The incident of "nude photos" of Suzhou University was exposed, and the whole network exploded: sure enough, his retribution has just begun.
The incident of "nude photos" of Suzhou University was exposed, and the whole network exploded: sure enough, his retribution has just begun.
I hope more people will bravely say no to the rumors and hope that similar tragedies will not happen again.

if you often pay attention to social events, you will find this phenomenon:

the more powerful the news, the easier it is to be noticed, spread and magnified.

and pornographic rumors are the easiest ones to get everyone's attention.

in the last two days, an article entitled "Girls on pornographic websites" has been scanned online.

A female college student gave a detailed account of her horrible experience of being created yellow ballads on porn sites.

many people were so angry that they couldn't eat after reading it.

after the fermentation of public opinion, the retribution of rumor monger Zhao Moufeng finally came.

on March 19, Suzhou University issued a statement: the student will be expelled from school in accordance with the relevant regulations of the university.

the result that the wicked have been punished is certainly a great pleasure, but looking back on the whole incident is still frightening.

time goes back to May last year.

the girl who was rumored was suddenly told that a photo of her moments had been posted on a pornographic website.

the rumor monger first maliciously wrote down the insulting copywriting "often seducing men", and most abhorrent of all, the post also signed her name.

there is more than one similar post, and the number of views is frighteningly high.

while angry, girls

she decided to find out the rumor monger herself.

she contacted another victim, and the two narrowed the list of suspects from 20 to 5 by comparing common friends.

in November 2022, another victim appeared, this time by her high school classmate.

the range of suspects has been narrowed down to four.

as there are more and more victims, the truth becomes clearer and clearer, and after a round of comparison, the girl finally caught this man.

it turns out that it is Zhao Moufeng, her classmate and good friend for many years, who has been creating yellow rumors behind her back.

he is a student at Suzhou University. He used to be a monitor and even ran for the most beautiful middle school student in middle school.

the girl could never have imagined that such an upright and excellent person should be so dirty behind her back.

the other party claimed on the forum that they often slept with her, insulting her with nasty words such as "bitch" and "slut".

not only that, Zhao Moufeng also singled out people he knew.

he posted the photos of his female friends' circle of friends on the Internet as the material for his adultery.

to tell you the truth, it is difficult to prevent such acquaintances from committing crimes, which is not only disgusting, but also terrible.

people who are rumored have become the targets of wanton abuse without knowing it.

for six months, the girl has been living in countless foul language: "I am like a sex container, carrying all his dirty stares and fantasies."

on the contrary, Zhao Moufeng not only did not apologize after being caught, but did not care about the response:

"to put it bluntly, I am already a bit of a psychopath, and I am not secretive."

while pleading with girls to let themselves go, he stressed that this was his own right:

"Don't post it on the Internet. It's my personal right to post what I want."

and the reason for his rumors is just because he can't sleep, it's too boring.

it is obvious that he has no remorse for his actions, and he has never said a word of apology in the whole conversation exposed online.

the girl's patience was repeatedly depleted, no longer forgiving, and called the police again with the collected evidence.

Zhao Moufeng, a rumor-monger, was finally punished because of the girl's wit and bravery.

although the matter is over here, everyone's anger has not subsided.

how many victims will there be if the girl does not find herself being rumored and allows the rumor to spread step by step?

what would it be like to sexually harass these innocent girls if someone believed it?

I dare not think about it.

what is even more sad is that in recent years, there has been a growing trend of creating yellow rumors against women.

Last year, an article entitled "I was suddenly seen in a nude photo by 540000 people" was scanned online because a female netizen was posted an indecent photo by a stranger posing as her boyfriend.

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in July 2020, Ms. Wu in Hangzhou just went to pick up a courier and was rumored to be a slutty woman who cheated on a courier.

on the No. 3 subway in Guangzhou, a female passenger went viral on the Internet after being maliciously made naked to play with her mobile phone.

even strong women like Dong Mingzhu have not escaped the evil hands of the "yellow ballad."

and every time something comes to light, the rumor mongers always disagree and feel that they are just joking.

but they never thought how much harm those things made up out of thin air could do to a person.

their understated "joke" is enough to destroy a woman!

some time ago, actor Zhang Jingchu suddenly went on a hot search to tell the story of being made up of yellow ballads.

when she was most popular, there were rumors that her chances were "sleeping out".

at first she didn't care much, but her silence was not calm, but more excessive slander.

video, the blogger vowed that she took advantage of the improper relationship to get a job, saying that she was too directedThe eunuchs banned it collectively.

famous actresses, hidden rules, sleeping company.

with a few gorgeous keywords, the video has been viewed an astonishing 13 million times in just a few days.

the rumor spread more and more widely, and the truth gradually blurred. In the end, someone really believed it inside and outside the circle.

now when Zhang Jingchu's name is mentioned, what many people immediately think of is not her works, but those "fragrant rumors" about her.

