There is a fixed amount of money in life.
There is a fixed amount of money in life.
Every penny you lose is due to a defective understanding of the world.


Let's look at a short story first.

when a bunch of people were fighting for a piece of gold, someone turned around and picked up a diamond and left.

the people who rob gold are not incapable of robbing diamonds.

but did not know from beginning to end that there is something more valuable than gold.

knowledge V Shen Xiaoxing said:

"the direction of cognition determines the direction of making money, and the height of cognition determines the thickness of making money."

in fact, there is a fixed amount of money in one's life.

"the clarity and blockage of thinking determines material abundance and scarcity."

it is difficult for a person to do things outside his mode of thinking, and it is even more difficult to earn money beyond the scope of cognition.

even if you get away with it for a while, you may lose it in the near future because you can't control it.

I have seen such a news that the news that the shares of Zhou Xiaoguang, the former richest woman in Zhejiang, have been terminated from listing has caused the whole network to sigh.

Zhou Xiaoguang was once the "queen of ornaments" in Yiwu.

she graduated from junior high school, started her career with a capital of 20 yuan, and broke into the Hurun rich list with a fortune of 33 billion yuan.

because of her inspirational legendary life experience, the film and TV drama "Chicken feathers flying into the sky" was adapted based on her.

however, in less than three years, the business empire she built collapsed rapidly:

with a huge debt of more than 30 billion yuan, real estate is auctioned, stocks are delisted, and individuals are listed as scoundrels.

the Legend of creating Wealth came to a dark end. What on earth happened?

it turns out that after establishing a firm foothold by selling accessories, Zhou Xiaoguang no longer concentrated on his main business.

focus on making a lot of money and making a lot of money.

so she set her sights on other industries with ambition:

has been involved in many fields such as retail, agriculture, real estate, investment, trade and so on.

at first, diversification did double her income.

however, behind the frenzied expansion, there is unbearable debt.

seeing her from "riding on the wind" to "chicken feathers", I can't help thinking of a sentence:

"every penny you lose is due to a defective understanding of the world."

Economic poverty has never been the real reason that hinders a person's development.

the difficulty of thinking is the cage that binds itself to cocoons.

people with low cognitive level will look at problems too subjectively, and they will easily be blinded by immediate interests, suffer from them, and pay for them for the rest of their lives.

continue to expand their knowledge, with a long-term view of the present, it is possible to taste the taste of success.

there is a saying that goes to the heart: "Wealth will always flow to the people who best match him, those with high awareness."

Cognition affects choice and choice to change life.

A person who extends his cognitive thinking to the extreme is not to make money, but to take the initiative to find him.

with the increasing demand for fitness at home, Liu Jianhong has taken advantage of the opportunity to become a celebrity in the field of fitness.

in fact, before him, there was a top online celebrity coach in the world-Pamela.

Pamela's popularity is not a moment of luck, but has a lot to do with her cognitive level.

at the age of 15, she embarked on the road of fitness and insisted on sharing her fitness routine every day.

she also understands that simply showing off your body won't last long, and only by bringing harvest to everyone can you attract more attention.

so she took the initiative to adjust her fitness style.

A fitness program has been designed for people who do not have the time or money to go to the gym.

A yoga mat and a mineral water bottle can move anytime and anywhere.

for a while, a large number of fans swarmed in, but Pamela was more sober:

in order to gain a foothold in the industry for a long time, she provides targeted guidance for rookies who have no foundation and experienced talent.

in addition to teaching fitness, she also designs diet meals for fans to help them in all aspects.

Pamela extends her influence to more fields, publishing books, giving lectures, sharing fitness tips and lifestyles.

has created a unique personal brand.

soon, at a young age, she appeared on the cover of Forbes magazine and the business landscape sprang up everywhere.

in a speech, Pamela said:

"in life, sometimes you arrive at the right node at the right time.

if you don't seize this precious opportunity at this particular moment, it will disappear forever. "

her experience of success coincides with the "Walson's rule" put forward by entrepreneur Walson:

what you get often depends on what you know.

people with single thinking are trapped in a cognitive closed loop, and even if they search desperately, it is difficult to change their fate.

the more deeply you know and the more you understand the world, the more you can seize the fleeting opportunity and turn it into real capital.

there is a passage in the book "transition":

"the master is not stronger than us in ability, higher in IQ and better in concentration.

onlyBecause they think deeper and more knowledgeable than we do, they see a bigger system. "

strive to determine the lower limit and cognition determine the upper limit.

people who are really powerful know how to deepen their thinking inward and open their cognition to the outside.

constantly broaden the scope of cognition and cultivate the ability to penetrate the nature of things, so as to control life and seize the wealth hit.

maintain a lifelong learning attitude and don't limit yourself

in the TV series "the World," Zhou Bingkun didn't read much and had to dawdle around passively in a soy sauce factory with a meagre salary.

when others were still muddling along, he was the first to notice a serious decline in the efficiency of the factory.

so he decisively lost his iron job and chose to work in a hotel that did not have an establishment.

there, Zhou Bingkun soon reaped a good salary.

after tasting the benefits of learning, he did not set limits to himself and continued to break the cognitive cocoon room.

soon, with a keen eye, he saw a business opportunity in a mountain of books:

from a migrant worker to an entrepreneur, he changed his destiny.

there is a sentence in the documentary "becoming Warren Buffett": "A person's life, if he wants to achieve extraordinary achievements, is destined to be inseparable from reading and lifelong learning."

A person's growth rate not only determines his cognitive height, but also affects his speed of making money.

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only by mastering enough knowledge can we increase our knowledge, enhance our cognition, and see clearly the nature of the problem.

get in touch with excellent circles and break the cognitive closed loop

Zhang Lei, founder of Hillhouse Capital, said: "Choice is more important than effort, and who you go with is more important than the distance you want to go."

is in determines how one sees the world.

Connie, a LinkedIn columnist, used to be a bottom student in a well-known high school in Beijing.

in order to achieve a counterattack, she took the initiative to approach the learning circle.

driven by them, he was finally admitted to Peking University with the fifth place in the city.

after graduation, she first joined the world's top manufacturing giant company;

and then stepped into the business school, gorgeous turned to set up a consulting company.

after 20 years in the workplace, Connie has relied on entering different circles, thus bringing about continuous high-quality cognitive growth.

finally get the resources you want step by step and go to a higher level.

breaking down cognitive barriers and moving towards a higher circle is the best way for ordinary people to embrace wealth and upgrade their lives.

cultivate the ability to think deeply, internalize and act

byte beat, has said many times: "Cognition is a person's core competitiveness, and thinking is precisely an important source of cognition."

he is a beneficiary of deep thinking.

according to some statistics, in the more than 2300 days from 2009 to 2015, Zhang Yiming unremittingly left more than 2800 posts on Weibo.

as a bystander, we know very well that these developments are a good way for him to complete his self-reflection and iterative cognition.

when thinking is internalized into cognition, and you continue to practice your heart, you will think more easily and meet a better self.

there was a hot question on the Internet: "what do you rely on to make money?"

below there is a high praise answer: "every dollar you earn is actually the realization of growth, cognition, and mode of thinking."

once we thought that as long as we were smart and diligent, we could make money.

but the more you grow up, the more you find that in the face of reality, everyone has a fixed amount of money.

it all depends on one's vision and cognition.

those who recognize poverty are trapped in poverty; those who recognize abundance lead a rich life.

, may you and I be able to earn our own wealth in our only once-in-a-lifetime life, with a constantly upgrading understanding.