The most comfortable relationship between adults: trouble with each other and gratitude
The most comfortable relationship between adults: trouble with each other and gratitude
You treat your work as an errand perfunctory, imprisoning your own growth path.

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there is a saying that makes sense:

"the best model of interpersonal relationship is neither over-taking nor over-independence, but mutual affection.

through you come and go, let each other know that I need you, you are kind to me. "

people always keep warm with each other. Because of trust, they dare to ask for help, and because of debt, they repay.

this is especially true for long-term relationships. Only when we know how to trouble each other and be grateful for each other can our friendship be deep and long.

Gentlemen, it's trouble

there is a term in psychology called "dependence and incompetence".

means that there are often people in life who do not dare to bother others and always feel that they have caused trouble to others.

in fact, fate favors those who take the initiative.

Jobs himself is a master who is good at seeking help.

Jobs wanted to design a mechanical device when he was young, but he got stuck in the process of making a frequency counter.

after many fruitless efforts, Jobs grabbed the phone and called Bill Hewlett in Palo Alto, California.

when Bill Hewlett got through, Jobs said directly:

"Hello, my name is Jobs, and I am a middle school student." I want to make a frequency counter. I just want to ask you if you have any extra devices for me to use. "

on the other end of the phone, 54-year-old Bill Hewlett smiled.

but instead of refusing Jobs, he answered his questions patiently.

Jobs said: "I am really overjoyed by the news!"

who is Bill Hewlett? The famous father of Silicon Valley, the founder of Hewlett-Packard, the godlike existence of Silicon Valley.

as a child, Jobs dared to turn to bigwigs for help, which not only solved his technical problems, but also opened the door to his future.

Jobs later recalled, "I feel like I'm in heaven."I learned a lot that summer."

Nine years later, Jobs and his partner Woz founded Apple in the basement, and the products were popular all over the world.

for many years since then, Bill Hewlett has been a guide to Jobs' growth.

and all this stems from the childish and brave call for help in 1967.

in fact, what I fear most between people is that if you don't tell me, I won't ask.

sometimes, the right way to bother others is not to disturb and ask for, but to build a relationship bravely.

Life is a mutual achievement. I trouble you, get to know you, and fulfill myself.

A philosopher said: "if you want to have a long and deep friendship, you have to learn to 'owe' people, because it gives people a sense of importance and participation."

once there is a debt between people, there will be sincere interaction and long-term exchanges.

when you are alive, don't be too stubborn, have the courage to be yourself, and have the courage to ask others for help.

because I owe something, I know how to be grateful

Hua Luogeng said, "when people help me, I will never forget."

people who are grateful know that every companion is the debt they should be most grateful for right now.

when the painter Qi Baishi first arrived in Beijing, he was not famous and his painting style was not recognized, and he often lived a life of food and sleep.

one day, Qi Baishi went to a banquet with all the big shots, and no one noticed Qi Baishi, which embarrassed him.

until Mei Lanfang, who met him once, arrived, saw the figure of Qi Baishi as soon as he entered the door, and introduced him to everyone.

with the warm-hearted help of Mei Lanfang, Qi Baishi's paintings attracted wide attention and have become famous ever since.

after Qi Baishi became famous, he still remembered Mei Lanfang's kindness and specially drew a "charcoal map in the snow" and gave it to Mei Lanfang to thank Mei Lanfang for her help.

when Mei Lanfang was interested in grass and insect painting, Qi Baishi was a careful professor.

people get along with others, gather because of fate, respect each other because of virtue, and when there is kindness, there is a connection.

there is a good saying: "you and I owe each other nothing, so why meet each other?"

between people, it is precisely because they owe something that they give something, because they are grateful to each other, so that the friendship lasts forever, and because they treat each other sincerely, they respect and cherish each other.

there is a saying in the Book of changes: what you do to others, do not remember in your heart; if you receive the kindness of others, you will remember it in your heart.

the help of others is our nature. Learning to be grateful is the source of good luck.

people live in the world, there is no matter big or small, grace has no high or low.

give others a hand, love grows an inch, return kindness, you can never get tired of being around for a long time.

the longest relationship: trouble with each other, gratitude to each other

I have heard such a sentence:

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"when the child doesn't bother you, he is far away from you."Go to

when your parents don't bother you, they are no longer alive;

when friends don't bother you, there is already an estrangement.


in this life, people actually live in trouble, solve things in trouble, be grateful to each other in trouble, and deepen their feelings in trouble.

when Ba Jin was preparing for the Literature Quarterly, he was in urgent need of writers to contribute articles.

at the suggestion of a friend, Ba Jin visited Bing Xin door-to-door with the attitude of trying.

after Bing Xin agreed to the invitation, Ba Jin was very grateful and often remembered Bing Xin.

A few years later, Bing Xin suffered from illness and was short of money, so he had to ask Ba Jin to help him publish Bing Xin's works.

Ba Jin, who learned that Bing Xin was ill, agreed, did it herself, and carefully selected Bing Xin's works into three volumes.

A friend in need is a true friend. Seeing Ba Jin with all his heart, Bing Xin is also very moved.

dare to trouble others, because I need you, because we need each other, so trouble each other.

there is a good saying: "Friends are about walking, and feelings are about interaction."

the most lasting relationship is that when you are in trouble, I will help you, trouble each other, and owe each other.

the deepest feeling is that you remember my kindness. I know you are sincere, cherish each other and be grateful to each other.

between people, just like two half-full bottles of water, there will be a continuous supply of running water only when they pour water into each other.

Wind and rain life, no one will be plain sailing, learn to trouble others, can ride the wind and waves, learn to return the kindness, can not get tired of it for a long time.

Road leader ahead, please let us be grateful and cherish each other. May you hold an umbrella for others and someone will protect you from the wind and rain.

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