There are three words, women with high EQ will never say to men
There are three words, women with high EQ will never say to men
A woman's happiness begins with good words.

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Dong Qing said in the Reader: "the happiness of a woman begins with good words."

I agree with you.

A woman who can speak with high EQ has a strong ability of empathy, never say words that lose face, hurt people, or leave no leeway to men, but know how to praise, encourage and tolerate, making people feel like a spring breeze.

day after day, bring warmth and goodwill to the people around you, but also win the love of your loved ones and the happiness of your family.

Don't say words that make men lose face

everyone has self-esteem and even more face-saving, especially men.

at home, occasional dislike and complaint is the interest of husband and wife.

however, when you go outside, if you always tear down his platform and refute his face, there will be a thorn in the other person's heart, and it is inevitable to complain and resent you over time.

I still remember that in the Battle of Love, there was a middle-aged couple whose husband decided to separate because his wife was too unkind.

they have been married for many years, and her husband has been considerate and patient with her.

however, the longer she gets, the more she enjoys her husband's sense of superiority. Whenever she has something wrong, no matter how many people she sees, she scolds her husband like a child, regardless of his awkward situation.

at first, the husband smiled and obeyed, but later his wife became more arrogant and insolent, often belittling him and denying him in front of relatives and friends, making him admit his mistakes in public.

the husband said, "I don't have any face with her. People say I'm a man with no family status."

it is common for people to love face and soft talk.

No man in the world likes to listen to accusations and criticisms, especially those that make men lose face, which not only hurt his self-esteem, but also hurt each other's feelings.

there is a saying in the Harvard EQ course for Women:

"A woman with high EQ is weak on the outside, but not fragile on the inside; she is strong-willed, but her words and deeds are not strong."

husband and wife get along, when you affirm his efforts, protect his face, and consider his feelings, he will also understand that you really care about him from the bottom of your heart, and the marriage between them will get better and better.

Don't say that men are useless

listen to people's feelings:

"God gives women beautiful appearance, but does not give them matching tongues."

some women speak with red mouth and white teeth, even aggressive, and they think it is harmless, but they do not realize that although the language is invisible, it can be turned into a sharp blade, penetrate the heart, and push back those who approach step by step.

Li Baoli in the movie "Ten Thousand arrows through the Heart" is like this. She always feels that her husband is up to him, complaining and disgusted with her husband on weekdays, saying that he is a loser all day long, and even his son feels sorry for his father.

when she moved, her husband politely bought water and cigarettes for the workers. her knife immediately scolded her husband for nothing and embarrassed him not to come down to Taiwan. That night, the husband made up his mind to file for divorce.

Li Baoli not only did not realize the mistake, but also made more sarcastic remarks, forcing her husband to death, and her son severed ties with her.

in the end, a person lives alone like ten thousand arrows through the heart.

obviously he is very soft-hearted and cares about his family, but because he can't speak well, he breaks up his feelings and leads to a tragedy.

Life has a long way to go, and you should know that the relationship between husband and wife is not invincible, so don't let these most poisonous words corrode a man's heart and push him further and further away.

as Wang Xiaobo wrote in his love letter to Li Yinhe:

"I just hope you and I are good, without suspicion or praise. On weekdays, you talk to me as if you were talking to yourself, and I talk to you as if I were talking to myself."

Don't blame when something happens, and feel relieved when something happens. We talk well, not to get anything, but not to lose the one we care about.

words without leeway

once some women get angry, they often choose their words, and a few cruel words that blurt out may solve the temporary anger, but in fact they hurt others and themselves, and the losses outweigh the gain.

when watching "Goodbye to Love 2", the audience lamented that Zhang Wanting's way of speaking was suffocating. Her husband Song Ningfeng had no say in her at all, and even normal communication would be interrupted and denied by her, leaving no leeway.

Song Ningfeng asked with a good temper:

"Why do you deprive everyone of the right to speak?"

Zhang Wanting replied directly:

"I'm not depriving everyone, I'm just depriving you of your right to speak."

because of her strength, Song Ningfeng, who is in front of the camera, has almost no chance to explain. They are always hesitant and unable to speak properly, and they have come to the brink of divorce several times.

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the closer the person is, the more lethal the ugly words are. No matter how much love there is between the two people, they cannot afford to be consumed for a long time.

therefore, whether couples or lovers, we should learn to listen to and respect each other, communicate back and forth, contradictions and heart knots can be solved, and life will become clear and bright from smoke.

the book "EQ is high, but speaking makes people comfortable" says:

"A truly knowledgeable woman always knows how to rein in her edge, leave a little kindness to others and give herself some leeway."

it is true.

A woman with high EQ does not speak quickly, but always has a pleasant face and can.Be considerate of others and take into account their feelings.

No matter how emotional and stressful they are, they will grasp the yardstick of speech, leave dignity for men, and accumulate popularity and blessings for themselves.

Audrey Hepburn once said:

"A beautiful woman should have a pair of beautiful eyes for discovering the advantages of others and a pair of beautiful lips for saying nice things."

gentle words can get men to treat each other gently, and spitting roses at the mouth can make men more favored.

A dream of floating life is an experience of the world of mortals.

May you and I learn to speak well, be people with high EQ, show self-cultivation and elegance in every word and deed, and love each other hand in hand and calmly for the rest of our lives.

, good night.

this book is published under authorization.