These three kinds of couples will divorce sooner or later. Look, I hope there is no you.
These three kinds of couples will divorce sooner or later. Look, I hope there is no you.
Those who really love you will always want to see a happy you.



as the saying goes, "if you build a boat in a hundred years, you will sleep together in a thousand years."

it is said that life is a scene, acquaintance is fate, knowing and falling in love is a great blessing.

but whether the married life is happy or not is a difficult problem that everyone needs to solve.

as Tolstoy said in his novel Anna Karenina:

"Happy families are alike, and each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way."

if only one of the husband and wife is working hard, then the strong feelings will tend to fade, and the couples who love each other will come to an end.

the alienation of any relationship is often traceable, and there are usually signs of a crisis between husband and wife.

in marriage, these three kinds of couples will divorce sooner or later. I hope without you.

couples who lack trust in each other

there is a line in the hit TV series Love is delicious:

"the essence of marriage is love, trust and respect, and living together."

I deeply believe that trust is the cornerstone of a happy marriage, and suspicion is the source of all misfortune.

when two people are together, they must first be able to trust each other before they can talk about love, marriage and the rest of their lives.

the crisis of trust is the deadliest minefield in a relationship, and once touched, the consequences are unimaginable.

her friend Hao Min successfully married herself before the age of 30, but she divorced in less than two years.

the reason for the failure of divorce is that Hao Min's own suspicion is too heavy.

Hao Min had a boyfriend who had been talking for several years. When she was about to get married, she found that her boyfriend was having an affair.

and her present husband has a good personality and strong ability, and the only bad thing is that he socializes too much.

every time her husband goes out to socialize, Hao Min always likes to call to find out if there is a girl next to him. As long as she is not home by 11:00 at night, she starts phone bombardment.

at first, her husband felt very happy, and his wife cared about him very much, but over time, Hao Min's husband felt very tired.

in the long run, the contradiction between the two intensified, with a small quarrel for three days and a big quarrel for five days, and the two gradually lost their trust and patience.

gradually, Hao Min's husband began not to return home at night, and in return there was only her hysterical cry.

in the end, the man really cheated and Hao Min's marriage ended.

therefore, if two people want to be together for a long time, they should trust each other and be honest with each other.

as Wang Xiaobo once said to Li Yinhe:

"I just hope you and I are good, not suspicious of each other, not praise each other, as usual."

this is what a loving partner should look like.

the relationship will be stronger if we can open our hearts to each other, dare to talk to each other, and dare to trust each other.

couples who lack gratitude to each other

the elders often say, "A couple is as deep as the sea for a hundred days."

feelings are mutual, so it is not easy to become husband and wife and accompany each other through the long journey of life.

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but in life, there are many people who take their partner's efforts for granted, while enjoying each other's good, while disgruntled picky, constantly draining the feelings of marriage.

after reading such a story, I have quite a feeling:

there is an old couple selling pancakes. If something goes wrong, they will complain to each other and lose their temper.

on this day, the business was so busy that the two quarreled.

the husband shouted: "I am so tired, you are not satisfied, if you go on like this, I will be impolite!"

the wife shouted, "I've done a lot of work. You only know yourself." Come if you dare, and I won't live either! "

as the two quarreled more and more fiercely, the neighbor next door shouted, "somebody, here are free pancakes. Come and get them."

the couple were worried and hurried to protect the pancakes.

immediately, the couple fell silent.

Director Ang Lee said:

"Love between husband and wife means that there is kindness before love. Only by being grateful for each other's good will you love each other more. "

paying attention to each other's efforts and knowing how to praise and be grateful for each other is the antistaling agent for a happy marriage.

all the couples in the world who have been together for a long time are not born with each other, but because they know how to inject gratitude into life.

husband and wife are mutual, and only by paying attention to each other and being grateful and cherishing each other, can they really last forever.

couples who disagree with each other

have read a sentence:

"three meals determine whether two people are stable, and the three values determine whether two people are suitable or not."

the circle is different, there is no need to blend, the values are different, there is no need to make friends, so is the relationship between husband and wife in marriage.

if you want to maintain any long-term relationship, you must have the same frequency, otherwise it is likely to fall apart.

marriages with different values are probably as follows:

he likes playing games and you like reading, but what's the use of reading? isn't that just pretending to be literature and art?

he likes to have barbecue in Dabai stalls, and you like to eat steak in western restaurants, but he says it's expensive and not delicious, and he says you're really affected.

he likes to stay at home, and you like to travel around during the holidays.But he said that what's fun about traveling is to spend money and suffer, and how comfortable it is to lie at home.

therefore, love may not be white, only when the three values are the same can we be happy.

what seems reasonable to you has become inconceivable in his eyes.

it's hard to change his perception, and he won't understand what you think.

you are never on the same frequency, so of course you are tired to get along with each other.

obviously wanted to talk to him, but in the end he became a chicken and duck.

couples who can't even talk together will never be able to understand and tolerate.

it's like wearing a pair of shoes that sharpen your feet. The longer you run in, the more painful it will be. How do you spend the rest of your life?

Marriage is like building a house in partnership. It is far from enough to rely on the efforts of one person. If you want to go for a long time, it depends on whether the three values agree with each other.

the most important thing in the so-called matchmaking is not the match of the family, but the consistency of the three values.

it is a long process to meet each other.

what can really make two people go to the end is mutual trust, gratitude from the bottom of their hearts and the three values of harmony.

, good night.