The strong heal themselves, but the weak sell badly
The strong heal themselves, but the weak sell badly
Self-healing is the survival skill that everyone should practice well.




in nature, there is a creature called salamander.

when its limbs or head are torn off by external force, the skin cells can cover the wound quickly after division and prevent the invasion of germs.

with the proliferation and differentiation of cells in the body, salamanders can grow new limbs.

this is the salamander's strong self-healing ability to grow again after suffering.

the same is true of life.

everyone will suffer setbacks, and the attitude towards suffering determines the height of life.

be brave to heal and become strong; timid to complain and become weak.

Destiny has its ups and downs, and if you have the power of self-healing, you will have the initiative to survive.

those who are strong heal themselves, never say anything about the pain again

there is a sentence in Doctor Zhivago:

"there is suffering, there is collapse, there is death, but we still have to wake up, stand up and live a new life."

I think so. Life is a process of constantly getting hurt and being cured, but this cure needs to be born from within.

Chang Shuhong, the first director of the Dunhuang Research Institute, is such a man with a strong heart.

shouldering the important task of building Dunhuang Research Institute, Chang Shuhong gave up the superior life in Paris and resolutely returned home to the northwest desert.

the conditions in Dunhuang are very difficult, with a bitterly cold wind in winter and a scorching sun in midsummer, and Chang Shuhong often has to travel through the Gobi of quicksand where there is no grass for dozens of miles.

one day in 1945, Chang Shuhong's wife, Chen Zhixiu, could not stand the harsh environment and never came back after she left.

soon after, a divorce statement from Chen Chih-hsiu in the newspaper dealt another heavy blow to Chang Shuhong, and the 20-year marriage came to an end.

Chang Shuhong's heart was torn apart, and his wife left the family without a word.

but he knows very well that he is the core of the entire cultural relics conservation team, and his state of mind affects everyone who works here.

so Chang Shuhong withstood all his grief and soon threw himself into the intense work while having to take care of his two young children.

in the end, Chang Shuhong persisted for decades in exchange for the spread and continuity of Dunhuang art.

Chang Shuhong's life is full of suffering. But instead of being defeated, he stood up bravely, like a Populus euphratica, standing proudly in the vast desert.

Life has a long way to go, suffering is like a shadow, but people always talk about its color change.

however, the suffering itself is not as terrible as thought.

suffering is like hunger. You can always endure it by enduring it.

most of the time, what people lack is not the ability to resist suffering, but the will to recover from injury.

predicament is the touchstone of will.

if you indulge in pain, you will only sink; only by breaking free from the shackles of emotion can you live a free and easy life.

the really strong people in life are not necessarily superior in ability, but they must have far more self-healing ability than others, can withstand the pain and hold the original heart.

the weak sell badly and complain every time they suffer

Lu Xun's novel Blessing once portrayed the image of Sister Xianglin.

after many changes, such as the breakdown of her family and the death of her family, she became in a trance and told everyone about her tragic experiences.

in the end, however, her complaints did not get the sympathy of others, but waited for her to be put to the bottom of a well.

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bitterness in life is like a spring. If you are weak, he will be strong.

those who cannot bear setbacks have no choice but to use complaint as an antidote, but they do not know that it is a poison that makes people sink deeper and deeper.

employee Li Yan has always been very good at writing reports in the company. All kinds of major summary reports of the company are basically handed over to him, and his boss also intends to promote him to management.

however, in a year-end report, Li Yan inadvertently used the wrong data, causing the whole company to be criticized by the group.

after this time, the boss just asked Li Yan to seriously reflect on the omissions in his work, but Li Yan could not get out of the shadow of this mistake.

he was depressed all day, worried that his boss would no longer use him, complained that the group had made such a mountain out of a molehill, and now suspected what other colleagues thought of him.

under the influence of long-term negative emotions, Li Yan's working condition is getting worse and worse, so that there is often something wrong with the most basic content.

later, Li Yan's emotions began to get out of control, and whenever he was a little dissatisfied with his work, he would complain to his colleagues that he had been treated unfairly.

over time, the boss no longer dared to hand over important tasks to Li Yan, thinking that he was no longer competent for the work he had done in the past.

