To those who are kind to you, don't invite you to dinner or give gifts. Learn the following three ways to repay you.
To those who are kind to you, don't invite you to dinner or give gifts. Learn the following three ways to repay you.
If you really don't know the kindness of others, continue this relationship.

since ancient times, it has been said: "if you have kindness, you must repay it, and if you have virtue, you must be rewarded."

in daily life, after getting help, many people are used to expressing their gratitude by buying guests to dinner.

I feel that when we push the cup and change the cup, the feelings will be even stronger. If you give some gifts after dinner, this kindness will come to an end.

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but in fact, not everyone is willing to appear in public, and what you give is not necessarily what the other person wants, and it may lead to misunderstanding.

therefore, it is recommended that you learn the following three ways of reward, which are more reliable than eating and giving gifts.

remember, improve your relationship

there is a saying that everyone has heard: many friends, many ways.

when you are in trouble, anyone who can stand up and give you a hand is undoubtedly a person worthy of deep acquaintance.

therefore, you can first keep the kindness in mind and take this opportunity to get closer to the relationship between the two and have more exchanges in life and work.

when I was a child, I didn't expect that a little girl I funded at that time would benefit her small family for the rest of her life.

during the three years of high school, the couple hardly bothered. Under the meticulous care of the little girl, the child was successfully admitted to the ideal university.

since then, the relationship between the two families has gone further, better than kinship.

really, if you want to return the favor, you can actually turn people with kindness into friends and relatives, so that you can help each other at any time in the future.

after all, things are difficult, and there has to be someone to go further.

wait for the opportunity to send charcoal in the snow

there is such a story in the constant words of warning:

A man named Shi Fu found a parcel full of six taels of silver on his way to sell silk.

thinking that the owner might be very anxious, he stayed where he was.

it wasn't long before the owner, Jun, who looked frightened, returned the package completely.

in order to express his gratitude, Jun took him to the restaurant for dinner. Shi Fu refused.

of course, the matter is not over. After a period of time, Shi Fu took a boat to buy everywhere because of the lack of mulberry leaves in his family.

Zhu en, who heard the news, gave all the mulberry leaves at home to Shi Fu and rowed him home himself.

people often say that the grace of dripping water is rewarded by Yongquan.

although it can not be achieved to such an extent, but at least always with a grateful heart, after all, anyone may encounter difficulties.

you have to wait slowly, and one day, dignitaries will also need help.

after learning about his condition, he took the initiative to give him a hand. This gratitude is "great kindness", which is enough to allay the unease at the bottom of my heart.

become strong and pass on goodness

in fact, most of the time, we are grateful and want something in return, but the other person doesn't take it to heart.

in that case, you don't have to think about buying dinner or giving gifts.

you might as well accumulate your own strength and pass on this goodwill to help more people and make more people feel warm and kind.

at the gate of my neighborhood, there is a small leather beauty shop. The boss recruited many disabled apprentices and taught them to repair and polish shoes free of charge.

when asked why, he said, "when I was 15, the master who taught me craftsmanship changed my life, and now I want to help more people like me."

Yes, I didn't know the world was so beautiful until I was held over an umbrella.

since the other party does not ask for something in return, work hard silently, because your better growth is the greatest reward to your benefactor.

only when you become strong, can you continue this gratitude and let people know that this society is more warm and moving.

likes a sentence very much: no thanks for great kindness.

when words are not enough to express gratitude, keep it in mind and try your best to repay it when the other person needs it.

if you really don't know the kindness of others, continue this relationship.

remember that we may not be rich and rich, but if we keep a "grateful" heart at all times, we can be safe and happy for a lifetime!