The four laws of going uphill alone
The four laws of going uphill alone
The better people are, the easier they are to be treated, and the more powerful they are, the easier they are to be respected.


few people do not want their life to be upward, but there is not much that can be done.

either you know the truth but you can't do it, or you don't even understand it.

if you don't understand the truth, it's easy to go the wrong way and do wrong things.

in fact, there are always traces of things moving in a certain direction.

whether one's life is going up or down, one or two can be seen from many details.

in my opinion, if you want to make life better and better, you must understand these four social laws and put them into practice.

slow horse


on the long journey, two horses were each pulling a van.

one horse was honest, walking hard towards its destination, while the other horse was slowly dangling behind.

so the owner carried some of the goods pulled by the back horse to the fast horse's car.

the slow horse was very happy, walked for a while, and deliberately slowed down.

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later, the owner moved all the goods pulled by the slow horse to the van of the fast horse.

the relaxed slow horse thought proudly, it is really stupid, so hard to deserve to be tortured, look how comfortable I am now, or I am smart!

the owner thought to himself, "since one horse can pull a rickshaw, why should I raise two with flowers and plants?"

so it wasn't long before the slow horse was killed and eaten.

slow Horse Law: if you are dispensable and have no real value, then you are not far from being abandoned.

reality is often so cruel and realistic.

so, if you do not have enough capital, then you are not qualified to dawdle along, you are not qualified not to work hard.

Law of jealousy

Nobel Prize winner Russell once said that beggars are not jealous of millionaires, but he will certainly be jealous of beggars with higher incomes.

this is the second law I want to share: the law of jealousy.

Law of jealousy: a person will not be jealous of the success of strangers, but will be jealous and jealous of the people he knows better than himself.

there are really few people in this world who really want you to have a good life.

it is not that I am pessimistic about the world, but that it is a kind of gloom in human nature and a universal phenomenon.

the reason why I talk about this law, I would like to say four points:

for those betrayal, slander, and hypocrisy encountered in life, I hope you can take it easy and not be saddened by these bad things.

Don't show off, money is not exposed, which can save you a lot of trouble.

Don't keep up with the comparisons, it will save you a lot of trouble;

do not be jealous, this is a very uncultured, pattern performance, a person who is blinded by jealousy, it is very difficult to move upward.

pie law

many people should have caught fish, the principle is very simple, is to use delicious bait to lure the fish to swallow.

once it takes the bait and the mouth is hooked, it will be difficult to escape.

hunters often use the same trick when setting traps.

on top of hidden traps, some food is often placed as bait, and when prey pounces on the bait, it falls into a trap that has already been prepared.

this is actually the best annotation of the pie law.

pie law: pie will not fall in the sky, even if there is a pie falling, then there will often be a trap waiting for you.

on the way to grow and move forward, don't always think about getting something for nothing or getting it once and for all.

there is really not so much luck and beauty in this world, and there are often bad intentions hidden in free lunches.

in many cases, the more a person is obsessed with this, and the more eager he is to succeed, the more likely he is to get lost and fall into a trap.

the harder you work, the luckier you are. please work hard, good luck will naturally find you, and your life will move up slowly.

Raven's law

A crow bid farewell to his friend pigeon.

the pigeon asked him: why do you have to move out?

the pigeon pondered for a long time and said this to his friend Raven: if you don't change your voice, no matter where you fly, you won't be welcome.

this is the fourth law I want to share: Crow's Law.

Raven's Law: if you don't change some of your shortcomings, then a lot of problems will always haunt you.

although it is said that in life, we should learn to please ourselves and not pay too much attention to the eyes and opinions of others.

but if we do have a problem, we still need to work hard to change it.

the ancients said, reflect on yourself three times a day.

when we encounter problems, if we do not complain and blame others in a hurry, but instead look for reasons from ourselves, then not only can we reduceA lot of misunderstandings, more rapid growth, become better and better.

the law of operation of the world is that the better people are, the easier they are to be treated, and the more powerful people are, the more likely they are to be respected.

so changing, perfecting and strengthening yourself is the best shortcut for a person to go uphill.

as we all know, going uphill is laborious, but it's not that scary.

as long as you can grasp a few core secrets of going up and get the fuel of the booster, then you can walk more easily.

Please work hard and work hard for the rest of your life. There will be a moment in your life that will bloom brightly.

encourage it!