The best nourishment between people
The best nourishment between people
Being nourished by others is the greatest happiness; nourishing others is the top accomplishment.

A person's life, will know a lot of people, some people, when you get close to him will feel warm and powerful; others as long as close to him, it will make you restless, even a sense of powerlessness.

people need nourishment, just as plants need nutrients.

in life, how close you are to the person who nourishes you, the day will have a rush, and life will be meaningful.

it is comfortable to get along with people who speak warm words

I wonder if you feel this way in life?

sometimes you receive a phone call and the other person says a word or two, which makes you feel a basin of cold water pouring from head to toe, hang up the phone, and your mood cannot be calm for a long time.

sometimes when you send out a few Wechat messages and the other person replies just a few words, the unhappiness in your heart will disappear in an instant, and a warm current will come to your heart.

We all want to get close to the person who replied to Wechat and stay away from the caller.

A good tone is a person's inner self-cultivation, and it can also leave a good impression.

this reminds people of Dong Qing's rescue on a hot search.

when she was hosting the Poetry Conference, a peasant uncle came to participate in the competition. the uncle stood on such a big stage for the first time, and he was so nervous that he looked embarrassed.

Dong Qing said gently:

"because that poem, like a little green in the desert, has always brought him some hope, some craving, watering it with limited water, slowly breaking the soil and growing again until today.

so even if you get the wrong answer, it's one of the most beautiful mistakes in the scene. "

A few short words relieved the uncle's nervousness and relieved him of his heavy psychological burden.

in life, people with warm words always have a warm air in their words, and they get along with him like a spring breeze, and the bad mood disappears instantly.

and warm words, humble, know how to rest assured of others, words always with the right temperature and goodwill.

when you are with such a person, he will give you warmth and strength, you will also be affected, give each other a comfortable response, warm each other, and heal each other.

walk with people who are emotionally stable and go well

think about whether there is such a person around you:

whether it's work or household chores, start swearing if something goes wrong.

I am inexplicably irritable. One second I was fine, and the next I began to complain and blame.

it was originally a trivial matter, but we had to take advantage of the problem to make the chickens and dogs restless.

Mr. Lin Yutang once said:

"A person who has no superfluous emotions and delusions will bring sense of security to others, because he does not hurt others, nor does he hurt himself. To some extent, this is a kind of precepts."

the older you are, the more you like to get along with people who are emotionally stable, because they can take into account the feelings of others and safeguard the dignity of others at all times.

in life, a person who knows how to regulate emotions and can provide emotional value to others, his life must be satisfactory.

Ying Ying is a singer, but living with a scientist like her husband who is focused on her career is not destined to get much company.

on the first day after their marriage, the husband had to rush to work after breakfast.

every time after dinner, the husband makes a cup of tea and goes back to his cabin to read, regardless of his wife's loneliness.

my husband is also grateful for this: "it is precisely because I have been nurtured by these arts that I can avoid being obstinate and think that problems can be wider and live a little bit."

A person who is emotionally stable carries a kind of strength and emits a magnetic field all over his body, bringing sense of security and relaxation to the people around him.

on the contrary, people who are happy and often furious will make the people around them fear and live cautiously.

A good mood can not only make you happy, but also infect the people around you.

when you are with people who are emotionally stable, your state of mind will become more and more peaceful.

with a moody person, your mood will also become cloudy and uncertain.

walking with people who are emotionally stable, they are in a good mood and can take their time to solve unexpected problems in life.

socialize with people with a good mindset and nourish their hearts

have seen Cai in the book



Cai Lan took a taxi back, and the driver put flowers in the car, as well as some decorative trinkets, and the driver smiled all the way.

at that time, very few people took taxis, the whole market was depressed, and most drivers were sad.

Cai Lan was curious, and the driver said:

"if you have a positive and optimistic attitude, you will have good luck, just like when I picked you up as soon as the last guest got off the bus, I had business to do immediately."

this reminds me of a sentence: people with a positive attitude will always see hope; those with a negative attitude will always see a crisis.

there is a saying in Cai Gentan: "all people rejoice in prosperity, but a gentleman delights in adversity."

working with positive and optimistic people, such as walking with the light, the heart is illuminated.

netizens of Zhihu

@ Summer clouds

have shared their own stories.

there was a female colleague around her, who was particularly negative, either from the gossip unit or complaining about her husband and children and occasionally scolding the leader.

she is a sensitive and introverted person. under the influence of that colleague, she gradually learned to pass the buck, be lazy and muddle along.

until a new young man, Ah Hui, arrived in the office.

he is full of vitality and is very active in everything he does.

once, the department received a promotion task, and she and Ah Hui went on a business trip to contact the partner and arrange the booth.

as soon as she got off the train, it was raining in the city where she was on business. She blurted out, which was really bad luck.

A Hui said with a smile, "it's dry in spring in the north, it rains, and the air is fresh and moist, which is good for the skin."

in the following week, they set up booths in the venue every day, so tired that they had a pain in their waist and legs.

she could not help complaining: "the leader gives us all the dirty work, obviously bullying young people."

Ah Hui said, "I think it's good. I've learned a lot these days. If there's something like this in the future, we'll have experience."... "

then, I began to tell her about my dream, and my eyes glowed.

later, they accomplished the task excellently and were praised by the leading meeting for the first time.

she said that the business trip was the most tiring and happiest one in the past few years.

it turns out that being with positive people can really be nourished.

writer Feng Tang once said:

"the best relationship is that people can nourish each other, so that these very important relationships can accompany you for a long time."

in life, some people can live a lively life when they are in a quagmire, while others still find life tasteless and tasteless with flowers.

people with a positive attitude do not complain when things happen, they are not angry when they encounter setbacks, they are not humble, even if they are rough inside, they can be light on the surface.

with such a person, you will become optimistic and open-minded; with such a person, you will become strong-willed, calm and calm, and live an elegant and thorough life.

Confucius said:

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"if you enter the room of Zhi orchid and do not hear its fragrance, you will melt with it; if you enter the restaurant of abalone for a long time, if you do not smell it for a long time, you will melt with it."

interacting with different people will give us different feelings and bring us different changes.

when you get along with people who speak warmly, you will be in a good mood every day.

walk with people who are emotionally stable, life will feel relaxed;

socializing with people with a good mindset will become positive and optimistic.

being nourished by others is the greatest happiness; nourishing others is the top accomplishment.

, for the rest of your life, may you be with the people who nourish you, with stars in your eyes, mountains and seas in your heart, and fragrance everywhere in life.