Tsai Shaofen responded to the divorce and openly supported her husband's remarriage: "he will definitely find another one!"
Tsai Shaofen responded to the divorce and openly supported her husband's remarriage: "he will definitely find another one!"
Even if the road of life is mottled and muddy, don't get lost and lose yourself.

"as long as there is you, even if it is cloudy, I will laugh."

I will always be your darling. I love you, fish.


looking at this behavior and wording alone, many people think that Cai Shaofen is a proper brain for love.

the sweet atmosphere was caught by netizens all over the network, but a "hit in the face video" was found.

Cai Shaofen once said on a variety show that after she got married and became a mother, she was particularly afraid of death.

this kind of worry will make Cai Shaofen make up for her accident on the way every time she travels, especially before taking a plane.

so every time before getting on the plane, she would solemnly confess her death to her husband Zhang Jin.

and told him again and again:

"if I have something to do, you must take good care of your children. There is no problem if you want to get married again. Find a woman who is nice to them."

after listening to Zhong Liti, she immediately comforted Cai Shaofen:

"it's impossible, he loves you so much!"

Zhong Litti is a famous teenage girl who always keeps her heart warm and romantic in her every move.

but then Cai Shaofen's words shattered all the romance, leaving only a piercing and dazzling shatter.

she said:

"come on, be realistic."

what kind of unswerving love, what deep love between husband and wife after thousands of years?

in the face of reality, it is not only not worth mentioning, but also can not stand the test.

some people say that Cai Shaofen can say this because he doesn't love enough. What a model couple, the car has flipped over.

I think it is a bit naive to say so.

not to mention the gap between heaven and man, even if the lover is still in the world, there is no guarantee that two people can work together to the last moment of life.

widowed at such a young age, few people can survive the rest of their lives on that little love.

No matter how much the loved one is gone, the living still have to live for the rest of their lives.

so it is undeniable that remarriage is indeed a very realistic and normal thing.

instead of holding unrealistic illusions, it is better to recognize this fact earlier.

even if something really happens in the future, the dead can put aside their worries and go to sleep, and those who are alive do not need to live through the rest of their lives with moral and emotional shackles.

so I feel that Cai Shaofen is really sober in the world.

she has the courage to admit the facts and the ability to break fantasies.

the reason why she is so realistic is that she deeply understands that to have illusions about life is to hurt herself.

Cai Shaofen's original family is not happy.

mothers who depend on each other are very gamblers.

it is said that even when Cai Shaofen's grandmother died in the hospital, her mother was still addicted to the casino.

Cai Shaofen, who was a child, grew up on such a day when debts were collected every day.

in the chaotic and bad days, Cai Shaofen stumbled to grow up, but her appearance became more and more outstanding.

as a result, with her white skin and beauty, she was able to enter the entertainment industry and start her acting career.

but beauty brings not only wealth, but also gossip.

Cai Shaofen was chosen by wealthy businessman Liu Luanxiong. In order to make Cai Shaofen happy, he not only helped her mother pay her debts, but also gave her several houses.

even if Cai Shaofen doesn't want such a big fish, her mother will catch it.

in order to make up for her mother's gambling debt, she spent her best six years.

in order to get more money from her daughter, the mother also took the initiative to tell the reporter that Cai Shaofen was voluntary.

A word from her mother disgraced her. Not only that, but her mother's gambling addiction still did not abate. As soon as the gambling debt was filled, there was another one.

only then did she wake up. She had worked hard so far, but it was just her mother's ATM.

all Cai Shaofen's money has been handed over over the years.

is not only to make up for the mother's gambling debt, but also to attract the mother's attention and hope to get the love she has lacked since childhood.

Cai Shaofen was hit on the head by her mother's ruthlessness.

the affection between mother and daughter and the deep affection between mother and daughter are all fig leaves for interests and greed.

this kind of sacrifice to satisfy her mother's "filial piety" life, she does not want to live any more.

for the sake of her future, she must give up her unrealistic illusions about her mother and be a cruel woman.

at the age of 27, Cai Shaofen held a press conference and announced that she would renounce her mother-daughter relationship with her gambling mother.

this experience is heartbreaking every time I think about it.

