There are experts behind this hype in Shandong!
There are experts behind this hype in Shandong!
This may be the purest and most authentic appearance of Shandong.


recently, it feels like everyone is traveling. Wherever they go, there are people everywhere.

late at night in Changsha is like this:

the pigeons of Nanjing Music Station are going bald.

the city that never sleeps in Xi'an is not sleepy:

all tourist cities have been "occupied" by the flow of people.

but I never expected that a small town suddenly broke out of the siege.

from March, the whole network began to flock to Zibo, Shandong Province.

who would have thought that the barbecue that can be seen everywhere in every city has made the small town of Zibo a complete hit.

small cake oven with dipping, soul barbecue three-piece set.

with a different way of eating, Zibo barbecue is completely out of the circle.

the car is full of college students, and the air is filled with cumin.

BBQ enthusiasts from all over the country are flocking here.

Today, the highest daily arrivals of Zibo high-speed railway station have exceeded 50,000.

on the high-speed train, netizens have begun to practice the "barbecue" gesture:

get off the high-speed train and go straight to the barbecue restaurant, where 500 tables a day are not enough to eat.

so that the local area has begun to open up a large open space next to the high-speed railway station to build a new barbecue city.

it must be difficult for many people to understand: there are too many famous places in the country than Zibo barbecue. Why is it the one that caught fire this time?

Why? Maybe it's the experience that Zibo gives this time. Great!

especially in the tourist season, every city hopes to seize the flow tuyere and be recognized and visited by the people of the whole country.

but sometimes, the influx of tourists is the most test of human nature and the ability to protect execution.

Zibo today is perhaps the most typical example.

it shows us how to join hands in a small town.

with the reaction speed of "textbook", the city's fame has been successfully typed out.

and this time, in the face of sudden traffic.

Zibo wins because they finally know how to publicize themselves!

and the style of recruitment, each one is right in the hearts of tourists.

not only set up the Golden Furnace Award, a famous barbecue shop in Zibo, set up a barbecue association, and announced that the Zibo Barbecue Festival would be held on May Day.

it directly issues 250000 barbecue vouchers and designs one-day and two-day barbecue-themed tours for tourists.

at the high-speed railway station, they arranged special "barbecue volunteers" to meet tourists seamlessly:

in order to facilitate tourists to sign in, the "Zibo barbecue map" has been specially customized.

even on the basis of the original, 21 new barbecue bus lines have been added to ensure that tourists get off the bus and go straight to the barbecue "barbecue spot".

recently, tickets are not available because they are so popular.

in order to facilitate more people to come for barbecue, they have added a new "barbecue special train" from Jinan to Zibo from Friday to Sunday:

enthusiastically, some netizens were "fed" by Zibo Culture and Tourism Bureau before they arrived in Zibo.

they distribute all kinds of creative products and travel gift bags free of charge on the high-speed railway.

Today, in the neighborhoods of Zibo, there are special ferry buses that wave and stop and ride for free:

College students who come to Zibo for barbecue can also enjoy half-price accommodation at 38 youth post stations in the city.

all kinds of measures are meticulous.

is for every consumer who has come a long way to eat barbecue to feel the most comfortable travel experience here.

and to deal with such a large number of people, they are also doing their best to protect the "bottom line" of the city.

since the explosion in Zibo, local taxis and barbecues have received documents:

those who do not turn on the meter or refuse to drive will be shut down immediately as long as they are complained of.

deceiving and deceiving people, as long as they are caught and close the door immediately.

the local leader said firmly: whoever smashes our pot will smash the bowl, and no one can ruin the reputation of Zibo.

here, there is no exclusion, and everyone's face is brimming with enthusiasm:

everyone's safety is adequately guaranteed.

want to do before, do before.

this is not to shout slogans, but to stand up to verification.

Anti-counterfeiting bloggers with tens of millions of fans across the network came to Zibo with their own electronic scales.

he randomly selected ten stores in Zibo's eight-bureau market, each of which was compared with his own electronic scale.

as a result, no one is short.

the boss mentioned that the Market Supervision Administration here will strictly investigate every once in a while.

it doesn't matter if you don't check.

in their opinion, you can question the food is not delicious, but not their character:

"even if you are hot, you will never change. You have to be a man with principles, and you can't be less."

but now it is not only official, but the people of Zibo also have a strong sense of honor for the city.

now they have spontaneously taken the weekend mealThe location is given to tourists coming from afar.

the owner of the most popular barbecue restaurant in Shepherd Village is still standing at the door with a loudspeaker to "drive out customers".

when I asked, I knew that he really couldn't receive it.

"Don't wait if you don't get the menu."

"go to another home to eat, the barbecue in Zibo is very delicious!"

in the face of the influx of tourists, he highly recommended other barbecue restaurants.

what he is afraid of is that if the guests wait in line for hours and still can't eat, they will have a bad impression of the city.

and another barbecue owner also said:

now they don't just set up shop to make money.

but to let more people come to Zibo, is to fight for the honor of Zibo.

some people say that the barbecue in Zibo is inseparable from the two-way trip of the barbecue owner and everyone.

