The first case of quintuplets in China has grown up, and his father died from overwork. It is a sad experience to expose the current situation.
The first case of quintuplets in China has grown up, and his father died from overwork. It is a sad experience to expose the current situation.
Pay tribute to every great parent in the world, because of you, the world will become more beautiful and loving.

in 2008, Beijing Olympic Games stunned the world.

at that time, the mascot Wufuwa was very popular, and it was widely sought after by the Chinese people, and its attention far exceeded that of today's ice piers and snow melts.

everyone knows that Wufuwa is an anime image, but in fact, there are also five live-action versions of Fuwa that have been officially certified by BOCOG.

they are the first quintuplets in China.

in that year, when the children were just 6 years old, BOCOG specially invited them to be the spokesmen for the "Olympic Fuwa" and showed up at the torch relay ceremony, which received a great deal of attention at that time.

their mother brought them into this world and brought them up after a lot of hardships.

but no one thought. Later, when Fuwa's mother was interviewed by the reporter, she said with tears in her eyes:

"if I have a choice, I hope I'm not pregnant with them."

Why would she say that? What exactly has happened to this ordinary family that has created a birth miracle?

Let's set the time pointer to 2001.

Wang Cuiying, a villager in Cangzhou, Hebei Province, is pregnant and has quadruplets.

the doctor asked her to consider reducing the fetus, otherwise both adults and children's lives would be in danger.

she and her husband already have a daughter, and now they have four children, and with the family's financial means, they simply cannot afford to support them.

the couple discussed and decided to keep at least one child.

"if you don't live a tight life and work two more jobs, you can still make ends meet."

at that time, there was no such condition in the county, so Wang Cuiying and his wife went to the Beijing Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital.

after a more detailed examination, the words of the doctor in Beijing made the mood of Wang Cuiying and his wife extremely complicated.

"you are not quadruplets, but quintuplets. One of them was hiding in the back of the last inspection."

without waiting for Wang Cuiying to ask, I heard the doctor say:

"the probability of conceiving quintuplets in China is one in 60 million, and the abortion rate is extremely high.

your physical condition is no longer suitable for fetal reduction surgery. My suggestion is to deal with it in five months according to the situation. "

in this way, it can only be left to providence whether the child can stay or not.

five months have passed, six months have passed.

Wang Cuiying's belly is getting bigger and bigger, but there is no sign of miscarriage.

five children are growing up healthily, but Wang Cuiying, as a mother, is in great pain.

there are too many children in the womb, squeeze the stomach, eat something and spit it out.

but in order for children to absorb nutrients, they have to eat even if they turn their stomachs.

the most excruciating thing is sleeping.

by the time of seven months, Wang Cuiying was so pregnant that she could not hold her hands.

she can't sleep lying down, nor can she sleep on her side, otherwise she will oppress the child's development.

she can only rest on her knees and change her position in a few minutes.

throughout her pregnancy, Wang Cuiying suffered a lot, but her mood has completely changed.

from the beginning of four to one, to the present, even if the body is in pain, I hope that five children can come safely.

perhaps only a mother who is pregnant for 10 months can understand this kind of feeling.

because of the special circumstances, the operation used the best medical resources in the country at that time.

the hospital has carefully prepared five surgical teams, with a total of more than 30 experts and nurses.

on March 4, 2002, Wang Cuiying's five children came to earth one after another.

two men and three women, China's first fully survived quintuplets were born.

before Wang Cuiying and his wife had time to be happy, the danger came again.

the second child, who is less than five days old, is ill. It is colitis.

the doctor said that if the operation is not done well, he can only live for six hours at most.

even if the operation is successful, he is likely to be an abnormal child.

then, the third was examined for jaundice, and the fourth had a heart problem.

it is extremely cruel for any mother that a child may have to leave as soon as he comes to this world.

lying in her hospital bed, Wang Cuiying said to her husband with tears in her eyes, "even if there is little hope, we will have a try."

the husband held her hand tightly and nodded heavily.

fortunately, the operation was very successful.

the three children tide over the difficulties one after another and were discharged from the hospital in good health.

when Wang Cuiying named her child, she always had the word "Fu" in her name.

the five children are hard to come by. She hopes that they will be safe, happy and happy all their lives.

it is not easy to have a baby, but it is even more difficult to raise a baby.

give birth to a child, plus the operation fee for three children, the total medical cost is over 300000.

although the hospital reimbursed most of the expenses, the remaining expenses were not small, and Wang Cuiying and his wife emptied all their savings for this.

taking care of children is also a big problem.

with five children and a young eldest daughter, it is impossible for one person to take care of them, and both husband and wife take care of their children at home full-time.

because there is no income, the family's foreign debt is like a snowball, rolling more and more.

for a long time, Wang Cuiying didn't get a good night's sleep. She said anxiously:

"the baby should be fed milk powder every 2 hours. One by one, after all, the first breast-feeding person is already hungry and will start feeding again.

there is a chain reaction when the baby cries. One child cries and the others cry, so the house is always noisy and quiet for a moment. "

Fortunately, after being reported by the media, Wang Cuiying's family attracted some social attention and received social assistance.

at that time, a milk powder company extended a helping hand and regularly gave free milk powder to Wang Cuiying.

until the child is two or three years old, there is no need for parents to feed them.

in order to support his family, the husband immediately left to work out of town.

he also wants to have more opportunities to accompany his child to grow up, but as the father of the child, he has to leave home.

on the one hand, he has to support a total of six children, including quintuplets; on the other hand, he has to repay the huge foreign debt owed by getting married and having several children.

it is very hard for a person to earn money to raise so many children.

after thinking about it for a long time, Wang Cuiying decided to leave her boss in her hometown and take the quintuplets to Beijing to work.

for the sake of five children, the couple began a 10-year separation.

when it comes to Beijing, Wang Cuiying, who has no education, can only choose some low-threshold wages.

what she does most is cleaning, and a month's salary is only enough to pay the rent and raise the children.

the children of poor families have long been sensible. Seeing that their mothers work so hard, they have never asked for snacks and toys.

