The cure for everything, just these two words!
The cure for everything, just these two words!
Life, as long as fate is good, everything is the best arrangement.

a word says: "sigh life, unsatisfactory things, ten often eight or nine."

eight or nine of the ten things in the world are unsatisfactory.

every once in a while, it's not perfect.

just now it was a world with clear skies, but in the twinkling of an eye, it was cloudy.

in life, gain and loss are normal, love and hate are normal, nothing can solve the mess of life than these two words.

Love and hate follow fate

there is a sentence in A Dream of Red Mansions: "Flowers bloom and fall all over the sky."

A word of love can make people feel like a spring breeze, or it can make people walk on thin ice.

Lin Daiyu never got out of the trouble of love words all her life. she was sentimental, and the flowers thanked and mourned, comparing the end-result of the flowers to her own life.

it was because of this character that she finally died.

although Shi Xiangyun's parents died when she was young, she was lively, cheerful and generous.

enables her to live safely in the complex human feelings of the Grand View Garden.

as the saying goes, "when you think of it, there are thousands of rivers and mountains, and when you think of it, you will die."

Life is full of Zen. If you seek love and hatred too much, it will only destroy the time that should have been quiet and beautiful.

with a heart of fate, everything is light in the wind and clouds, so that you will not let yourself down and others down.

go or stay

some people compare life to an one-way train.

there are always people getting on the bus and getting off, and no one can go on forever.

Yang Jiang suffered a great blow physically and mentally after her daughter and Qian Zhongshu died one after another.

but she quickly adjusted her mood, put all her energy into sorting out Qian Zhongshu's manuscripts and wrote the touching "the three of us".

the gathering and dispersion of life is like the clouds in the sky, no one can predict the next second.

the most beautiful scene is "holding hands and growing old together".

but fate does not always smile at us, and sometimes when we turn around, we will be separated from our loved ones.

sometimes when we meet each other, we use up all our strength.

Don't be sad, as long as you once had it, it is worth it.

Life, a drop in the ocean, time, there is no end.

gather and disperse along with fate, go or stay at will, no matter who it is, can't press the pause button of life.

chance of gain and loss

as the old saying goes, "it's yours, you can't hide, it's not yours, you can't ask for it."

A man was walking down the street with a jar, which accidentally fell to the ground and broke.

the pedestrian on the road sighed "Tut-tut", but he didn't look back.

someone asked him curiously, don't you think it's a pity?

he said, "the earthen pot has been broken, and it is a pity that it cannot be undone."

being and nothing can be changed, gain and loss are the two poles of things.

if you indulge too much in gain and loss in life, you will only lose the beauty in front of you.

the best way to open life is not to remonstrate with the past, not to welcome the future, and not to be miscellaneous in the present.


the most distressing thing in life is to give your heart to one person, who is not only indifferent, but even resentful.

the most difficult thing in the world to measure is the human heart. Li Ye wrote in a poem: "as high as the sun and moon, close to estranged husband and wife."

the sun, moon and stars hang high in the sky, and sometimes couples in the world can be intimate and sometimes strangers.

this is true of husband and wife, let alone others?

sometimes, a small profit can make a former good friend forget his friendship for many years;

A seemingly careless joke can also lead to a fight between the two sides.

never overestimate your relationship with anyone. Sometimes your judgment is just wishful thinking.

more examination of your own words and deeds, more patience and accommodation with others, in order to establish a pleasant interpersonal relationship.

Rich or poor go hand in hand

instead of dwelling on material wealth, it is better to enrich the mind.

Liu Yuxi, a poet of the Tang Dynasty, was demoted many times for offending dignitaries.

the residence is getting more and more humble each time, and life is in trouble.

wrote the famous "shack motto": "Si is a shack, but I am virtuous."

the heart is rich, is the true wealth.

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A person with a poor heart, no matter how rich he is, will be depressed because he can't get over it.

follow the joys and sorrows

Wang Dingguo, known as "Man Zhuo Yu Lang", was exiled to Lingnan with only his concubine, Rou Nu.

when they returned to their hometown, Su Shi gave a banquet for them.

I thought they had suffered a lot, and they must have been much older, but they were even younger than they were when they left.

ask whether Lunu Lingnan is good or not.

he said, "this peace of mind is my hometown."

A person, as long as he settles down, he is his hometown wherever he goes.

bitterness and happiness are like twins that accompany a person's whole life.

Life is a bowl of soup made by yourself. What you put in is what you taste.

put a little salt, it is salty; put a little sugarOh, it's sweet.

it's up to you to change the flavor.

all kinds of tastes need to be tasted by ourselves.

all things, just go with fate.

Su Shi has a Zen poem:

misty rain in Lushan Mountain, Zhejiang tide, unknown hatred;

there is nothing else to do when it comes to the misty rain in Lushan and the tide in Zhejiang.

two sentences "Lushan misty rain Zhejiang tide", the previous sentence refers to the mystery brought by the unknown, what can not get is always restless.

the latter sentence is the transcendence of Zen, leaving or leaving a casual state of mind.

what you can't get is always covered with a veil, but when you open it, it's just so.

Life, just go with fate, everything is the best arrangement.

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