Yes, now I prefer the attitude of the city to the barbecue in Zibo.

to retain tourists, we not only rely on the fireworks of the city, but also need human feelings.

Zibo, whether it is hard-core security or humanistic warmth, has always wanted to be well prepared in front of people.

it is because of this that tourists from all over the country feel full of warmth and warmth.

even if we deal with emergencies, we can be leisurely and flexibly.

sometimes, travel is also a mirror.

can not only test human nature, but also let people see the differences between different cities.

the more popular it is, the more you can see the characteristics and execution of a city.

what Zibo is doing, there is no profound trick, but with responsibility and tenderness for everyone.

think what you think, and then do what I can.

everything they do is heart to heart.

some people say: the fire of Zibo barbecue is a gust of wind.

, it will break up, and nothing will be left.

but how do you know you can't stay if you haven't tried?

there is no doubt that barbecue has become a "drainage" weapon in this city.

but what Zibo is doing is penetrating the barbecue and activating the vitality of the whole city.

on the special train to Zibo, what is played in a loop is a promotional film of Zibo Culture and Tourism.

for tourists, they are glazed ornaments from Zibo, Zhoucun pancakes and golden duck eggs.

popular tourist attractions such as Hongye Persimmon Rock, Tanxi Mountain Ice Waterfall, Yan Shen Ancient Town and Mata Lake are recommended to tourists.

the "barbecue special line" of Zibo bus not only takes tourists to the barbecue restaurant.

there are many tourist sign-in points, such as the eight major markets, Qisheng Lake Park, Zhong Shu Pavilion, Haidai Tower, and so on.

from barbecue to the whole city.

the Zibo they show is the old capital of Qi, the famous city of Taoliu, and the hometown of Liaozhai.

they show Zibo, in addition to barbecue, there are more beautiful scenery, stronger historical heritage.

driven by the barbecue, the flow of people in various scenic spots in Zibo increased significantly.

in particular, the eight-bureau market in Zibo has become a new place for online celebrities to sign in.

the arrival of more and more tourists has not only driven the economy of Zibo, but also created more job opportunities.

now more and more barbecue restaurants are opened in Zibo. The license for barbecue food can be processed at one time through the special window

the demand for local barbecue cooks, waiters and wearers has increased significantly, and wages are soaring.

and in order to "stay", Zibo also used 18 martial arts.

they will directly show the talents of Zibo at the high-speed railway station and attract more young people to come to Zibo for development.

even if college students are willing to look for a job in Zibo when they come for a barbecue, the direct accommodation fee is free.

some people say that the Internet tide will break up as soon as it blows, but they can't miss it in any way to revive the economy, and they really try their best.

in fact, I only feel one word: reality.

and this is not only Zibo, but also the charm of Shandong as a whole.

the people of each city have their own city characteristics.

compared with the development and refinement of Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, Shandong even appears to be somewhat old-fashioned and old-fashioned.

but frankness and simplicity will always be the background of Shandong.

the city is more like a simple man.

Slide into charming 80s wedding dress for sale and flaunt your sexy figure. Here are the absolute best choice to make you shine!

whether it is the popularity of the people or urban governance, they say less and do more.

express your greatest sincerity with concrete actions.

use the enthusiasm of asking for cold and warmth to express your most sincere welcome.

hospitable Shandong, welcome.

this is not only the slogan of Shandong, but also their attitude towards everyone.

this is the hometown of Confucius and Mencius, and too many cultural celebrities have been born.

here, the GDP ranks third in the country. It has one of the largest manufacturing and agricultural bases in the country.

getting rid of tradition, creating new ideas, attracting young people and gaining new vitality has always been a difficult problem in the transformation of this established city.

Today, barbecue has become a link, and a large number of young people are pouring into it.

in order to make a good impression on everyone, every citizen here has made a hundred points of effort.

they are kind to others and never consider anything in return.

just showed his greatest sincerity, justWith enthusiasm in his heart.

now I am very glad that Shandong will finally promote itself!

if you have been to too many tourist cities, if you are free, you are welcome to visit Shandong.

call on three or five friends, take a high-speed train to Zibo and enjoy a Chinese version of Taco.

feel Shandong, the tall green onion:

go to Jinan to see the detached building, the moment of superburning lights:

climb Mount Tai at night and watch a great sunrise:

go to Qingdao to see the sea and listen to songs. Go to Oktoberfest for a drink and feel the magnanimity and romance that only belong to Shandong:

the more you grow up, the more you feel that the food, culture, and character imprinted in various regions are all cultural treasures in the long river of history.

be loyal, emotional, unrestrained, pragmatic, low-key, benevolent, righteous and trustworthy.

this is perhaps the purest and most authentic appearance of Shandong.

looking back at Shandong, there is China of its own.

hospitable Shandong, welcome!