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once, the kindergarten teacher asked Wang Cuiying:

"how do you educate your children? they are so young that they have formed the good habit of not wasting food."

Wang Cuiying felt something wrong when she heard this.

which is a good habit specially formed, it is clear that several children have not eaten anything delicious since they were born, and the food in kindergarten is already delicious in the world for them.

Wang Cuiying loves her children and picks up some waste products after work.

after they are sold for money, they are used to buy toys and snacks for their children.

looking at the satisfied and happy expressions of the children, Wang Cuiying thought that since she chose to give birth to them in the first place, she should be responsible to them to the end.

for the sake of the children, it is worth the hardship and tiredness.

the time has finally come to 2008.

the official mascot of the Beijing Olympic Games is the Olympic Fuwa.

when Olympic workers found out, they went to Wang Cuiying and invited her five children to participate in the torch relay ceremony.

several children are not timid, smiling brightly at the camera.

, BOCOG issued ribbons and certificates to the children, calling them the youngest "Olympic messengers".

became the spokesperson for the five Fuwa of the Olympic Games, the five children received a lot of attention and social care.

the children are free of charge in kindergarten, primary school and junior high school, which has greatly reduced the burden on Wang Cuiying and his wife.

under the influence of the environment, Wang Cuiying also hopes that her children can have a skill, so she encourages them to learn dance and musical instruments.

the five children also formed a small band and specially played "listen to their mother" for Wang Cuiying on her birthday.

looking at the child's sensible appearance, Wang Cuiying shed tears of emotion.

in the twinkling of an eye, it came to 2017, when five children had graduated from junior high school.

when the honorable subsidy expires, the next road can only be left to the family.

Wang Cuiying asked the children whether they wanted to go back to their hometown of Hebei to study or stay in Beijing.

the children said in unison, "go back to Hebei!"

Children know that staying in Beijing will only make the burden on their parents heavier.

it was this year that the bad news came.

the father died of a serious illness due to years of hard work.

it turns out that in the more than ten years since he went out to work, his father has moved into many factories.

in order to make more money, he is never satisfied with one job, but several shifts are engaged in several jobs at the same time, for more than ten years in a row, there is little time to sleep and rest.

he has never bought himself clothes, and he is always wearing those two or three shabby overalls.

is not willing to eat, the daily food is always boiled noodles in clear water, and then put some salt, then some salt vegetables to satisfy my hunger.

until his body could not hold up, he fell down.

this year, he was only 42.

after her husband died, the burden of the family fell on Wang Cuiying alone.

after being sad, Wang Cuiying stood up again and propped up the child for a day with her thin shoulders.

in 2020, five children took the college entrance examination in the same year.

only the second child was admitted to the junior college, and all the other four children were admitted to the undergraduate course.

Wang Cuiying was overjoyed to see her child's achievements.

but when I think of the tuition and living expenses of the children who go to college, they fall into sorrow again.

the five children knew full well that it was not easy for their mothers, so they decided to use the summer vacation to earn their tuition fees without Wang Cuiying's worries at all.

when they go to college, they work-study and seldom ask their mother for money unless necessary.

who would have thought that after a few children went to college, Wang Cuiying was free instead.

neighbors said one after another:

"after all these years, you have come through a lot of hardship, and you will certainly enjoy it in the future."

later, when Wang Cuiying was interviewed by a reporter, the reporter asked, "if she were allowed to choose again, would she still have a few children?"

Wang Cuiying's eyes looked into the distance, and her mind seemed to go back to twenty years ago.

she said: "if I had a choice, I hope I wouldn't be pregnant with them. It wouldn't matter if I just suffered a little bit. It's just that my husband left early because of his children, which is the most distressing thing for me."

she thought of the experience over the years.

she thought of her husband, who would never come back, and of their fleeting youth.

confused, he changed from a weak person to an invincible mother.

give everything for the child, even the time to calm down and sit in front of the mirror and look at yourself is precious, and only you know how sad it is.

for the sake of her children, she lived a different life that she didn't even know.

in the hearts of children, their mother may not be the richest, but she must love them the most.

their mother gave them an education of love and taught them what responsibility and responsibility is.

I worked hard for my child in the first half of my life. I think the child in the second half of my life must return all her love to her.

fathers occupy the hearts of their children more than mothers.

Father spends very little time with his children, but he risked his life to support the family.

in the depths of the children's hearts, there is always a stone that shines faintly, and that is the father.

somehow, everything has its own destiny.

maybe this is the meaning of life.

pay tribute to every great parent in the world, because of you, the world will become more beautiful and loving.


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