Li Yan slowly slipped from the core of the company to the edge of the company, but it was not others who isolated him, but his own mentality.

when suffering gives you a heavy blow, if you rub it repeatedly to relieve the pain, the wound will only get bigger and bigger.

complaining is the same.

instantly released emotions can bring short-term pleasure, but can not solve any problems, but will affect normal thinking.

sometimes, it may be just because of a small matter of dissatisfaction, but under the induction of complaints, the details will be slowly magnified.

when complaints accumulate to a certain extent, they may createInto irreparable consequences.

the rudder of fate has always been in your own hands, and the more wind and rain there is, the more you have to travel against it.

if you just vent your emotions endlessly, life will never take a turn for the better.

the stronger the self-healing ability, the closer to happiness

there is a hot topic on Zhihu: how terrible are people with strong self-healing ability?

the highly praised comments are answered as follows:

although self-healing is inconspicuous at first, it will bring about qualitative changes in people's mental outlook and physical state with the passage of time.

in reality, there is such a kind of people who, by virtue of their indomitable self-healing ability, survive the storm of suffering and reach a new shore.

in a public speech, a girl named Suleka told the story of her successful fight against leukemia and her miraculous recovery.

A physical examination that summer became a nightmare that Sureka will never forget.

when the doctor put the test results in front of her, her brain went blank and she sat paralyzed in the consultation room, chilling and shivering all over.

soon, Sureka's life was in an unprecedented predicament.

after learning that Sureka was ill, the landlord forcibly repossessed the house rented to her.

her boyfriend, who had been with her for several years, also left her at this time on the grounds of inappropriateness.

as her physical condition deteriorated, Sureka followed the doctor's advice and was admitted to the ward.

the ward is like a prison, trapped in a heart that loves freedom.

at first, Sureka washed her face with tears every day, couldn't eat, couldn't sleep, and sometimes couldn't even figure out the meaning of being alive.

but slowly, she began to take the initiative to adjust her mindset, because she realized that the precious time of life could not be wasted on self-pity.

Sureka began to actively chat with her patients and read books together to recover, and the progress of their illness was gradually under control.

with the doctor's permission, Sureka left the hospital with her patients and made an appointment to complete a road trip.

Sureka met a lot of optimistic people on the road, but also experienced a lot of interesting things, her state of mind with her own efforts, better and better.

when Sureka finished the long journey, she almost forgot that she was still a patient.

under the supervision of the doctor, she had another examination, but the results were very unexpected.

the cancer cells that had made her collapse and despair have disappeared.

others regard Sureka's situation as a miracle, but only she knows that it is the powerful power of self-healing that makes people survive.

during the long journey, you must have carried a heavy burden for a long time, suffered, tired, and had many moments when you were unable to make peace with yourself.

sometimes, however, the immediate setback is not so serious, and it is people's fear and anger that reinforce the feeling of frustration.

you may not believe that your mentality can play a directional role in the development of life.

but consciousness determines action, and your life is what you have in mind.

everyone has their own potential energy, and the only difference between people lies in whether they are willing to walk bravely inward.

in this marathon of life, only those who know how to adjust their mindset and work hard to repair their wounds can withstand the hardships and hold on to the end.

from now on, try to believe in yourself and start a strong self-healing power. You will find that life is slowly heading for a whole new journey.

there is no longer pain and tears, but full of openness and happiness.

read a sentence on the Internet:

"Don't tell your own sad story to others, because no one can really empathize with it."

the painful past for us may not be taken seriously by others.

he who complains too much consumes himself after all.

and self-healing is the survival skill that everyone should practice well.

Life is full of hardships, but as long as you have a firm heart and carve self-healing into your own blood like a salamander, you will eventually weather all the storms and wait until the sunny future.