The best fengshui in a family: parents are not biased, husband and wife do not have internal friction, and children do not keep up with the comparison.
The best fengshui in a family: parents are not biased, husband and wife do not have internal friction, and children do not keep up with the comparison.
There is a warm and harmonious family atmosphere, which is the best feng shui for a family.

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what is the most important thing about a home?

some people think that money, fame and status are the most important. As everyone knows, family harmony is the foundation of everything.

there is a saying in Zhu Zi's Family motto: "the family is in harmony. Although the family is not good, there is still some happiness."

Family unity, like glue, binds the hearts of the family together.

such families laugh and laugh every day, and their fortune tends to prosper with each passing day.

on the other hand, if the family is not United, it is like a plate of loose sand, unable to withstand the wind and rain.

A happy family often has these three characteristics: parents are not biased, husband and wife do not have internal friction, and children do not keep up with others.

parents are not biased

there was a hot topic on Zhihu: how much does parents' favouritism hurt?

read the comments are very heart-piercing. What impresses me most is the story shared by netizen A.

she has been disliked by her parents since she was a child. Every time she has conflicts with her sister, she is always the one who is aggrieved.

her mother often said to her, "if you are the boss, you have to give way to your sister."

once she was beaten by her sister with a belt. She just grabbed her sister's hand and was forced to kneel by her mother.

even the neighbors made fun of her: you seem to be raised by your stepmother.

she often comforts herself that she will be fine when she grows up, but her parents are as biased as ever.

during the holidays, she and her sister would go home to see their parents. Before leaving, her mother sent her off with a "be careful on the road".

but he was reluctant to give up to his sister and quietly stuffed money into his sister's bag.

A confessed: "every time my mother is eccentric, she is like the tip of a needle, and she is born to a mother, so why don't she get the same love?"

the sharp blade of parents' favouritism, inserted into the child's body and mind, is really painful, and it may take a lifetime to heal.

I have heard such a saying: "the favouritism of parents is the root cause of family disharmony and Brotherhood."

Children who are favored tend to be spoiled and proud, and they are dependent on their parents.

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Susan, a famous psychotherapist, said:

"wise and mature parents take into account the feelings and needs of each member of the family."

you know, parents treat every child impartially, which is the foundation of family harmony.

A harmonious family atmosphere is the beginning of a prosperous family.

husband and wife have no internal friction

Shakespeare once said:

"an unhappy marriage is like hell, where a chicken fights for a goose all one's life and cannot live in peace.

on the contrary, if you choose a satisfactory spouse, you will be in harmony and be happy for a hundred years. "

it is true that when husband and wife get along, if they understand each other, their life will be happy.

do not tolerate each other, disputes continue, and families fall into a whirlpool of negative emotions.

for a long time, no matter how much love, it will be consumed.

not long ago, Song Ningfeng and his wife were like this in "Goodbye Love 2," which once appeared on the Internet hot list.

after marriage, the two lived a feathered life and quarreled constantly, becoming a controversial couple on this show.

Zhang Wanting once said on the program that every time something went wrong, she would complain and even let her child abuse her father with her.

program, we can see that Song Ningfeng has no right to speak at all and will be interrupted as soon as he opens his mouth.

once at the dinner table, Zhang Wanting complained that her husband, as an actor, could not sympathize with her emotions.

when Song Ningfeng opened his mouth to explain, he said something, and Zhang Wanting retorted.

Song Ningfeng in the camera always wants to stop talking.

even if Song Ningfeng had a chance to speak, the communication between them would be ineffective.

over time, Song Ningfeng's attitude changed from giving in to avoiding talking about it.

the relationship between the two is on the verge of breaking up.

as a matter of fact, the internal friction between husband and wife has nothing but endless torture and hurt feelings.

as the old saying goes, "injustice is rich and disturbing, so is the family and the poor."

the main idea is that no matter how rich a family is, disputes will lead to loneliness; no matter how poor a family is, even if it is harmonious, it can lead to prosperity.

Life is not plain sailing, and it is inevitable to stumble. When difficulties come and there is harmony between husband and wife, they can work together to overcome all difficulties.

as the saying goes, "if a husband and wife are of one mind, their benefits break gold."

only by being considerate of each other can life prosper and life be rich for a long time.

Children do not keep up with the comparison

in real life, many people can't get rid of the trap of comparison: comparing cars, comparing houses, comparing jobs.

do not realize that blindly keeping up with the comparisons will not only lose yourself, but also lead to estrangement in a relationship.

Nan Li and Tian Yulan are such sisters in the TV series "Xiao Shu de".

the two have loved to compare since childhood, compared with their grades when they were young, compared with work when they grew up, and compared with their children when they got married.

there is such a classic clip in the film and television:

before the family dinner, one of the two sisters dressed up in front of the mirror and repeatedly picked out clothes and jewelry for fear of being upstaged by her sister.

the other one didn't forget to bring his daughter's trophy and son's gold bracelet when he went out.

as soon as the two met, Tian Yulan began to praise his son's good grades and implied that his sister's children were way.

it's not enough to win. You have to compete with talent. When you see Nan Li's daughter singing, let your son recite pi.

Tian Yulan didn't miss the time to eat fruit after dinner. Ziyou took a fruit, and Tian Yulan asked the English word of fruit to highlight Ziyou's excellence.

seeing Nan Li's ugly face greatly satisfied her inner sense of superiority.

in fact, after satisfying your vanity for a moment, it will lead to deeper confusion and emptiness.

the weakness of Human Nature says:

"many troubles in life come from blindly keeping up with others and forgetting to enjoy our own life."

always keep up with the comparison blindly, which not only consumes the energy of both sides, but also affects the feelings and only increases the annoyance.

the fortune of a family is often determined by each member of the family.

if you compete with each other, if you don't see each other well, your family fortune will surely be ill-fated.

brothers and sisters, unite as one, the family fortune will prosper.

Home is a safe haven, not a battlefield. We have to win or lose and embarrass others.

the opponent has less comparison and more help, less comparison and more friendliness.

there is a saying in the Book of Rites: "Father's Benedict, Brotherhood, husband and wife, the fat of the family."

if a family is in harmony, it will not worry about it; if it is in harmony, everything will be happy.

A family does not ask for great wealth, but only for harmony; not for a big house, but for laughter.

parents are not biased and a bowl of water is flat, so that their children can live in harmony.

husband and wife can love and be happy without internal friction and understanding of each other.

only when children do not keep up with the comparisons and support each other can their blessings grow.

there is a warm and harmonious family atmosphere, which is the best feng shui for a family.

, encourage each other.