The best relationship is to trouble each other and be grateful to each other.
The best relationship is to trouble each other and be grateful to each other.
Dare to trouble, know how to be grateful, two-way relationship, can not get tired of being around for a long time.


Li Xueqin once said in a program that she used to be a person who was afraid of causing trouble to others, and had never asked for help.

she once thought that this was a very valuable quality.

but later, when she was in college, she took a psychology course, and the teacher told them that the effective way to promote friendship is to make requests to others.

it was only then that she had an epiphany that her own "not asking for help" would only open the gap between herself and others.

John Dorne once said, "No one is an island alone in the sea."

people should live in social relations.

the best relationship between people is to trouble and be grateful to each other.

long-term relationship:

owe each other, miss each other

I have seen a question in Zhihu: what kind of mentality is it that you don't dare to bother others?

A high praise replied: psychologically, this is a kind of "dependent incompetence".

in interpersonal communication, many people are used to doing their own things on their own, hoping to leave an independent and strong impression on others.

but to get along with others, the fear of causing trouble is to lock the relationship, and there will only be estrangement between them.

many of the troubles we think are actually opportunities to improve our relationship.

in the classic South Korean drama "Please answer 1988", Ah Ze's father, "Phoenix Hall", lost his wife in his early years, and a man struggled to raise his son.

he is all alone all the year round, is used to carrying on himself when something happens, and seldom asks his neighbors for help.

until one day, he fainted at home with a sudden cerebral hemorrhage and was found by Deshan's father and taken to hospital.

at that time, his only son was in a foreign country to participate in the go match, so he was alone and had to trouble his neighbors to take care of him.

seeing that the neighbors were busy with their own affairs, the "Phoenix Hall" felt sorry. After being discharged from the hospital, it invited the neighbors to come home for dinner.

in the interaction between you and me, the relationship between several families gradually becomes closer and closer.

most of the time, we always feel that bothering others will trouble them, but we don't know that in the process, we can also make others feel needed.

as psychologist Wu Zhihong said, "if you don't trouble each other, there is no way to build a relationship."

only when we owe each other and get into trouble with each other can our feelings heat up gradually.

A really good relationship should be like this: one party dares to make trouble, the other is not afraid of trouble.

as the saying goes:

"the best model of interpersonal relationship is neither over-taking nor over-independence, but mutual affection."

when there is trouble, there is contact, and only when there is contact, there is kindness.

only when we owe each other and miss each other can the relationship be stable and lasting.

Best relationship:

trouble each other and be grateful to each other

MiyazakiHayao once said:

"in the vast sea of people, meeting, knowing each other, no matter who will not be plain sailing, only with a grateful heart, you can have a lifetime of love and happiness."

people get closer because of each other's troubles and go further because they are grateful to each other.

in fact, there are not many skills in dealing with people, and it is enough to hold out one heart.

those who treat each other honestly and know how to return the favor will naturally have a wider and wider road to life.

when Andy Lau first entered the show business, he was regarded as a vase because of his handsome appearance and was ridiculed by many people.

only Ye Te-hsien took care of him everywhere, tirelessly teaching him the experience of acting and teaching him the truth of how to behave in the world.

Andy Lau has always been grateful to Ye Dexian and has publicly expressed his gratitude on various occasions.

at an award ceremony, Andy Lau personally knelt down to present the award for Ye Dexian.

Ye Te-hsien was miserable in her old age, and her pension money was ransacked by her children. when Liu Dehua learned of this, he recognized her as a godmother and promised to take care of her until her old age.

the Book of changes says: "what you give to others, do not remember in your heart; if you receive kindness from others, you will remember it in your heart."

regardless of giving and receiving, it is the interweaving of fate.

profound friendship often begins with mutual support and finally reciprocity.

all feelings in this world need to flow in both directions.

when you are in trouble, you might as well "open your mouth" to the people around you, and do not hesitate to "extend your hand" to others when they encounter problems.

give others a hand, love grows an inch.

trouble each other and be grateful to each other so that we can walk side by side for a long time.

Li Xue once said on a program that his way to maintain interpersonal relationships is to bother others often.

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when he encounters a difficult matter, he will call his friends for help. If a friend has a problem, he will also ask him for help. One or two come and go, and the relationship between them will be closer.

the relationship between people does not need to be clearly distinguished.

if we don't bother or disturb each other, we will never have an intersection.

A relationship that dares to be troublesome, grateful and goes in both directions will never get tired of it.


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