Wang Baoqiang remarried? After the identity of the new girlfriend was exposed, netizens couldn't sit still: it was her!
Wang Baoqiang remarried? After the identity of the new girlfriend was exposed, netizens couldn't sit still: it was her!
Then wish Baoqiang, who has both talent and appearance, and Feng Qing, who has both talent and appearance, to be happy all the time.


some time ago, some media photographed Wang Baoqiang and his girlfriend Feng Qing showing up in the basement.

in the video, the two are holding hands in front and back, and the woman talks back to Baoqiang from time to time, looking very close.

speaking, it is not the first time that Wang Baoqiang and his girlfriend have been photographed.

in 18 years, the media photographed the two men in the same frame for the first time. Wang Baoqiang's son was also present at that time, watching all three of them get used to this kind of occasion.

when Baoqiang's mother died in 1919, Feng Qing was photographed in filial piety at the funeral. it was obvious that Baoqiang had treated her as a family.

Feng Qing was later photographed driving Wang Baoqiang's luxury car to the company alone.

until recently, it means that the two have been together for five years, saying whether it is long or not, but it is definitely not short.

from the exposed video, we can see that the two are close to each other, and the relationship must have entered a period of stable development, and it is developing well.

has encountered a fierce scandal and tragic betrayal, Baoqiang still choose to believe in love, and successfully have a bosom lover, how to look at it, are worthy of congratulations and blessing.

but unexpectedly, the painting style in the comment area is really amazing.

Feng Qing is from Shandong, tall and beautiful. He graduated from the University of Berkeley and was runner-up in the Miss World China finals. To sum up in a word, there are Yan Youcai.

but just because of talent and audacity, malicious speculation breeds irresponsibly.

"Don't marry her, or you'll score property in the future."

"if you don't learn your lesson, don't you take a bath when you're old?"

summing up the thinking of these people, beautiful women either seek fame or money, but it is impossible to pursue true love.

as for beautiful and intelligent women, their thoughts are even more certain.

I have to say that until today, there is still a long way to go to correct female stereotypes.

apart from the inexplicable criticism of the woman, everyone seems to have a lot of opinions about Wang Baoqiang, who is in love.

"always want to eat swan meat, be green is inevitable, then green."

"Baoqiang only knows how to pretend, and he has always been that person. 😵 "

I don't know how Baoqiang, who has numerous popular styles, the actor is in hand, and the powerful Baoqiang, who has gone from a grassroots to the top of the entertainment circle, has caught up with the toad

(I don't mean to look down on toads here)


there are also remarks about what is installed and who is behind it, and I do not know which family has done harm to literature.

how did Wang Baoqiang incur so many insults and criticisms when he simply fell in love?

in fact, the inherent logic of these people is that Baoqiang is unworthy, unworthy, and unworthy.

even if he has such a high status and wealth, he does not deserve to be loved by beautiful women because of his congenital "deficiency", that is, his appearance and figure are not perfect.

in the eyes of these people, Baoqiang has distinct advantages and disadvantages. Even "I" do not like the disadvantage, beauty must not like, so the only reason to be with him can only be the advantage that "I" do not have, money.

there is a deeper meaning in this. If "I" had money, beauties would love me, too.

No one knows that judging people by their appearance could not be more narrow-minded.

the so-called "inferiority" of Baoqiang may not be regarded as a disadvantage at all in Feng Qing's eyes.

in fact, he has too many reasons to be loved.

Baoqiang suffered a lot. He, who was born in rural Hebei, had a difficult childhood.

there is no fragrant rubber and new clothes from my friends, but I just work in the fields with my parents, harvest wheat and break the corn. At that time, the greatest happiness was to eat the sweet potatoes left to him by his mother.

bananas are rare things that I can't even think of.

but his father taught him, "Poor, poor ambition and poor backbone."

maybe this is the source of his strong mental strength, so he went to Shaolin Temple alone at the age of 8 to learn martial arts and practiced martial arts for six years.

six years later, he went to Beijing with all his kung fu to realize the movie dream planted by Jet Li's Shaolin Temple, but even from the perspective of God, this road could not be achieved overnight.

at first, he was only a group performer, but when he couldn't survive, he went to work on a construction site.

later, he came to prominence as a "blind well", became famous for "no thieves in the world", and became famous for "soldier assault", "Hello!" Mr. Shu contributed to the superb performance, lost in Thailand set a new box office record, the martial arts of one man subverted the image, and the investigation of Chinatown became the next city.

part of Wang Baoqiang's actual achievements

ignorant, stupid, stubborn, repressed, comic, vicious, he can all afford it, take it down, and properly write the script.

it's just that we all understand that there is no Goldfinger in reality, a child with a junior high school education, but with the word "effort", he gnaws down the script and characters in turn.

when shooting "Soldier assault", Baoqiang did not read many books, could not memorize his lines, and did not know many words, but he did not put it badly, nor did he go to battle with "1234567". Instead, he took a dictionary with him and looked it up immediately if he encountered someone he did not know.

drawing knowledge and culture from the script and filming with the mentality of school, how can such a person not be appreciated? How stupid is it? They cannot be smarter than those desperate illiterates who only know how to make money but often turn over in front of the public.

I have seen many interviews with Baoqiang, all of which are analyzed in detail.With a clear head, there is obvious ink in his stomach.

then he filmed hello! Mr. Tree, the character has the habit of smoking and drinking. In order to stick to the character, Baoqiang, who used to have a healthy lifestyle, began to learn to smoke and drink, ensuring that he smokes every day and that every meal is served with spirits. In this way, the characters in the play feel blurred and drunk.

in the end, even the director couldn't tell whether he was real or acting.

he deserves his success.

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borrow money to pay taxes during divorce. I wonder if those who are already well-made will regret not learning more from Baoqiang in the first 208w.

personally went to receive the Wulitou Golden Broom Award and sincerely promised the audience, "I owe the audience this time."

including the special group photo event during the Spring Festival this year, he did not refuse to stand in line with the villagers, and had no airs at all.

so how can such an enterprising, down-to-earth, hard-working, dedicated, law-abiding and serious actor not deserve to be loved?

appearance is only the appearance of nothingness, and those excellent qualities are more precious and worthy of attention.

some time ago, Baoqiang revealed in an interview that the director's post-production of "octagonal Cage" is coming to an end and is expected to be released this year.

look at the trailer, the film has a good texture, and there are many bright spots in the picture and story.

eight years ago, he felt he owed the audience. Eight years later, he promised to pay it back. I would like to believe that he will hand in a better answer paper.

Baoqiang is 40 years old this year. Looking back on the road he has traveled before, he has already worked hard in his career. Although there are regrets in his family, it is fortunate that he has found a lover who has been able to develop smoothly for five years now, and he should continue to work together in the future.

strength is the best medical beauty for men. From this point of view, how can Baoqiang not be regarded as both talented and beautiful?

then wish Baoqiang, who has both talent and appearance, and Feng Qing, who is both talented and beautiful, happy all the time.

he deserves our blessing, doesn't he?




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after 6 years of divorce, Wang Baoqiang finally remarried?

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he doesn't deserve it!

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