Their official declaration of love is too fierce, directly rushed to the hot search!
Their official declaration of love is too fierce, directly rushed to the hot search!
No matter whether the body is complete or not, it does not prevent us from shining and living our wonderful life.

unexpectedly, the "steel leg girl" who survived the Wenchuan earthquake did not escape the cyber storm.

time goes back to 2021.

A girl walking the catwalk on a mechanical leg brushes the screen all over the net at Shanghai Fashion week.

although her pace is not professional enough, her rustling and beautiful appearance has infected many people.

the confident and cheerful girl named Niu Yu lost her right leg in the Wenchuan earthquake.

from the depths of the ruins to the catwalk, she experienced a long period of self-reconstruction, but a cyber storm tried to pull her back into the shadow of inferiority.

recently, Niu Yu told himself about his experience of experiencing a cyber storm, which triggered a heated discussion on the whole network.

individual netizens insulted and harassed her with vicious words in private messages:

"shouldn't it be more appropriate for you to stay at home?"

"I think you have no legs. You deserve it."

all kinds of excessive words make people's fists hard.

in the eyes of these people, she seems to only deserve to hide in the corner and reflect on her own imperfections.

they are jealous of Niu Yu's sparkling appearance in the limelight, but they never think about how many dark and difficult moments Niu Yu has experienced in order to stand in the sun.

on May 12, 2008, an earthquake occurred in Wenchuan.

one second, 11-year-old Niu Yu was still in class, and the next, the earth shook and countless buildings suddenly collapsed.

Young Niu Yu was buried under the ruins for three days and three nights.

what a long time in life it should be!

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she saved her life but lost her right leg.

, the pain caused by the earthquake extended to life, and Niu Yu had to live with a prosthetic leg.

the prosthetic limb is very hard, and it is easy to make the legs bleed and fester, but for her, the strange vision of others is a greater torture than physical pain.

physical disability brings her a deep sense of inferiority. Every time she went out, she would wrap a thick foam on her prosthetic leg and pretend to be in good health.

at that time, many friends did not know that she had amputated her limb.

whenever everyone asks about her health, she uses the excuse that she has hurt her leg.

but hiding does not mean that the wound does not exist, only she knows what kind of despair she has faced.

"Why does God punish me like this? I also want to go dancing and speed down the street by bike."

losing her right leg at the most beautiful age can be said to be a trample on dignity for a girl who loves beauty.

during adolescence, teachers and students knew that she was inferiority complex, so they carefully maintained her self-esteem and gave her care and encouragement.

she clearly remembers that there were not a few children who were forced to amputate in the earthquake.

whenever they lose control of their emotions, their parents will lie to them: "your legs will grow back in the future."

but Niu Yu's father will tell her truthfully: "your legs can't grow out. If you don't exercise well, it may be very inconvenient in the future."

when she grew up, she fell in love with a boy, but her parents did not accept her.

Mom told her:

"I don't want the other family to treat you with words like 'accept' and 'accept'. I hope they feel that you have brought happiness to the family.

you are the cub I raised. I know how good you are. "

the concern of her parents has never been absent from her growing up. In addition, she has met many kind people in society.

it was these warmth and companionship that healed the pain in her heart and gave her the courage to begin to rebuild herself.

the turning point in life took place in May 2018.

before her 21st birthday, Niu Yu made a bold decision: wear a prosthetic leg that took off the sponge and walk towards the crowd.

this is a gift she prepared for herself.

she wants to say goodbye to who she used to be, telling others and telling herself: in fact, I am like this.

when she went out with her prosthetic leg exposed for the first time, she was so nervous that she was so cold that she always unconsciously guessed what other people thought.

but after taking that step, everything was not as bad as she thought.

in the elevator, she met a little sister whose whole heart hung up. As a result, the other person just glanced at it and then turned around.

she suddenly found that her fear was just because she cared too much about it, and it really had nothing to do with others.

that day, she went to a lot of places with her friends. On the way back, the driver asked her what had happened to her leg. She was no longer secretive and generously told the driver that she was injured in the earthquake.

after hearing this, the driver praised her for being optimistic and strong.

another gift she prepared for herself is called "courage".

that year, Niu Yu took part in the first Wenchuan Marathon for 3 hours and 53 minutes. Amid the cheers of passers-by, she gritted her teeth and ran to the finish line.

