom of fate.

take screenwriting and director classes, travel, yoga, hiking, swimming, reading, calligraphy practice, meditation.

if you do more, you won't "drown".

her life can finally move forward.

having seen the life experience of Zhang Jingchu, my feeling is:

when she is at a low ebb, she shows a strong vitality and a dazzling light of life.

can give more people touching and strength.

only by looking directly at the dragon and fighting it, will you not become a deserter in life.

only by desperately taking yourself away from the quagmire can you avoid being swallowed up by negative emotions.

you see, whether they are stars or ordinary people,

Life is never plain sailing. Everyone encounters their own darkest moments.

how to get through the trough of one's own life determines the trend of his later life.

the darkest moments of life are temporary


Liao Zhi will never forget this time.

after 30 hours of darkness, Liao Zhi was finally rescued from the rubble.

but her daughter and legs stayed on that day forever.

she also plans to open a dance school with her friends to help more people realize their dance dreams.

but after that, the dream could not come true.

is not possible, at least for the time being.

her life seems to have been crushed into ruins.

followed by the end of her marriage to her husband.

her life seems to return to zero in a certain sense, or even a negative number.

Liao Zhi describes the state at that time:

" is a feeling of not being loved, feeling that you may be a very useless person. When your husband leaves, coupled with the loss of legs, you will feel that many people will feel that you can't stand up.

I don't want to be treated like this. The less you are loved, the more you want to prove yourself. "

she began to learn to walk again, reconnect with the dance, and make her life better again.

Liao Zhi seldom reveals his inner sorrow to outsiders.

her family had a tacit understanding with her, and no one mentioned the past.

until once, when no one was around, she fell alone in the bathroom. She couldn't get up and had a big bump on her head.

finally couldn't hold back any longer and began to cry.

but after crying, she struggled to get up again, and then she told the story to her parents as a joke.

when Liao Zhi himself did not think about what to do in the future, the opportunity came quietly.

once, a choreographer suddenly asked her: do you want to dance again?

he is preparing for the "Miss World" Chongqing Division Competition, and he thinks Liao Zhi's story is very suitable for this stage.

when he got the job, Liao Zhi had just finished the operation.

Dad advised her: don't go, you only have a kneecap left. What if you fall? you can't even protect your knee.

but Liao Zhiming feels that this is an opportunity, an opportunity to save himself.

she began a painful rehearsal.

because she lost her leg, she had to jump on her knees. The leg that just got out of surgery.The wound has not yet healed, every day after rehearsal, the wound is a bag of blood, the pain is painful to sleep every night.

on the day of the performance, by the time Liao Zhi finished her performance, the whole audience had stood up and applauded her, and the performance was a great success.

after this experience, she felt that she could dance again, and life was not hopeless.

all darkest moments are temporary.

there is no mountain that cannot be crossed, and there is no tomorrow that cannot be crossed.

"No one's life has always been at the top, or always at a low ebb, there must be twists and turns to dive, and finally stay bright."

as long as you are not blown down, as long as you retain a trace of strength, when the time comes, you will be able to grow wantonly again against the east wind.

as long as you don't give up, you can survive

"how to get through the trough of life?"

there is a highly liked answer:

"like weeds in a wasteland, trampled and trampled in thousands of ways, live, wait for the right time, and re-enter in the future."

in early 2022, hot search suddenly rushed into an entry.

"Luo Yonghao is executed message zero".

on March 31 this year, his studio sold a satellite order. He mocked himself: "when the debt is really repaid, I will also buy a satellite and send it to the sky engraved with 'True return'."

up to now, no one doubts whether he can pay off the debt.

think back to 2019, which was the bottom of his life.

the whole network ridiculed him as an "underworld lamp of the industry", which everyone avoided.

Lao Luo, such a humorous person, was so depressed that he wanted to commit suicide at that time.

in fact, he didn't have to carry such a large amount of debt.

but he was unwilling to carry this debt of conscience, and out of unwillingness to betray the trust of investors, he just shouldered this huge debt.

later, we also saw it.

when people reach middle age, they sell goods in the live broadcast as the boss, and deliver brilliant results in the first show of the live broadcast.

Show off your enticing figure with our stylish collection of wedding dress for 40 year old. You’ll be amazed by confidence that you have!

in just one night, the number of fans increased by 2.15 million, with a total of 48 million people watching, and the live room traded 110 million yuan.

he began to appear frequently in various variety shows and even made fun of himself "in order to pay off debts."

at the talk show conference in 2020, he said he had paid back 400 million yuan.

the debt originally planned to be repaid in five years is now expected to be repaid in three years.

those hurdles that we thought we could not get over turned out to be able to survive.

if it hadn't been for "hang in there", you wouldn't have known you could be so strong.

No one's life is plain sailing, and those who stand in the middle of the stage just walk through the night alone. Persevered in the day-to-day consultation.

there is no clever way to tide over the trough, but they all rely on clumsiness.

rely on some satisfaction and sense of achievement, rely on bit by bit of progress, joy, can also support us to go very far.

the world is always unsatisfactory;

A lot of people and things have come to embarrass you, but fortunately.

there is always a small part of the good things that will keep you.

recently, Changzhou, Jiangsu.

in a noodle shop, a young woman eats alone.

she ordered a bottle of white wine and shed tears as she drank it.

the landlady felt sorry for the girl, so she sent her a dish, comforted her and hugged her.

after the girl was stupefied for a moment, she hugged the landlady with her backhand.

although the world is cold and thin, there are always people who know that you are cold and warm, and that you are hot and cold.

there is an old man who lingers in the powder shop for a long time and is reluctant to order.

A man next to him saw it and grabbed the man who was about to leave.

pay my uncle for a bowl of powder.

even if life is difficult, there is always unexpected warmth that makes us feel that the world is worth it.

admittedly, not everyone is lucky.

if you are not so lucky to meet a soft-hearted god, try to be your own cheerleader and cheer yourself up.

maybe he made progress in his work the day before yesterday and felt a little sense of achievement in his heart.

or he helped others yesterday and felt proud of himself;

maybe I saw the beautiful sunset today and found that the world is really beautiful.

there may be many reasons to give up, but one reason to hold on is enough.

as teacher Luo Xiang said:

"Please do not hesitate to save yourself from the fire and water of this world, again and again, again and again, and again and again, for thousands of times."

as long as you don't give up, the darkness in front of you won't go dark forever.

if you are at a low ebb, you might as well do these little things:

A, talk to friends

if you stay alone, you may fall into a cycle of negative emotions. Talk to different friends, and negative emotions will be diluted in the process of talking.

B, give yourself a holiday

give yourself complete time, get along well with yourself, sort out the problems, and find out where the crux of the problem lies.

C, eat well and sleep well

the lower the trough, the more you have to live the most ordinary life well, so that you can have the strength to match your life.Resist.

there is a sentence in "write to Happiness":

"setbacks will come and they will pass; tears will flow down and they will stop. Nothing can discourage me, because I have a long life. "

No matter what you experience right now, it will pass, and the scenery with dark clouds will be beautiful.

, hold on a little longer, something good will happen.


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