The three laws that a person begins to go uphill
The three laws that a person begins to go uphill
Dare to jump out of your comfort zone in order to become the one who is envied.


everyone hopes that their life can be better and better, but there are not many people who can do it.

everything in the world has a pattern, and there are always some characteristics to be found in those who are getting better and better.

there are three laws that tell us that if we want to get better and better in life, we need a clear goal, persistent efforts, and the courage to constantly renew ourselves.

when you can do this, your life begins to go uphill.

Giegler theorem

goals determine how far you can go

what is the most fundamental difference between a life of mediocrity and a life of excellence?

there is an answer on the Internet that the relationship between them is not talent or opportunity, but whether they have a goal in life.

once a director spent 56 years recording the lives of 14 different people.

it is found that the fate of their lives does not depend entirely on their birth, but whether they have goals and are willing to take action for them.

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at the age of 7, Andrew, John, and Charles already had clear goals about where to go to high school, which university to go to, and what major to study.

although they are blessed by birth, they still make 100% efforts to their goals, and at the age of 21, they have achieved their goals of going to famous universities such as Cambridge and Oxford.

and for the rest of their lives, they have been making implementation plans according to their goals. This also makes their lives have enviable achievements.

Nick, from the countryside, has always been interested in science, and studying science is his goal.

through his own diligence and efforts, he was admitted to Oxford University to study physics, and later went to the United States to teach and do scientific research, which achieved a counterattack.

and Tony has no education or great ideals. as an adult, he wants to be a taxi driver.

in order to achieve his goal, he drove his motorcycle through hundreds of routes in London, recording as he walked, and successfully passed the London taxi driver test, which is recognized as the most difficult test in the world.

Tony lived a rich life for himself and his family with clear goals and steady action.

and for those who don't have any goals in the first place, their lives are always in the same place.

even people from good origins are getting numb because of their confused life, and their situation is getting worse and worse.

on the road of life, there are often obstacles and thorns. If one does not have a clear and ambitious goal, he will not be able to reach the place he yearns for. This is the Giegler theorem.

like an old horse all the way forward, and a donkey spinning around a millstone, although they have been striding all their lives, the old horse has been running towards the goal, while the donkey has stood still for lack of goal.

A life without an aim is like a lost person who doesn't know which direction to go, can only wander around, and eventually becomes exhausted and numb.

A person who can define his goals is not easy to be surrounded by the difficulties at hand. He can always feel that he is moving forward steadily and always keep hope and vitality in life.

Lotus Theorem

the quickest way to succeed is to take your time

the lotus in the pond blooms in multiples of the previous day, so that it can bloom completely in 30 days.

however, on the 29th day, it was only half in full bloom, and on the last day it was in full bloom at the sum of 29 days before the lotus meeting.

success does not come right away, but accumulates step by step from the moment you start to do it. This is the lotus law.

in order to achieve quick results, his classmates are busy learning various marketing courses, always hoping to achieve success through skills, and have been unwilling to polish an article well.

he does not believe in a handful of achievements, and believes that only by his down-to-earth efforts and settling down to accumulate is the way to success.

so he polishes every article with his heart and deepens his skills.

in order to train the musicality of words, I have read the whole Tang poetry for 2 years;

in order to train his writing logic, he dismantled a lot of classic books;

in order to write a character, you can consult 500000 words.

Sanmao has a saying:

"Young people are eager to become big trees, but there is no time to consider whether the inner essence is hard or not. If it is cut down, it will be broken."

if you act in haste and want to see results as soon as possible, you will overlook the need for benign development to take every step with appropriate speed and a steady attitude, and the result of being eager for success may be counterproductive.

like an old man who pulls out seedlings to encourage him, he lifts the seedlings high in order to grow faster, and in the end, all the seedlings die, and in the end they are busy in vain.

nothing can be done overnight. There is no skill to succeed. Taking your time is the quickest way.

flea law

only by stepping out of the comfort zone can we not be eliminated

biologists have done an experiment.

put the fleas in the cup so that they can easily jump out of the cup without any hindrance.

but when putting a lid on the cup, the flea hits the lid every time it jumps.

after a period of time, even if the lid is taken off, the flea will only bounce in the cup and dare not jump any higher, so draw a circle on the ground as if the prison is trapped to death.

if you stay in the comfort zone for a long time, you lose the courage to explore the outside world.There was nothing I could do until I was eliminated. This is the law of fleas.

Xiao Pu has worked in a magazine for six years, and she has entered the middle management of this company. She is good at her job and pays well.

at that time, self-media was gradually replacing traditional media, so 30-year-old Xiao Pu decided to leave and study in a new field.

colleagues think that Xiao Pu has taken some risks and that going to a new field may mean starting from scratch. It is better to stay in a familiar place, or at least be able to settle down safely.

Xiao Pu said that she wants to see the outside world, otherwise how to understand how the outside world has changed.

facts have proved that her choice is correct. Within a few years, traditional media has been replaced by self-media, and many of her former colleagues have been forced to lose their jobs.

while Xiao Pu has made a start in the self-media industry, she has not only successfully operated her own account, accumulated a lot of fans, but now has her own studio.

Dong Qing once said:

"the meaning of life is to develop rather than stick to it. We should not lose the courage to move forward at any time."

in unpredictable times, your stagnation is a kind of retrogression. once you are confused by the stability in front of you, you will be engulfed by laziness.

when one day the comfort zone is no longer comfortable, you will find yourself powerless to fight back.

in life, those who often have the last laugh are those who can continue to learn and renew themselves.

in fact, jumping out of the comfort zone is not scary, as long as you remain curious and keep learning, your comfort zone will break through little by little in this change.

dare to jump out of your comfort zone in order to become the one to be envied.

Maupassant said in "pretty Friends":

"Life is like a hillside. When you go up, you will see the summit and your heart will be full of hope."

when you are going downhill, it will be effortless, even easy;

when you are on a flat road, you will feel at ease;

when you walk uphill, you will find it difficult to walk.

it is not easy to go uphill, but every step is near the peak.

when you start to go uphill and keep going uphill, your future will be changed as a result.

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