Zhang Jingchu's reputation "stinks" because of these rumors, and no crew dares to use her.

from red to purple to check without this person, Zhang Jingchu's career plummeted.

because she has been scolded for a long time, she herself has become depressed and has no interest in doing anything.

Women have been bitter yellow ballads for a long time.

especially in the Internet age, romantic news spreads faster than the air.

spread a rumor with a mouth, refute the rumor and break a leg, the truth is still wearing shoes, the rumor has spread all over the streets.

the whim of rumor mongers is endless trouble for women who are rumored.

it's not just a word that destroys a woman.

do you still remember the girl who took a photo with her grandfather and was rumored about her old husband and young wife?

after Grandma died, Niki took a group of photos with Grandpa. In order to avoid misunderstanding, she specially marked the identity of the old man on the photo.

as a result, a netizen named "Brother Fei in Dongguan" adapted a vulgar story about a material girl committed to an old man with photos of two people.

after the rumors spread, all kinds of filthy dirty words poured in on her.

in order to stop the rumor from spreading, she asked the other party to delete the post, but the rumor monger always turned a blind eye.

the lawyer told her that in order to communicate with the platform and negotiate the deletion of apologies, she needed legal documents from the lawyer, and even she needed to prove her relationship with her grandfather.

there is no apology, let alone compensation. The rumor monger has changed her name and is still happy online, but she still has to live in the criticism of others.

she wants to sue rumor mongers, but she is told that this kind of protection costs hundreds of thousands of dollars, and the road to safeguarding her rights is incomparably long.

she tried to clarify herself online, but she got a deeper misunderstanding.

she was desperate: "I can't figure it out, but I can't be angry. Why should I bear this?" I just want rumor mongers to be punished and punished as they deserve, which is so difficult and cumbersome. "

there is a line in the movie "keep you safe":

"when you open your mouth and say that a woman is a lady, whether she is or not, she already is."

hit the nail on the head.

with a random sentence, it takes a lifetime to heal someone who has been hurt.

once women are made up of yellow ballads and labeled as "sluts", it is often extremely difficult for women to prove their innocence.

because many people don't care about the truth, they just want to satisfy their "curiosity" and "peeping desire".

even if you produce evidence, they have countless reasons to refute you.

the "slut humiliation" against women has never disappeared.

however, more and more women dare to speak out and finally stop putting up with it.

the girl in this story, braving great pain, step by step let the rumor mongers show their true colors and defend their rights and interests.

the lady who was rumored in Hangzhou insisted on taking the blame to the end. She went back and forth between the notary office and the police station countless times. It took more than 9 months to finally send the rumor monger to court.

Zhang Jingchu once said:

"female friends who have been abused on the Internet, please pick up the weapons of the law to protect yourself at the first time, do not allow the spread of yellow ballads, and do not follow my old path of scarred."

you should know that only with resistance can you change, and only with courage can you make progress.

what women should do is not to skate on thin ice, nor should they obey the constraints of society on women.

and choose to stand up and become the enemy of evil.

fight back with legal weapons and speak for yourself.

"bragging", "joking" and "just chatting" are all not excuses.

since rumor mongers don't respect women, let them pay for their actions.

the Internet is not outside the law, blame and punishment, is the best punishment for rumor mongers, but also the best protection for us.

every sin must pay the price it deserves!

, as individuals, we can't stop pornographic rumors, but we can still try our best to change the environment.

she shouldn't be the only one playing alone in this fight with a vicious dog.


more and more voices come together, and I believe that everyone will benefit.

with the efforts of everyone, the gray area will show its original appearance.

because of everyone's persistence and bravery, we can see the light in an absurd situation.

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