The bad news is coming! The famous actor died suddenly, the cause of death was exposed, stinging half of the entertainment circle: what a pity …...
The bad news is coming! The famous actor died suddenly, the cause of death was exposed, stinging half of the entertainment circle: what a pity …...
There are no unfashionable characters, only actors who don't lose their minds.

another childhood memory has left us.

on April 10, Wu Yaohan, an 83-year-old actor from Hong Kong, China, said goodbye to the world in the spring.

hearing the news, many netizens expressed disbelief:

did not expect that in the twinkling of an eye, the person who accompanied us to grow up left suddenly.

it's like saying goodbye to an old friend you know. Netizens are sad while remembering.

the precious memories of his childhood also come to our minds.

there may be people who are not familiar with the name Wu Yaohan, but you must be familiar with the classic roles he has played.

We first met him from the movie "five Fortune Stars".

although there is no handsome appearance, the fledgling Wu Yaohan is remembered by us all at once because of his humorous performance in the play.

by the time Zeng Zhiwei, Jackie Chan and others became famous, Wu Yaohan was already a senior in the show business.

in the Magic Master of Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre, he is the Magic Patriarch Wei Yichao.

in Mr. Lingxiang, he is Mao Shanming, a charlatan who is not good at learning but has a lot of means.

the five lucky stars of ingenious tricks, he is a dead throat obsessed with invisibility.

there is no generation who grew up watching Hong Kong movies without seeing him on the screen.

"Fuxing Gaozhao", "Baxi Linmen", "Summer Fuxing" …... In the more than 50 years since his debut, Wu Yaohan has left us too many happy memories.

in our impression, Wu Yaohan always seems to be in high spirits.

but years do not forgive people. In fact, as early as 2018, the elderly Wu Yaohan was diagnosed with kidney failure.

later, because his condition worsened, he even had to wash his kidneys to keep him alive.

in the last interview video, Wu Yaohan is still fighting for a role for himself:

"if there is a role in the role of a bedridden patient who is physically disabled but still smart and still telling jokes, you can still talk to Wu Yaohan."

it can be said that it is pure love that supports him from entering the show business to becoming a generation of veteran actors.

because his appearance has nothing to do with the "protagonist", most of the roles Wu Yaohan gets are supporting roles.

but regardless of the size of the character, he cherishes it very much.

he has always regarded Chaplin as his goal.

speaking of his views on actors, he said:


use up




the ability to do it, this may be a lifetime opportunity.


it is by the accumulation of such a scene that he has played many vivid roles and is known as the "golden supporting role" inside and outside the industry.

during his acting career, he has twice been nominated for Best Actor at the Hong Kong Film Awards.

Wu Yaohan's experience is like a microcosm of supporting actors in show business.

small potatoes also have big dreams.

even if he can't be the protagonist, he is still active on the screen, chasing his dream of being an actor.

Wu Mengda is an unavoidable topic when it comes to the familiar supporting roles in Hong Kong's film and television industry.

in February 2021, 69-year-old Wu Mengda died suddenly.

generation has officially come to an end, but his works have always been unforgettable.

the comedy era belonging to Wu Mengda and Stephen Chow began in 1990, when the film "the Holy of Gambling" broke the box office record in Hong Kong with more than 40 million yuan.

"Kung Fu Football", "King of Comedy", "Saint of Gambling", "A Chinese Odyssey" …... Every work he made with Zhou Xingchi has made great achievements.

Wu Mengda said, "I play the leading role in every supporting role."

during the filming of wandering the Earth, he wore a 40-kilogram spacesuit and hung Weiya, completing a wonderful opposite scene.

but few people knew that his body had not yet recovered at that time.

in order to play a good role, he finally managed to carry it through by taking medicine and taking oxygen.

and during the shooting of the Legend of the Treasure of the Shaolin Temple, Wu Mengda suddenly felt unwell and suffered unbearably, so he had to stop filming temporarily.

after finishing his work, he bowed and apologized to everyone: "Sorry for the delay in your work."

Chen Jiashang, former chairman of the Academy Award, once said:

With emphasis on details, wedding wear for summer is a must have for any lady. This is a selection of what you need to shine.