"this is my medal for trying to survive, my willpower and vitality, and the evidence of countless struggles. I don't want to hide. I want to applaud myself."

she fitted her prosthetic with a dazzling flash, noAfraid of the strange eyes of passers-by, they walked generously in the busy street.

later, she boarded Shanghai Fashion week twice, went to remote areas to teach, and challenged 4500-meter mountains.

she can do whatever ordinary people can do. She tells us with her own experience:

physical deficiencies do not affect our love of life.

on social media, her online name is "Brother Spring outing". She often shares her life, hoping to encourage others.

A boy left her a message: "Sister, if it wasn't for you, I wouldn't dare to play ball in a prosthetic leg or learn to swim. Thank you so much."

in March 2021, in a video, she heard a seriously ill girl tell her doctor that she didn't want to live.

in order to encourage the girl, Niu Yu recorded a video for her and invited her friends to cheer for her.

"I lost a leg in the earthquake. I remember that the most common thing I said to my mother in the hospital was'I want to die'.

I know it will be difficult to carry the past, and it will hurt every day, but when life is bad to a certain extent, it will hit bottom and rebound. "

after seeing this video, the girl responded happily in front of the camera: spring outing, I am waiting for you to take me out to play.

many people see courage and hope in her story.

the world kisses me with pain, and I sing back. She is optimistic and cheerful, like the little sun, warming those who are in trouble.

after life is on the right track, Niu Yu also met her own love.

her love story is as sweet as a novel into reality.

once, when she was shooting a video with her best friend, the prosthetic leg got stuck in the middle of the stone pier. As a result, the man pulled it out, but the leg didn't come out.

after entangling for a while, they decided to ask for help from Chengdu Fire Protection.

firefighter Xiao Li came to take out the prosthetic leg, handed it to her carefully, and asked kindly, "do you need me to install it for you?"

Niu Yu said no, and then asked Xiao Li for his phone number.

"May I have your contact information? Next time my leg gets stuck, I can call you. "

Xiao Li was a little shy and only gave a very official answer: call 119.

but fate is so magical. It wasn't long before Niu Yu received an official live broadcast invitation from Chengdu Fire, and she met Xiao Li again.

during the live broadcast, netizens took cp crazily and sent divine assists: "good match, together."

this time, the two finally added each other's Wechat.

at first, Xiao Li seemed very polite in the face of Niu Yu's enthusiasm, especially like to say thank you.

but once Niu Yu is in trouble, Xiao Li will be very anxious. After confirming the situation, Xiao Li will give her a lot of common sense of self-help.

gradually, the relationship between the two is getting closer and closer, and finally one day, Xiao Li made it clear to her: "Spring outing, let's be together, okay?"

because of her previous failed emotional experience, she was afraid that Xiao Li's family would mind her, too.

but Xiao Li told her that he had made a deal with his family and they would bless her.

he said, "you are so kind that I can't help but be moved."

Xiao Li's sincerity dispelled Niu Yu's worries, and the two came together in this way.

maybe life is not always gentle and lovely, but "your courage, plus my courage, is enough to face the world."

Today's Niu Yu is an independent photographer with millions of fans.

to the cyber violence, she responded:

"others can never define you, only we know who we are, do what you want to do, and love those you want to love bravely."

the reason why I was exposed to Internet violence is that, on the one hand, I hope to tell more people:

"Don't attack other people's physical defects."

on the other hand, she believes that it is better to stand up bravely and expose this behavior in the sun instead of enduring it.

Internet violence will not disappear because of our patience, it will only become more and more unbearable and outrageous.

A word can warm or destroy a person.

not a few people have lost their lives as a result of Internet violence in recent years, and the tragedy of Zheng Linghua, a pink girl, is still fresh in my mind.

for the disabled, the lethality of Internet violence is even more terrible.

there are more than 85 million disabled people in China. However, it is difficult for us to meet them on the road.


it is not only inconvenient to travel, but also because of all kinds of strange vision in society, which makes them stop.

but there is no real perfection in the world. Everyone has their own limitations.

at the Weird Congress, Cai Cong, a blind man, said this sentence:

"there should not be'


', our life is just a new way of living. "

Yes, no matter whether the body is complete or not, it does not prevent us from shining and living our wonderful life.

, for the sunny Niu Yu, but also for every ordinary person who works hard.