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betrayed and stabbed by loved ones, this kind of injury makes Tsai Shaofen, who has been neglected since childhood, more aware that it is cruel to expect from others.

if you pin your happiness and the rest of your life on others, you will be controlled by others for the rest of your life, without dignity and freedom.

if you want to be free, you have to be independent.

the only way to be happy is to be realistic.

ran away from her bloodthirsty mother, far away from her commission for the first half of her life.Qu's rich businessman, her road of self-reliance has officially begun.

this road is very difficult.

when TVB is filming, she often shoots from 6am to 3am.

even if the crew arranges a specific makeup artist, in order to save the waiting time, she makes her own makeup and dresses up in a hurry so that she can appear on camera directly.

work 21 hours a day, and sleep time is numbered.

it is common for TVB artists to have high requirements of the director, poor conditions of the crew, and great difficulty in filming.

there are too many beautiful actors and actresses in the entertainment circle. If you don't try to take root, you will soon be beaten back by reality.

so no matter how bitter the current situation is, Cai Shaofen never gives up.

these difficult past events have become the precipitation of Cai Shaofen.

it is these high-intensity work and superb acting skills that give rise to the classic role of empress in the Legend of Zhen Huan.

Cai Shaofen in the past has become the present Cai Shaofen.

later, she met her husband, Zhang Jin.

at that time, Zhang Jin was just an unknown stuntman.

and Cai Shaofen has long been a household name.

the door is not the right one.

so when Zhang Jin plucked up the courage to confess to Cai Shaofen, she was really startled.

looking back on the past, it was really difficult for the scarred Cai Shaofen to be betrayed and vilified by loved ones and want to get back into an intimate relationship.

in the face of Zhang Jin, she is always vigilant.

but Zhang Jin is different.

he seems to be a gift from God to Cai Shaofen.

when his confession was rejected, he did not give up, and he finally moved Cai Shaofen with his heart.

but a bigger test is yet to come.

identity also made the two people suffer a lot of gossip.

the talk of the outside world is full of slander everywhere, saying that Zhang Jin eats a soft meal and relies on Cai Shaofen to rise to the top.

but at this time, Cai Shaofen is no longer the simple little girl of that year.

has experienced great winds and waves, and her eyes have become vicious.

many people say that it is stupid for Cai Shaofen to marry Zhang Jin.

but I think choosing Zhang Jin is the cleverness of Cai Shaofen.

after all, what has not been seen by Cai Shaofen, who is already at the top at a young age?

it is precisely because she does not care about these fame and fortune that she sees the brightest qualities of Zhang Jin.

"loyalty to friends"

"be serious about your work


"not to mention to me



these qualities also brought her sweetness and happiness for the rest of her life.

although Zhang Jin, a walk-on, is unknown and angry, like Cai Shaofen, he is a person who is willing to work hard on his major.

from obscurity to the actor, he didn't become famous until he was 40 years old, and he finally became a late achiever.

he is also a man who takes special care of his family. In order not to let his wife work hard, he gets up in the middle of the night to breast-feed his children with no regrets.

facts have proved that Cai Shaofen did not choose the wrong person.

this is also the strength brought to her by her hard work in the past. she is famous and hopeful, rich and beautiful, and doesn't care how many taels of silver she has in her pocket.

she had no choice when she was young, but now she has earned the freedom of choice for herself.

this is also the sober and realistic point of Cai Shaofen: raise the requirements of yourself and let go of expectations of others.

regardless of the identity of the other person, the so-called happiness is perceived one by one in the daily trivialities.

this is the reality that she spent most of her life telling us:

the greatest reality is that to be a man and do things, you must first do things for yourself and rely on yourself.

unfortunate native families can only get rid of themselves.

one can only strive for an independent life.

you can only choose for the rest of your life.

, please remember:

even if the road of life is mottled and muddy, don't get lost and lose yourself.

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