Tolerate people short, reward people long, help others hard, remember people well
Tolerate people short, reward people long, help others hard, remember people well
People know each other by fate, show affection, cherish character and respect virtue.

I agree with this sentence: "No one is an island living alone in the sea."

in life, we interact with people all the time, and if we want to have a good time, we need to maintain a good interpersonal relationship.

in fact, good relationships will also help you have a broader path in life.

as Gorman said in his book EQ:

"the degree to which you are comfortable determines the height you can reach."

those comfortable ways of getting along with others tend to achieve these four points: tolerating people short, appreciating others long, helping others difficult, and remembering people well.

allow people to be short

there is a saying: "No gold is perfect, no one is perfect."

in life, everyone has his own shortcomings.

apart from the basic bottom line and principles, we should all try our best to be tolerant of others and ourselves.

Life is a mirror.

do we really "understand" ourselves when we don't understand others;

when we don't respect others, we don't respect ourselves.

the more people who don't like others, the more people who don't like themselves.

sharp people always regard others as "sharp".

Rumi has a poem called Inn:

"Life is really like an inn. There are different guests every day."

even if they are a group of sad people, they should still treat each other politely.

We should open the door to do business at any time. We should not close the door just because the guests are picky, but learn to be tolerant and grateful. "

Xunzi says: "A gentleman is virtuous and can tolerate, know and tolerate foolishness, broad and shallow, quintessence and miscellaneous."

A gentleman is capable and capable of accommodating incompetent, intelligent and foolish people, knowledgeable and ignorant people, morally pure and capable of accommodating people of mixed conduct.

some people can tolerate it because they have a sea in their hearts;

some people will care, because there is only one well in their heart.

in life, only when you have room for yourself can you tolerate others.

the more people can tolerate others, the more they can be tolerated by others.

appreciate the length of people

everyone has his own sparkle.

maybe some people have more advantages and some people have less advantages, but they all emit a different light.

just like the stars in the sky, some are brighter and some are darker, but they are all equally beautiful in the night sky.

the more jealous a person is about the advantages of others, the more he will become a narrow-minded and unpopular person.

the more we appreciate the advantages of others, the more we will promote our own progress and have good popularity.

Bacon said a word:

"there is morning glow in the heart of the appreciator, and desolation in the heart of those who ignore it."

sometimes, the more you can see the advantages of others, the happier and better you will become.

appreciating others is not only an ability, but also a mind.

being able to see the advantages of others proves that you are a person who observes carefully.

but being able to appreciate the advantages of others proves that you are an open-minded person.

No matter how good a person is, if he is always jealous of the advantages of others, then he will be rejected by others.

No matter how ordinary a person is, if he can sincerely appreciate the advantages of others, he will be liked and accepted by more people.

your own attitude towards others is also the attitude of others towards yourself.

the more people who appreciate others, the more they will be appreciated by others.

it is difficult to help others

the writer Ba Jin and Bing Xin have a profound friendship for 70 years.

for a time, Bing Xin was in poor health, and Ba Jin often traveled a long way to see her.

when he learned that Bing Xin was so financially strapped that even New year's Eve dinner was a problem, he ran around to promote the publication of Bing Xin's works to help her alleviate her financial problems.

even Bing Xin's husband sincerely lamented: "Ba Jin is a sincere friend."

later, although they were separated from the two places, they would stretch out their hands to each other when something happened. This friendship was once spread as a good story.

in life, everyone has moments of death.

instead of ignoring it, it is better to give others as much help as they can.

instead of being indifferent, it is better to give others a little comfort and encouragement;

instead of watching the fire from the other side, it is better to pick up a bucket of water to help others put out the fire.

"those who come out of love love to return, and those who are blessed come back."

people get along with each other, they all exchange hearts for hearts, and in this world, no one is an island.

We always have difficult times, there are always moments when we need help from others, and even there are times when we can't get through.

but the best compensation in life is probably the kindness you have sown that comes back to yourself in the end.

when you are more willing to widen the path of others, you will eventually widen your own path.

remember others

in our lives, we always meet some noble people.

sometimes we may interpret their help as an easy effort;

sometimes we may take the support of others for granted;

sometimes we may interpret the favor of others as it should be.

but there is a saying: "the grace of dripping water should be repaid by Yongquan."

whenever someone else gives itYour help, no matter how big or small, should be kept in mind.

A writer had a conflict on his way through the desert with a friend.

in an urgent situation, the author kicked his friend, who did not fight back, but sadly wrote about it in the sand.

when they came to the swamp, their friends accidentally stepped on it.

the author used all his strength to save him, and his friend was very grateful and engraved the matter on the stone.

the author asked him, "Why is' kicking you 'written on sand and' save you 'written on stone?"

A friend said:

"when I vent something bad, let the wind blow it away;

you are kind to me, engraved in stone, even the wind and rain can not fall, I will bear in mind. "

Caigen Tan has a saying: "people have kindness to me, and resentment must not be forgotten."

remember the good deeds of others, forget their mistakes, blame yourself with a sense of reproach, and forgive others.

in this way, there will be more and more happiness from the bottom of your heart.

in this world, no one should owe you or help you, no one has the obligation or responsibility to be kind to you, and no one has to be responsible and responsible for your life.

maybe others treat you like a candy, maybe it melts in your mouth after eating it once.

but you should always remember the sweetness of that moment.

after all, sometimes, it is precisely with this sweetness that we get through the most difficult, darkest and most painful moments in life.

when you learn to be grateful, you will get more support, kindness and love from others.

time makes a man grow, and time makes a man mature.

people know each other by fate, show affection, cherish character and respect virtue.

when a person knows tolerance, appreciation, kindness and gratitude, there must be warmth and love in his heart.

and getting along with warm people will naturally make people comfortable and comfortable.

, may we walk in the world with tenderness and meet with beauty.



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