What happened to the family where the old man didn't help with the children?
What happened to the family where the old man didn't help with the children?
Because as long as our parents are around, we will always be children.

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recently I saw a video on the Internet, which made people feel very bad.

in the video, a mother has a sudden emotional breakdown, squatting by the wall and crying.

it turned out that that morning, she took her two twin sons to the hospital for an injection, holding one in her hand, and worried that the other would run away.

when she gets home, she has to cook, feed the baby and put the child to bed, but she is not allowed to do anything when the child clings to her.

as she looked at the child, her fatigue and grievances welled up in her heart for a moment, and she crouched on the ground and burst into tears.

the child on the bed, who knows nothing, just stubbornly stretches out his hands and asks his mother to take care of himself.

under this video, many people are crying.

some people say that half a year after giving birth, they also become the woman in the video.

the husband goes to work alone to support the family, and takes care of the children at home by himself. He doesn't dare to be tired, nor dare to complain, let alone collapse.

some people resign to take care of their children at home after listening to their husband. they have no source of income, and their husbands give as much as they like, and gradually become a tool man.

there are mothers who ruthlessly send their one-year-old child to the nursery. The child cries hoarse in the nursery. She weeps bitterly when she is at work.

but what impressed me most was a message from a netizen.

she said:

"so how lucky and happy it is to have an elder to help the child. I'm sure some people will complain, but I still want to say it."

each family is faced with different problems and situations.

there has been endless debate about whether the elderly should help with the children, worried about inconsistent living habits, and fear of conflicts in educational theories.

but we all have to admit in our hearts that if someone can help with the baby or lend a hand, the pressure on an ordinary family can really be reduced a lot.

it can be said that families with the help of the elderly are really lucky.

I remember that in the documentary, there was a grandmother named Hou Zhen.

in order to reduce the pressure on his daughter's life, after the birth of his grandson, a man came to Guangzhou from as far away as Shandong to help his daughter babysit.

every morning, she makes breakfast before her daughter and son-in-law goes to work.

then start cleaning, cooking and walking the baby. At the end of the day, almost all of them revolve around the stove and grandchildren.

I finally had some free time to prepare dinner before my daughter and son-in-law came back.

I originally thought that I would stay for a year or two and wait for my grandson to go back to his hometown when he was about to go to kindergarten. I never thought that the second grandson would arrive two years later.

as a result, her life became busier.

she often laments that she has lived a hard life all her life, and when she is old, she begins to wander.

and there are many old people like Hou Zhen.

even at the age of enjoying oneself and spending his twilight years, instead of stopping, he is getting busier and busier.

away from home, he came all the way to his children to buy food, cook and take care of the children.

just for a common wish:

that is to make life a little easier for your children, have no worries about going to work, and have a secure home after work.

there is a saying on the Internet that is apt:

"this is not only an era of fighting for fathers, but also an era of fighting for mothers."

it is precisely because of the silent efforts of the old people that we have the courage to move forward.

but around us, how many people dislike their parents' old ideas and enjoy the care of their parents at ease.

Aunt Yang, 63, retired from Henan to Shanghai three years ago to take care of her granddaughter.

but after all, he is old, and he will inevitably fall short of his ability in many cases.

one afternoon, my granddaughter suddenly had a high fever. Aunt Yang thought that this had happened before, so she didn't pay much attention to it.

gave the child an antipyretic, covered the thick quilt and sweated, and went on to do the housework.

I didn't expect that when my son came back from work in the evening, the granddaughter suddenly turned blue and didn't respond to her name.

the son picked up his granddaughter and rushed to the hospital. The anxious Aunt Yang also wanted to go, but she was refused:

"you don't speak Putonghua, there are so many people in the hospital, so if you get lost, don't make a mess."

because of this illness, the granddaughter was hospitalized for a week, and her son and daughter-in-law often lost their temper at her.

Why didn't you say the child had a fever? do you know how dangerous the doctor said it was?

I asked you to help. If you can't, go back to your hometown.

from then on, Aunt Yang had a pimple in her heart and was more cautious in doing things, and had to "report" everything in advance.

Today, your favorite water chestnut is gone, so I bought some lotus root and rushed me to go early tomorrow.

the child woke up in the afternoon and wanted to watch TV noisily, so I turned it on for ten minutes and didn't watch much.

in fact, it is not just Aunt Yang, but many old people have admitted that they have never been more nervous and stressed since taking care of their grandchildren.

their lives are completely tied up by their grandchildren, but their own joys and sorrows are not known to their children.

on the contrary, the more you give, the more you will be disliked by your children.

parents, but not as free as the babysitter, slowly learn to look at the child's face and become cautious.

Professor Chen Hui has a sentence that impresses me particularly:

"relying on the support of parents, the problems of housework and child care are solved at low cost in a tender way.

although the silent giving of these old people begins with family affection, its value and significance go far beyond the family. "

We have been disrelishing that our parents are old, the concept of parenting is out of date, and even the way we used to work and live is out of step with what we have now.

but in fact, parents also have a lot of grievances, unspeakable feelings.

their ideas may lag behind, but they are still willing to give all their love to their children.

they may not be fully integrated into today's society, but they still want to support their grandchildren, just as they did their best to hold us up in the past.

A reader once left a message in the background, which made my heart warm and sour.

she said:

"my son has been helped by my mother-in-law since he was born. I have basically stepped on all the pits raised by other generations in the articles. My friends all say that I have a good temper and can endure it for so long, but I know that my mother-in-law has done her best.

babies are born of their own choice, and raising them must be their own responsibility. I am grateful that my mother-in-law can come and give me a hand.

my mother-in-law often says that my son is very much like my husband when he was a child. Every time he takes care of a child, it is like going back to his childhood.

I have read many articles about old people taking care of children, all complaining about the old people spoiling their children, bad habits of keeping in good health, and so on.

I also know that few people are perfect in letting the elderly take care of their children, and there is bound to be a tug-of-war.

but for the sake of others, they have worked hard all their lives. Don't they want to dance, play chess and spend their twilight years leisurely after retirement?

but they are reluctant to let go, as long as they still have strength, they will try their best to give their children the greatest help.

so, if you have an old man to help with the baby, please realize how lucky you are.

they have worked hard all their lives, but they have always cherished the tenderest love in the world for their children.

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as children, we should remember this contribution wherever we go.

if they are not doing well, please complain less, be more patient, be less conflicted, and thank them more.

care more about their bodies and cherish the time they spend with them.

because as long as our parents are around, we will always be children.

, I also wish every old man safe and healthy and every family happy and reunited.