The power of communication (amazing effect)
The power of communication (amazing effect)
Learning to communicate is a skill that we need to practice all our lives.

their academic qualifications may not be the best, but they can always be like a fish in the water in the workplace.

their abilities may not be the most outstanding, but they can always be recognized and loved by the leaders and promoted step by step.

in fact, if you look closely, you will find that these people tend to have one common advantage-good communication skills.

Communication is not necessarily fancy words to cheer people up, or eloquent words to attract admiration.

on the contrary, the language of communication can be simple and the form can be simple.

High-level communication is not only the burst of wisdom, the display of EQ, but also the closeness of the soul.

the more you see the world, the more you will find that the power of communication is enough to change a person's life.

communicate to change the problem from 1 to 0

in life, each of us will inevitably encounter some sudden bad things.

some people choose to deal with it with action, but ignore the expression, so they hustle and bustle, but the problem is never solved.

Smart people, while working hard, also know how to use the wisdom of communication, so that problems can be solved virtually.

at that time, a colleague snitched to Mingyu's boss, saying that Mingyu wanted to secretly cast pearls and change jobs to a rival company.

hearing this, Mr. Meng was naturally on pins and needles. After all, Mingyu was the best player in his hands.

so he went to Mingyu and asked her, "I heard that a company tried its best to dig you up?"

Mingyu replied frankly, "not only one, but also two, both came to me through headhunters."

Mr. Meng asked, "who are the other two companies?"

Mingyu first stated the principle of being a man: he will not embarrass the other party, so he will not reveal who is digging himself.

then he immediately showed his loyalty and had no intention of leaving the company.

as a result, a possible misunderstanding was quietly resolved.

imagine that if Mingyu does not communicate properly at this time, then even if she wants to stay, there will be an estrangement between the two.

as the saying goes, the window is not bright without polishing, and the words are not clear.

when you encounter problems, silence will only make misunderstandings deeper and deeper, and mistakes will only make contradictions grow bigger and bigger.

take the initiative to communicate and put ideas on the table, so that major issues can be reduced to minor ones, and problems can be solved.

communicate and change the opportunity from 0 to 1

as a world-famous classic film, when Happiness knocks on the door, it has influenced several generations.

but if you think carefully about Chris's struggle, you will find that there is another important reason for his success besides hard work:

is that he is very good at using communication to seize opportunities.

on this day, Chris passed by the securities firm and saw a man in a straight suit. Chris was very envious and curious about him.

he boldly went up to talk to each other and said, "what do you do?" How did you do it? "

the man pointed to the securities firm ahead and said, "I'm a stockbroker."

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"you have to go to college to be a stockbroker, right?"

"No, you just need to be proficient in numbers and be able to behave."

A brief communication opened the valve of Chris's fate.

so he quickly changed industries and made every effort to enter the door of securities companies.

on the day of the interview, he appeared sloppily in front of the interviewer for various reasons.

if ordinary people encounter such a situation, they may have backed out in their hearts long ago.

but Chris confessed to the interviewer that he was not unprepared, but was arrested for failing to pay the parking fine.

at this point, the interviewer asked, "what would you say if someone came to the interview without formal clothes and I hired him?"

Chris smiled and replied, "then his pants must be very nice."

A simple sentence is ingenious, funny and popular.

so he successfully took his dream job, and since then got rid of poverty and reached the top of his life.

Carnegie once said:

"more than 95% of the key to career or family success lies in interpersonal relationships.

to create good interpersonal relationships, good communication skills are indispensable. "

most of the time, we always complain that leaders do not see their own efforts, and society does not give themselves opportunities, as if all failures and unhappiness come from the outside world.

in fact, when the opportunity passes by, do you try to keep it?

therefore, active communication makes it possible to change the opportunity from 0 to 1.

to express it calmly, it is possible to grasp the key points of life and move to a higher level.

communicate to change success from 1 to 100

the American Ivy League once did a survey.

they launched a questionnaire to Wall Street business elites and politicians in Washington. The title is:

if you go back to college now, where will you fix it?Some classes?

the answers are naturally varied.

there are writing, negotiation, speech, philosophy.

but if you look for the intersection of these course contents, you will find that most of them are related to one word-communication.

therefore, the better people are, the more they pay attention to the power of communication.

that year, Apple needed a new CEO CEO, and Jobs set his sights on Pepsi CEO John Scully.

at that time, Apple was only beginning to take shape, and Pepsi's career already stretched across the world.

you can see through who is big and who is small at a glance, but what is interesting is that Jobs touched John's heart with his strong communication skills.

he said to John, "do you want to sell sugar water all your life, or do you want to change the whole world with me?"

Communication is not only an art, but also a discipline.

only by interacting with people and grasping the ways and means of speaking can we get twice the result with half the effort and turn 1 into 100.

so, what communication methods are worth learning?

here, I recommend two tips:

when communicating, put on other people's shoes and walk

get CEO Tuohua once told such a story.

she has two subordinates. Every time subordinate A comes to see her, he asks, "Leader, do you have time the day after tomorrow?"

while subordinate B will check the work schedule with her in advance, tell the emergency, and then coordinate the time.

the former makes me feel foggy every time, while the latter can save time and improve work efficiency.

is that subordinate An only says what he subconsciously wants to say, while subordinate B can always think and communicate from a point of view.

Kill the Mockingbird has a saying: "you can never really know a person unless you walk around in his shoes and think from his point of view."

the most effective way to communicate with others is to think of others.

when you look at things from the other person's point of view, it's often easier to get to the point.

"open your mouth" and "open your ears"

Carnegie, a master of interpersonal relations, said, "if you want to be a good talker, be a greeting listener first."

the reason why people have one mouth and two ears is that they listen twice as much as they say.

Carnegie once attended a card game.

he can't play cards, and there happens to be a beautiful lady around him who can't play either, and they happen to sit down and chat.

the woman spoke almost all of the conversation, but it lasted a full 45 minutes, and she was obviously satisfied with the conversation and chat with Carnegie.

all communication in life is not an exchange of views, but an exchange of hearts.

when you give others more opportunities to express what they think and think, you can really close the gap between two people quickly.

Real communication begins with listening.

Rockefeller, the oil magnate, said:

"if communication is a commodity, I am willing to pay a higher price than anything else for this ability."

in life, a talking mouth is a ladder that can help you rise to the top.

Learning to communicate is a skill that we need to practice all our lives.

, may you continue to improve yourself, use stronger communication skills, and embrace a better life.