To myself, who is getting old (very well)
To myself, who is getting old (very well)
Taking good care of your mood is more important than anything else.



time is like running water, never waiting for man.

Winter is gone and spring is coming.

time flies, life is only thirty thousand days, time this knife, the knife urges people to grow old.

before we know it, we are all getting old.

as I get older, I gradually understand that the most important things in life are only six things.


take care of emotions and keep healthy

people have seven emotions and six desires, so it is normal to have mood swings.

some people are furious, others are at ease.

Su Shi once said: "Life is like a reverse journey, I am also like a pedestrian."

Life is a journey. You will meet many people and things along the way, and it is impossible for everyone to understand you.

as we get older, we gradually understand that if we are generous, we will be wise, and if we are calm, we will be peaceful.

learn to take care of your emotions and stay healthy.

Life is fleeting, taking good care of your mood is more important than anything else.


optimistic and positive, keep an open mind

some people say: the heart is the lamp of man. If the heart is dim, the world will be dim; if the heart is bright, the world will be bright.

people will encounter countless unexpected things in this life. The ups and downs of life is the norm, whose life can not always be plain sailing.

some things make people happy; some things make people anxious.

for better or worse, we should learn to be positive and optimistic and laugh at the wind and rain.

Mr. Feng Zikai has something to say:


when the heart is small, the matter is big; when the heart is big, the matter is small.


take a look at everything, do not be disturbed by difficulties, do not haggle over trifles, and let go of what should be put down.

as we grow old, we must learn to free our hearts.


live seriously and spend your twilight years in peace

Dickens once said that life is not as good as you think, but it is not as bad as you think.

once upon a time, we carried everything and lived for others; now we let go of the burden and learn to live for ourselves.

people live and die passively all their lives.

even life, there seems to be a lot of choices, often no choice.

but this life has come anyway.

getting older to understand, to find their own hobbies, to explore, to pursue, to find the ownership of the soul.

take every day seriously and spend your twilight years at ease.

Confucius said, "forget food with anger, forget sorrow with joy, and do not know that old age is coming



such a state of mind is worth having.


simplify the circle and enjoy being alone

being alone is the joy of being alone.

We are getting old, so we should know how to simplify our circles and enjoy our alone time.

circles, the more the better.

if you want to improve the pattern, you must stay away from the narrow circle.

if you want to grow faster, you have to say goodbye to your time-consuming friends.

after simplifying the circle, I realized that not all circles are useful to themselves, and not all friends are worth talking to.

learn to accept that things go against your wishes and learn to enjoy the present moment.

keep things simple and take control of the rest of your life.

the more you pay attention to yourself, the richer your heart is, the more happy you will be.


cherish your friends and keep in touch

getting old, I look back and find that there are very few true friends left in this life.

false friends have long disappeared under the passage of time.

after half a lifetime, I understand: people are in touch with each other, while love is in it, cherish it.

it's not easy to walk together for most of your life. Not all people can walk into our lives, and not all of us are worth keeping in touch with each other.

choose friends who have stood the test of time and are consistent with their three values.

No matter how many friends are expensive, no matter how many bad friends are, they are no better than sincere bosom friends.

Lu Xun said: it is enough to have a bosom friend in life. How difficult it is to be a true friend all your life.

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understand children and have peace of mind

Xunzi has a saying in "Xunzi's self-cultivation": "anger is not enough to seize, but joy is not enough."

this sentence also applies to the process of getting along with children.

Life is a drifting journey, especially between us and our children.

We are getting older and our children are growing up.

they are no longer children who know nothing in our eyes and need to teach everything by hand.

We should learn to transposition, understand the children, understand the growth of the children, understand that the children are not easy, and maintain a peaceful heart.

does not interfere with the choice of children, give some support.

it is a kind of calm to understand children.

peace of mind is a kind of wisdom.



, may we keep a peaceful heart, expect less, be more tolerant, smile forward, and be kind to ourselves as we grow old.

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