There is a kind of separation, called "the law of not worth it."
There is a kind of separation, called "the law of not worth it."
The ultimate proposition of life is to give priority to cherishing yourself and living a good life.


presumably, everyone knows "break up", and most of them have the impulse to try.

but I have observed for a long time that many people's understanding of separation always stays on the surface of matter.

they think that if they get rid of the extra clutter at home, they can live a simple and high-end life.

but I don't know that in this numerous world, what is more important than giving up material desires is to sort out the inside.

there is an "unworthy law" in psychology:

the main idea is that if people want to define their life goals and values and find their coordinates in society, they have a yardstick in mind, and there is no need to waste energy and time on things that are not worth it.

Life is a circle full of twists and turns, and if every aspect consumes a lot of energy, then people will be quickly drained and exhausted.

people who are really smart are better able to think carefully and break away from these three aspects.

emotions that are not worth it should be cut off

writer Li Xiaoyi told about a personal experience:

when Li Xiaoyi first went to work, she returned to the rental house from work one night and found that the door lock was broken.

Li Xiaoyi could not open the door by all means. In addition, after running around all day, he was tired and sleepy, and his heart became even more restless.

Li Xiaoyi called her distant boyfriend to complain, and the two blushed without saying a few words. her grievances were completely ignited, and the two quarreled forcefully for an hour.

then, Li Xiaoyi called her parents in her hometown to complain, crying pear flowers with rain, and alarmed her grandfather and uncle in a city.

Grandpa and uncle came specially to help her unlock. It was the middle of the night and everyone was exhausted.

20 years later, Li Xiaoyi was locked out again because the lock was broken, but this time she did not get angry or cry.

but calm down and plan three options in your head:

first, ask the housekeeper aunt to bring a spare key to try.

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second, wait for the unlocking company to come.

third, stay out for a night and deal with it tomorrow.

recalling these two experiences afterwards, Li Xiaoyi reviewed and concluded:

two things are 20 years apart, the situation is the same, but the results are very different. Why?

because my emotional maturity has changed, I began to know how to deal with problems before venting.

when everyone encounters something that is not going well, it is inevitable to breed some negative emotions, either sadness or anger.

but just because you have emotions doesn't mean you want to be swayed by them and let things affect your life.

like a sentence very much: "there was a tsunami in your heart at that moment, but you quietly didn't let anyone know."

you know, children are wayward, and adults will weigh the pros and cons.

A lot of negative emotions are not worth revealing because they not only affect others, but also burn yourself.

saying goodbye to meaningless emotions is the beginning of calming life.

be an emotionally mature person, face up to the mud under your feet, and fate will be very tolerant to you.

for the rest of my life, there will be more joy and less sorrow.

remarks that are not worth it should be given up

some people say: "living in the words of others is disrespect for yourself."

in life, we will be caught in some right and wrong, no matter how good you are, there will always be people who question it.

if you are bound by the words of others, you will lose your original self and become less and less like yourself.

blogger Ding Qianqian has had a deep experience of this.

as soon as she was promoted, people in the company began to talk about her, saying that she dressed up every day to seduce her boss.

later it was reported that she had an improper relationship with her boss and was promoted by hidden rules.

Ding Qianqian had to change her favorite clothes and did not dare to put on exquisite makeup on the painting. She lived carefully, hoping to quell these nonsense.

but no matter how Ding Qianqian changed, the prejudices and comments against her never stopped, and she once felt desperate.

until one day, Ding Qianqian overheard the group of people talking about another married colleague in the bathroom, defining him as a brown-noser.

only then did Ding Qianqian realize:

when they are not married, they say that they rely on their health, while when others get married, they say brown-nosing.

in fact, the root lies not in what you wear, but in the other person's eyes of the world, which is always dirty.

after that, Ding Qianqian decided to be himself again and go to work dressed up every day.

although there are still people making judgments, she doesn't care. She only focuses on doing a good job and living her life as she wishes.

the hardest thing to do in life is to gag others.

if you can't hide, give it up; if you can't stop it, ignore it.

remembering that dancer Sun Yihao once said:

"there are many bad remarks in the world, but they can also be the driving force for us to move forward."

Life belongs to you, and the words of others are not worth being fettered.Only you know the distance you want to go.

instead of living in the mouth of others, focus on your own growth.

hold the steering wheel tightly, try to shine, widen the distance between each other, so that the other side is out of reach.

the circle that is not worth it, when leaving

I know a friend who runs a printing factory. He has nothing to do with the printing association, hoping to get some resources and orders with a familiar face.

when someone speaks in a group, he is the first to respond, even if what other people say has nothing to do with him.

someone organized an event, and he signed up to participate in all the venues, even if he couldn't drink, he still stayed with him until the end.

for a period of time, although he made some "friends", they were all acquaintances who liked him.

his wife advised him not to waste his energy in the association, but he was convinced that he would get something, and the two often quarreled about it.

until the efficiency of the factory was getting worse and worse, his income could not make ends meet, and his physical examination revealed severe fatty liver, he finally realized that he was ridiculous.

he thinks that his contacts can help him, but others don't trust him at all;

he thinks that circles are resources, but the result is a waste of time and health.

later, instead of haunting the association, he spent all his energy on finding customers and spending time with his family. Not only did he bring a lot of high-quality orders to the factory, but there was more harmony between husband and wife.

while going back and forth with clients, he gradually made several like-minded friends and often shared resources and business experience with each other.

We meet a lot of people in our lives, but not all of them deserve to be delivered, let alone get what we want by joining in the circle.

A good circle is not sought, but attracted.

just like a college student who was distressed by not being integrated into the dormitory, Zhang Songwen said:

you don't have to please anyone in the dormitory, be yourself, listen to music, watch movies, eat, go to the library. Love yourself, and then those who are predestined will be friends with you.

the ultimate proposition of life is to give priority to cherishing yourself and living your own life.

A relationship that is really worth giving doesn't need you to be humble and flattering.

because, under the witness of time, people of the same frequency will eventually get together.

Don't waste your enthusiasm, quietly quit the unsuitable circle, and silently stay away from the unworthy.

cherish the people around you. Relationships that have been honed over time are often warmer and more reliable than those deliberately carved.

remember that there is a classic line in the Biography of Zhen Huan:

"Don't waste time or effort on people who are not worth it or things that are not worth it."

Life is very tedious, we are often entangled by all kinds of things, but the more messy we are, the more we have to keep our rhythm.

Advanced life is not without chaos, but with more calmness and calmness.

no longer be disturbed by emotions, no longer question yourself because of rumors, no longer kowtow to relationships.

without useless sorrow and consumption, you can do something worthwhile, improve yourself, spend time with your family, and live a good life.

every moment of embracing happiness is the most sincere return to life.

, may you and I live more rationally, thoroughly, and steaming the ordinary life.