The most cost-effective way to keep fit: sleep well
The most cost-effective way to keep fit: sleep well
Sleep is the source of all health and energy.


I would like to ask you in front of the screen, how is your sleep?

A few days ago, I saw a group of data released by the China Sleep Research report 2023: Chinese young and middle-aged people, the insomnia rate is as high as 82.3% and 84.3%.

among them, the insomnia rate of women is 2% higher than that of men.

about 1/3 of one's life is spent in sleep.

but I don't know when a good sleep has become the scarcest luxury in this era.

some people are busy at work during the day and choose retaliatory entertainment at night; some people are under too much pressure at work and withstand stress until midnight; while others are troubled by sleep for a long time and can't sleep all night even though they are very sleepy.

as a result, in order to make a living, you sacrifice sleep to make money, and in the end, you have to take money to keep healthy.

Voltaire once said, "God gives us hope and sleep in order to make up for all the troubles on earth."

many people do not know that sleep is the body's own maintenance system, science and medicine can not keep the body rhythm in balance, only sleep can do it.

healthy body, bright skin, efficient work efficiency, positive psychology, optimistic attitude towards life. All of this depends on high-quality sleep to provide energy.

A good sleep is not only the cure for everything, but also the most cost-effective way to maintain good health.

have a good sleep,

is heavier than making money

philosopher Schopenhauer once said:

"the biggest mistake human beings can make is to trade health for other things outside the body."

We all know that staying up late is harmful to the body, but under the pressure of life, people always take chances and let the body overload again and again.

do not realize that the body is incomparably vengeful. How you treat your body, it will be returned exactly the same.

Mr. Zhang, 38, is a CEO of a technology startup.

in order to get the new product on the market smoothly, he often stays up late and works overtime, sleeping no more than three hours a day.

at that time, Mr. Zhang had obvious physical discomfort and high blood pressure was found in the physical examination.

it's just that he thought he was young at that time, so he didn't take it to heart.

until late one night, the fatigue of staying up late broke the last line of defense of his body.

he originally promised his wife: "after a while, we will go to the Maldives."

never thought that this day would never come.

had a successful career when he was young and ended up with a sad end.

A study of nearly 500000 people from the British Biobank shows that people who stay up at night and can't get up in the morning are at higher risk than those who go to bed early and get up early.

these people are using their own experience to tell the world: don't stay up late, sleep well, it's more important than making money.

in the face of life, food and clothing without worry is a blessing, disease-free and disaster-free is a blessing.

as for others, it is the icing on the cake; if not, it is still splendid, and self-love will be loved.

is opposite to the biological clock

you lose

according to the data released by the 2022 China work and rest report, more than 1 /3 of people have sleep problems: can't sleep, don't want to sleep, can't sleep well, can't wake up.

especially those who sleep for a long time but whose deep sleep time is not up to standard can be found everywhere.

that is to say, long sleep time does not mean good sleep quality.

once someone randomly changes this schedule and does not sleep when it is time to sleep, resulting in the destruction of the biological clock, then the quality of sleep will be greatly reduced.

Kaifu Lee once sighed with emotion:

"after a serious illness, in order to make up for the loss of my body, the first promise and change I give to my body is to sleep well."

when he was young, Kaifu Lee was a famous desperate Saburo in the industry, often working until three o'clock in the morning.

later, he paid special attention to sleep and health problems, and it became his iron rule to fall asleep before 22:30.

with a good sleep, his body slowly recovers, and the whole person looks better and better.

the British philosopher Locke said, "the nectar that nature gives to people is sleep



working against the biological clock is doomed to be a loser; a good sleep is the greatest responsibility for your own health.

crosstalk performer Ma Sanli is a rare longevity in the circle, performing on stage for more than 70 years.

whenever he talks about his health secrets, he says that he pays most attention to sleep: "I pay great attention to eating, drinking, sleeping, sleeping, and I have never lost sleep."

I don't answer anyone who rings the doorbell until 03:30 every day. I can't hear you when I'm asleep anyway. "

our body is a machine that works all the time, and running for a long time will quickly shorten its life cycle.

practice and sleep well, and can carry out comprehensive and deep repair and maintenance of the body.

and a really good person tends to control the rhythm of his rest and the direction of his life.

if you think life is very difficult

you might as well have a good sleep

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have you ever had the feeling that you have a lot of worries in the evening:

sometimes, I suddenly realize that I have missed an opportunity and regret it;

sometimes I find myself deeply blaming myself for what I should have done but didn't do well.

sometimes, I even feel ashamed of saying a wrong word during the day.

when you are alive, it is difficult to influence the outcome of everything. You never forget, sleep and eat restlessly, the final damage is your own health, the loss outweighs the gain.

instead of making it difficult for his heart to sleep, it is better to learn to "sleep first and then sleep."

before going to bed, clear out the bad mood in your mind, put the bad things aside, and then try to close your eyes and sleep.

before the famous writer Lin Qingxuan became famous, he encountered the trough of his life and could not sleep at night for a long time.

one day, he found a Zen master to explain, Zen master said bluntly: "people, need to practice."

Lin Qingxuan was puzzled and asked, "how to practice?"

the Zen master said, "eat when you are hungry and sleep when you are sleepy."

Lin Qingxuan became even more confused and went on to ask, "do you have to practice eating and sleeping?"

the Zen master said leisurely:

"the same is eating, the same is sleeping, but there are different results. When ordinary people eat, they look left and right, thinking about this and that, thinking about everything; when they sleep, they turn their dreams upside down, dreaming this and that, thinking a lot of thoughts.

A practitioner, to eat is to eat, to sleep is to sleep, and there is nothing else to read! "

Lin Qingxuan woke up and found the root of the disease to prescribe medicine, and sure enough, he slept soundly and sweetly.

how many people feel anxious and get sick because of their bumpy feelings and blocked careers?

instead of feeling sad about internal friction, learn to let it go and get a good night's sleep.

as Sanmao said:

"Today's things should be done wholeheartedly and wholeheartedly, and no matter what the results are, you should go to bed happily."

Beautiful scenery and good night should be a time for healing, how can it be wasted on worry.

if you keep trying to cut corners, it will only add to the tiredness and double the pain.

try to close your eyes, get into a soft big bed and get a good night's sleep. As the sense of physical fatigue disappears, so does the sadness.

I am so unhappy that I can get by as soon as I can sleep, and it will be a good and positive day when I wake up.

Sleep is the source of all health and energy.

chronic lack of sleep and poor quality are all adding weight to the loss of life.

people living is like running a marathon, in the end, the fight is health, a good night's sleep is your real capital.

do not use youth as a shield, squander your health at will, and have a good sleep, which is the most cost-effective way to keep healthy.

whether you are forced to stay up late or habitually take the initiative to stay up late, you should set a time to recuperate and give your body enough time to recover.

No matter how busy you are at work, take a rest and get some sleep. Everything you do is smooth.

No matter how hard life is, take a nap and have fun on Changle.

if you panic in your heart, get some sleep, and you will return to your home in peace.

May you and I sleep well and be relieved; nothing stumbles our hearts and everything we read is what we wish for.