The story is short and the truth is deep.
The story is short and the truth is deep.
The most authentic notes are worth collecting forever.

everyone hopes that on the road of their own life, people who are like guiding lights can give one or two proverbs to guide themselves forward.

after experiencing the ups and downs of life, I found that a lot of wisdom in life is actually hidden in every bit of life.


it will be dawn when the rooster crows, and it will be dawn even if the rooster does not crow. It is not up to the chicken to decide whether the day is dawn or not. The key is who wakes up.

A day passed when I woke up, and a lifetime passed without waking up.


when I wake up every day, I am a freshman.

living healthy is the most important and happiest thing in the world.

take advantage of the sunshine, go out for a walk! Every plant, flower and bird in this world is beautiful, live up to this wonderful time.


A man bought a box of pears. In the hot weather, he was afraid that the pears would go bad. He ate some of the worst ones every day, but ended up eating a box of rotten pears.

to sum up, make a couplet:

upper couplet: keep the good ones and the bad ones

next couplet: eat rotten, bad, good

horizontal batch: eat rotten forever


Life is like eating pears, because you care about unhappy things every day, you have to worry about it all your life.

put down the bad things and throw them away. With a little sunshine every day, you will be brilliant for the rest of your life.

cherish the present and be positive and happy.

always be careful not to let yourself fall into a bad mood.


when a parrot meets a crow, the parrot in the cage is comfortable; the crow in the wild is free.

the parrot envies the freedom of the crow, the crow envies the ease of the parrot, and the two birds discuss the exchange.

the crow is at ease, but rarely the owner is pleased, and finally dies of depression;

the parrot is free, but it is comfortable for a long time, cannot live on its own, and eventually dies of hunger.


Don't blindly envy the happiness of others, maybe it doesn't suit you.

Life in the world, do not compare, live your own life, enjoy your own life is the king.


A drop of ink falls into a glass of water, which immediately changes color and cannot be drunk.

A drop of ink melts into the sea, and the sea is still a blue sea;

Why? Because the two are different in size.

Capture everyone attention when in the dazzling mother of the bride wear for a beach wedding. Take a moment in this catalogue and realize you are lucky.

the unripe ears of wheat stand up prickly, and the mature ears bow their heads;

Why? Because the weight of the two is different.


to be tolerant of others is to be generous; to humble yourself is weight; together, it is a person's quality.

the bigger the pattern is, the more tolerant you are, and the higher your EQ is, the more you know how to bow.

I hope we can all become high EQ people with a large pattern.


Perfume, 95% is water, only 5% is different, that is the secret recipe.

people. 95% of things are basically similar, but the difference is that 5% of them are crucial, including self-cultivation, character and desire, which determine people's happiness and pain.


it takes five or ten years for fragrances to be added to perfume, and it is the same for people. Only through growth and exercise can they have their own unique flavor.

therefore, study is very important and persistence is very important.


A father and son took the donkey to the street. Both of them were on foot. Some people said they were stupid.

when a son rides, some people say that a son is not filial;

Father rides, some people say that father is too cruel;

Father and son ride together, some people say they don't like donkeys;


people cannot live in the opinions of others.

if you don't have your own mind and determination, you can only do the stupid thing of "father and son carrying the donkey" if you are influenced by other people's words and deeds everywhere.


the fox found a litter of chickens. He was too fat to get in, so he finally got in after three days of hunger.

after a good meal, he couldn't get out again, so he had to starve for three more days before he came out. In the end, he lamented that he was busy in vain except for his mouth addiction in the process.


this is not the case in life.

come naked, go naked, no one can take away the wealth and fame of a lifetime of management.

it is difficult to buy back youth with the money earned by youth.

it is difficult to buy back life if you earn money with life.

money earned by time, it is difficult to earn time back;

even if you get money from the whole world in your whole life, you can't buy your life back with the money from the whole world.

therefore, it is important to learn to rest and be happy.


2, 2, 2, 4


8 /8 /16

9 /9 /20

parents said one after another: "you made a mistake."

the teacher turned around and said slowly:

"Yes, you can see very clearly that this problem is miscalculated. But in front of me, I got three questions right. Why didn't anyone praise me, but just saw that I was wrong? "

the teacher then said meaningfully:

"parents, the essence of education is not to find their children's mistakes, but to appreciate what they do."It has to be the right place. "


it's the same with being a man. If you treat him well a hundred times, maybe he forgets. If you don't go well once, you may erase everything.

this is the principle of human nature.

this is true between friends, as well as between relatives and family.

the purpose of bringing up this topic today is to make the friendship last forever and the family forever.

it is best to take a step back between friends and relatives.

if you have received the grace of dripping water, you should be rewarded by the spring.

this is the truth of being a man.

this is true for children, and so are adults.


the most authentic comments are worth collecting forever.

the place where the eye can see is called the line of sight;

the place that can't be seen by the eye is called vision.

what comes out of the mouth is called content;

what you can't say in your mouth is called connotation.

the action on the hand is called the gesture;

the action that cannot be traced on the hand is called means.

what is measured in the mind is called IQ;

what is undetectable in the mind is called wisdom.

the sound that can be heard by the ear;

what you can't hear is reputation.

the temperature measured is called temperature;

those whose temperature cannot be measured are called warmth.

the words that can be written by fingers are called articles;

words that cannot be written by fingers are called literature.

what you can see in the mirror is yourself;

what you can't see in the mirror is the self.

money measures the price;

what money cannot measure is value.

the deposit is shown as property;

what deposits can't show is called wealth.

A word of love on the lips;

what I care about in my heart is called emotion.