"I owe him an award. In terms of performance, who can tell me that Wu Mengda is not good? "

he is a man who is willing to act with his life, so he has the name of "gold medal supporting role".

coming from an unlimited training course for artists, he knew that his appearance did not have an advantage, so he worked hard on acting.

in "informant", one of his crying scenes is very contagious and makes people get caught up in it just by looking at his eyes and expressions.

in the Cage Man, he plays a mentally retarded teenager without dementia and giggling, but interprets the youth's helplessness and numbnessmost incisive.

in Spring, he plays a destitute father who sets up a stall, who is untidy, skillful and lifelike.

after making his debut for many years, he has won various awards and honors.

although he and Wu Mengda play supporting roles all the year round, their achievements are beyond doubt.

in terms of dedication, they can be called models of the industry.

Wu Mengda never took a script with her when filming wandering the Earth.

because he already knows his own script and his opponent's lines by heart.

in terms of acting skills, they are no better than any other industry bigwigs.

an on-the-spot play between Liao Qizhi and Chow Yun-fat was directly written into the textbook and became a classic case for actors to learn.

can only play a supporting role?

there are no out-of-stream characters, only actors who don't lose their minds.

they use their own experience to tell everyone who is on the road of acting that a really good actor plays a supporting role regardless of the leading role.

play each role well with your heart and tell a good story, and you will naturally be able to bloom your own brilliance.

Zhang Songwen once said in an interview:

"in China, only 0.5% of actors have enough food and clothing, while the remaining 99.5% earn very little."

this is the current situation of young actors, such as Wu Mengda and Liao Qizhi, who have become "golden supporting roles" are actually only a few.

more actors have worked hard for years in exchange for only a few opportunities to show their faces in front of the screen.

they have another more apt name than the so-called "golden supporting role":

licorice actor.


in medicine, licorice does not have the effect of medicine, so it can only be used as a combination of medicine.

they are destined to be foil leaves. We are familiar with their faces and their roles, but it is difficult to remember their names.

remember Paul, the car that caught fire last year?

before he was well known, he could only play some strange roles because of his strange appearance.

it wasn't until the 1998 version of The Deer and the Cauldron became popular that he went viral.

it was one of his few highlights.

after the heat, he became the inconspicuous passer-by again, and he was happy to run a dragon trap in each crew.

with the increase of age, car Paul can receive fewer and fewer roles, after the expiration of his contract, TVB only offered him a salary of 2000 yuan.

when he lost his financial resources, he had to do odd jobs everywhere to make ends meet.

but no matter how difficult life is, he always insists on acting.

in Agent Bean 2, he plays a hotel informant. In the whole movie, he said only one line and then went offline.

but for these few seconds, he practiced English for a long time.

later, he quit his job to stand in front of the screen because he was going to record "Actors Please get in place."

he may have to worry about finding a job again when he returns to normal life, but he doesn't regret it at all.

because of his love, he is always happy even in a humble supporting role.

he said: "now I continue to be 70 or 80 years old, and I am absolutely willing to serve if I am still needed."

there are many actors like che Paul.

for example, Liang Shunyan, who often appears as a wealthy wife, has wonderful performances in "Golden Branch 2" and "Heart Storm 3". She was still working on the show three months before she died.

for example, he Guorong, a foreigner used by TVB, gave up his bright future in order to act. Even if he was down and set up a stall, he never regretted it.

their persistence stems from love.

actor Huang Zihua once said that there is no actor who doesn't want to be a star and just wants to play the role of a corner.

but licorice actors must not mind not being stars.

not all people have such a mind.

in recent years, some people in the entertainment industry are earning 2.08 million yuan a day and are still fooling the audience with perfunctory performances.

there are also people whose popularity drops, even if they can't be the protagonist, they can't put down their figure to play a supporting role, and the halo and glory once became the high platform they didn't want to walk down.

although these licorice actors have low pay and little attention, they are extremely sincere and passionate about acting.

in them, there is a rare purity, about dreams, about love.

they are more like ordinary people like you and me than the dazzling protagonists.

No background, no connections, no protagonist-like appearance, no open-hanging life.

they take ordinary life scripts and play ordinary small potatoes in the market.

they know that actors are not easy to go, but they are still watering their dreams with sweat.

in fact, this is the life of most people, and no one knows how far away from success.

but if you keep running, you can always get closer to your dream, can't you?

, for these people who receive little attention, but still choose to sprinkle their hearts on the stage.

I also hope that everyone can become their own protagonist and live their own splendor in the theater of life.