The most sober way for adults to live is to restrain their desire for expression.
The most sober way for adults to live is to restrain their desire for expression.
Proper silence is the best way to be a human being.



I don't know if you have found out:

in life, many contradictions are caused by too many words.

sometimes, although it is kind, it makes people complain because it cannot express it.

sometimes, although he is right, he is at a disadvantage because he is aggressive.

think about it, which time does it not bring remorse?

which chatter does not bring annoyance?

as Mr. Hou Baolin said: "drink the first cup of wine, drink tea twice, say a thousand words every day, without harming yourself."

the more you talk, the more right and wrong you will be, and the more evil you will incur.

the most sober way for adults to live is to restrain their desire for expression.

do not argue, restrain the desire to win

there is such a story in Keiko Xiangliang.

the chicks fly from the South China Sea to the North Sea. Non-sycamore trees do not inhabit, non-bamboo fruits do not eat, and non-sweet springs do not drink.

and the hawk picked up a rotten mouse and happened to see the chick flying by.

so he hurriedly protected the rotting rat and provocatively asked the chick if he wanted to rob his own food.

the chick heard this and flew away without saying a word.

it does not disdain to argue about kites at different levels from their own.

different heights between people determine different realms of life.

instead of arguing with people who waste time and levels, it is better to laugh it off and ignore it.

in 1999, China Youth Daily published an article by Wang Shuo entitled "I see Jin Yong".

as soon as this article was published, it immediately caused an uproar in academic circles.

in the article, Wang Shuo sprinkled more than 2,000 words, disparaging Jin Yong's works as worthless.

he said he didn't have a good experience when reading The Demi-Gods & Semi-Devils.

how bad is it?

Wang Shuo said, "there are seven books in this set. I pinched my nose and finished the first one and the second one. I couldn't read it any harder."

for example, you don't have to eat it all before you can tell whether a dish is good or bad, right? You'll find out after a few bites. "

Wang Shuo also believes that the success of Jin Yong's martial arts is due to the lack of entertainment life at that time.

compared with modern literary works, Jin Yong's martial arts novels are not worth mentioning, and there is no need to remake such works into TV dramas.

to Wang Shuo's total negation, Jin Yong replied: "the eight winds do not move!"

whether it is praise or slander, we should maintain the self-cultivation of being unmoved.

he also personally wrote to Wang Shuo: "your criticism is beyond my ability, and it is limited to talent, and there is nothing I can do about it."

A simple sentence perfectly demonstrates what is chivalrous demeanor and tolerance.

Zhuang Tzu said, "there is no argument."

means that the highest state of debate is non-debate.

everyone stands at a different height and sees a different world.

you stand on the top of the mountain and tell him that there is a sea in front of him, and he can only see desolation halfway up the mountain.

if you disagree, you don't have to convince each other, just respect each other;

views contradict each other, there is no need to understand each other, just tolerate each other.

do not explain, refrain from rebuttal

in life, many people have experienced such a situation:

if you work hard and rise all the way up, you will be said to be promoted by hidden rules.

if you work hard to start a business and achieve something, some people will say that you are lucky;

if you are easy-going and popular, some people will say that you tend to be fashionable and smooth.

very often, the truth is not rumored by the outside world, but we are unable to argue.

if nothing can be explained clearly, it is better to remain silent and remain silent.

as a master of modern literature, Shen Congwen's achievements are beyond doubt.

but in his early years, he caused a lot of controversy in cultural circles.

at that time, Mei Yiqi, president of Southwest Associated University, decided to hire Shen Congwen as a professor.

Liu Wendan, a professor of the same period, immediately mocked:

"Chen Yinke is a real professor. I should take 400 yuan. I can only get 40 yuan. Zhu Ziqing only deserves 4 yuan. As for Shen Congwen, I shouldn't even give him 40 yuan!"

in his opinion, Shen Congwen was born in the countryside and did not graduate from primary school. Compared with lecturers graduated from other prestigious universities, their academic qualifications are too inferior to be worthy of professorship.

in the face of doubts from the outside world, Shen Congwen never said a word, only reading good books and teaching good lessons.

another person put a beak behind his back: "I don't do my job all day."

Shen Congwen didn't care either, but still devoted himself to studying and writing on his desk.

finally, 15 years later, Shen Congwen's study of Ancient Chinese clothing was published and immediately became famous all over China.

this book fills a gap in the history of Chinese material culture and is known as "the foundation work for the study of ancient clothing".

only then did people know that the silent "countryman" was actually a real scholar and everyone.

people live in the world, sometimes they don't have to explain too much.

justAs Li ao said:

enemies don't believe your explanation, but friends don't need your explanation.

those who understand you do not need to explain themselves, while those who do not understand you are still pale and powerless.

Silence is often more powerful than talking loudly.

people who are really wise don't go to great lengths to get others to identify themselves.

but keep silent and spend your time in a more worthwhile place.

Don't say much, restrain your sense of superiority

in 1998, Yu Hua won the Greenzana Carver Literature Prize in Italy and was invited to give a speech at a well-known university.

he told a story at the lecture.

when he was a child, there lived a family of four next door, and life was very poor.

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my wife has just given birth to a son, has no milk and is malnourished. If it goes on like this, the baby will starve to death.

later, a couple without children in the village wanted to recognize their second daughter with three jin of meat and two chickens.

the husband hesitated for a long time and did not agree.

but finally, under the duress of life, the husband bowed his head and sent the second daughter to the couple's home.

as soon as the story was finished, a foreign student stood up and said with disdain:

"parents who can give their children away in order to eat meat are unfit to be parents."

Yu Hua paused and asked the student, "how much is your monthly living expenses when you study here?"

the foreign student replied, "about 90 euros."

Yu Hua asked again, "how often do you eat meat?"

the foreign student replied, "you can eat every meal if you like."

Yu Hua asked, "do you earn your own money?"

the foreign student replied, "from my parents!"

Yu Hua immediately lowered his face and said to the foreign student:

"if you earn money to study abroad, I will respect it, but you rely on your parents to give money to study, but you blame those who are poorer than you."

the accusation in your mouth is really outrageous. Have you ever thought that they are not as superior as you

Family conditions.


in life, maybe we have been sarcastic and sarcastic about other people's lives because of something.

however, what we know may be just the tip of the iceberg.

behind those seemingly bizarre choices, there is often the bitterness and pain that others find most indescribable.

everyone's position is different, and their views and feelings on things are naturally different.

sometimes when you inadvertently make a comment, you will tear open other people's scabby wounds.

sometimes your light ridicule will bring an indelible shadow to the other person.

learn to put aside your pointing hand, not to speak lightly, not to judge, and to leave a decent share for others.

to yourself and others is a kind of compassion.

Bedbar, an ancient Indian philosopher, has a famous saying that has been around for a long time:

"being able to control your tongue is the best virtue."

compared with those who are eloquent, people who know how to be cautious and silent tend to be wiser.

but learn to be considerate after penetrating the world, and learn to precipitate after being bullish on right and wrong.

the more we experience, the more we understand:

proper silence is the best way to be born.

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