What can convince people is never the reason, but the south wall.
What can convince people is never the reason, but the south wall.
Lower expectations, look down on gains and losses, even after the vicissitudes of life, still gentle and brave.

I often hear people sigh. I have heard many reasons, but I can't live a good life.

people always have to take some detours and stumble in order to suddenly realize and awaken in the bitter pain.

you can't teach, but you can teach as soon as you teach.

what can wake a person up is never a sermon, but an experience.

what can convince a person is never reason, but the south wall.

have an illness

do you know that things that are free are the most expensive

I have seen a question on the Internet:

"what are the reasons that you scoffed at at first and then regarded as the standard?"

A high praise replied:

"things that are free are often the most expensive."

such as health.

when we have it, we only take it for granted. only when we get sick and stay in the hospital can we understand that a healthy body is the prerequisite for a good life.


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it is almost normal to stay up late to work overtime when working as a planner in an advertising company.

I don't have time to cook. I have takeout, heavy salt, heavy oil and carbonated drinks, and have a midnight snack when staying up late.

irregular work and rest and unhealthy diet have made his health go from bad to worse, but he feels that he is young and can handle it.

until one day he went to the hospital because of stomach bleeding and part of his stomach was cut off.

his family was exhausted to take care of him, and the operation cost him several months' salary, so he regretted not being kind to his body.

Liu Guoen, a professor at Peking University, once conducted a survey: what is the most critical factor in wealth accumulation?

many people think it's the environment, background and luck, but the result is surprising: good health.

Liu Guoen found that some people were doing well at first, with cars, houses and savings.

but a serious illness struck and all the wealth accumulated in the first half of his life came to naught.

if you are busy for half your life, you end up empty-handed.

so Liu Guoen said that only health is the overall situation of life.

it takes a lot of money to make up for what you ignore in the first half of your life.

Don't wait until it's too late to wake up in pain.

have had the bitterness of life

just know that reading is not hard

Weibo once launched a survey: the top ten regrets in life.

at the top of the list is the failure to cherish the youth to be admitted to a good university, resulting in mediocrity in this life.

the bitterness of study is only temporary, but the bitterness of life is a lifetime.

when you choose comfort at the age you should study, you can only get the bottom and humility of your life.

Li Jia, a 17-year-old boy who thought studying was boring, gave up his studies early and followed his parents into the lingerie factory and became the youngest employee in the factory.

every day, he stays in the sweltering factory with women's underwear, repeating the work of thread-cutting like the machine next to him.

he works hard for 11 hours a day, eats meals without oil and water in the canteen and sleeps in a dormitory for eight people.

the boy said, "I used to think it was hard to go to school, but I didn't expect that the life of a part-time job was even harder."

he thought about changing his job, but he had no education, so he had to change from one factory to another.

when I was young, I was ignorant and didn't know how to give up reading. What on earth did I give up?

when you get older and are black and blue with the whip of life, you will really understand the sentence: if you don't read, you will lose your choice of life a little.

Wang Wei, who dropped out of college to deliver takeout and returned to campus a few years later, took the college entrance examination.

when looking back on one's own experience, sincerely warn people:

"if life can go backwards, maybe everyone can walk very well, but now people can't walk backwards."

I now appear in front of you as a negative example, and I hope you will take it as a warning. "

the black hair does not know that he studies hard early, but the white head regrets that he studies late.

Don't muddle through at the age you should work hard.

at any time, reading is the most useful ticket for you to enter society, and it is your strong confidence to laugh at life.

get a cold shoulder

just know that the circle can't be squeezed.

once read a post in Zhihu.

A netizen attended a classmate reunion. He wanted to remember his youth with his classmates.

when I got to the hotel, I found that all the students were naturally divided into two circles.

on one side are ordinary white-collar workers from nine to five, while on the other, they are either business executives or entrepreneurial bosses.

there is a clear distinction between the two circles: the former gossips and the latter talks freely about the economy.

White-collar students want to integrate into the circle of senior bosses, but they are already surrounded by people, and even if they are barely squeezed on the edge, they can't talk.

this is probably the truest portrayal of contemporary interpersonal communication: circles have classes, and people are divided into groups.

if you don't have the strength, it's no use knowing anyone.

before Zhang Songwen became famous, he was excluded from the circle and had nothing to play, so he had to work as an acting teacher.

Guo Degang made three trips to Beijing, but there was no way to ask for help, and he has been hovering on the edge of the crosstalk world.

but later, when they secretly build up their strength and become strong, the door of valuable circles is naturally open to them.

ZengWe also think that to make friends is to pave the way for ourselves.

when you have strength, you have connections; if you have value, you naturally have circles.

in a world divided by strength, self-improvement is the king.

only by constantly practicing and enriching yourself can we lay a ladder up to the clouds.

get hurt once

to understand that human feelings can't stand the test

Bai Juyi once said:

"the road is difficult, not in the water, not in the mountains, but only in the vicissitudes of human feelings."

the most fickle is the emotion, and the coolest is the heart.

in Keigo Higano's novel "Fantasy Night", when Yukio's business is booming, he is surrounded by a group of buddies.

he often invites his friends to eat, drink and make merry and devote himself to their affairs.

but when his factory was desperate because it was unable to repay the loan, these so-called brothers changed their faces as soon as they heard that he was going to borrow money.

not only find all kinds of reasons to refuse, but even avoid seeing him.

there is a saying: "if nothing happens, I don't know who is near and who is far away. I don't know who is strong or weak."

Do you want to bring out an elegant look in our dazzling white high low dress formal? This is a selection of what you need to shine.

if you get hurt once, you will understand that the relationship cannot stand the test.

once you fall, you will be able to read what is meant by the cool world.

in Zengguang Xian Wen:

"there are many brothers with money and wine, but it is hard to see anyone in a hurry."

when people are up high, they only see flashy dreams, and when they are humble, they have a chance to see clearly the human feelings of the world.

We can't learn to "distinguish people from others" until we have experienced the coolness of the world.

not everyone is worthy of your heart until you know after the experience and pain.

people who approach you in your prime and leave when you are down, invite them out of your life in time.

those who lend a helping hand to you in times of adversity and those who never give up on you at a low ebb deserve your sincere treatment.

A writer once said:

"only pain in this world can really make people learn a lesson."

if you don't go through one thing, you won't be wise.

only after experiencing the cold and warm of the world and seeing through all kinds of things in the world can we see clearly the hearts of the people and understand the human nature.

, lower expectations, look down on gains and losses, even after the vicissitudes of life, still gentle and brave.