The 10 lipstick 🤩 of ATC is so moist that it melts the dead skin!
The 10 lipstick 🤩 of ATC is so moist that it melts the dead skin!
The necessary little things for human hands are good-looking and easy to use!

usually drink less water and like to lick your lips, so many people's mouths will be dry and uncomfortable, right?

but except for the pain, the

dry and cracked, dead skin and lip lines look 10 years older,

connected kisses are afraid of sticking to each other, dislike …...

to tell you the truth, no one wants to meet people with a very ugly mouth.

I will share one with you today. I

10 + ATC branches

minority lip balm, use it until you stamp your feet!

and packaging gender advanced, boys and girls can use ~

look at me

the watery jelly lips, the dead skin has melted for you. Use

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if you want your lips to be soft and moist, show me!

this lipstick

it's easy to use and want to store 100!

you may ask, I also have lip balm, is my mouth still dry after applying it?

that's sold in the supermarket

ordinary lip balm, moisturizing only stays on the surface!

just finished, it is moist enough, but the fundamental problem has not been solved. Apply it 100 times a day for nothing.

I am a person whose lips are dry all the year round. I hardly leave my lipstick and step on countless thunder.

recently I finally found a lip balm to save my lips--

HFP "repair the clarinet":

HFP "Little clarinet" lip balm with super high appearance der~


repair ingredient "ceramide",

change to beep lips in a second after painting lips ~


persist in painting for a period of time,

it's like an "invisible iron" and the lip lines have been ironed out!


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overlay more than 70 pieces of lipstick, all like 300 + fragrant grandma, simply not too beautiful.

True comments from Little Red Book users

when you are busy, you forget to drink water and blow the air conditioner in the office. My mouth dries up after a while. Lip balm will always come in handy. If you encounter something that is easy to use, prepare a few more to make you feel at ease.

do you think

lipstick can only be tasted?

of course not, actually

composition is the key to determine the advantages and disadvantages!

A few pieces of lipstick mailed by wallet, there are no good ingredients, you dare to try it on the mouth, every minute cheilitis comes to the door!

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Little clarinet principal component, which is known as

ceramide-2 for repairing artifact

, many lady brands with excellent repair effect have their own merit.

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ceramide-2 itself also exists in human body,

it can blend into the lips with a touch

~ compared with Vasolin and beeswax can only moisturize the surface, it is more suitable to make lipstick.

solve the problem of peeling and pulling out from the root,

to "repair" the skin problems of the lips, do not run if the water is mended!

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apply dry skin and be smoothed, and even the lip lines fade after a period of time.

this effect

apply once = n times lip care!


rough people, such as my father, delicate as my mother, manpower is necessary!

Source HFP laboratory, the actual use effect varies from person to person

and add

Super lanosterol, super moisturizing!

extracted from

Australian purebred beautiful shepherd,

the alcohol and fat at the bottom of the fur.

High-tech refining is adopted, and only part of the hydraulic lock is used!

Desert dry Lip Savior 👄

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put it on,

like covering your lips with a cashmere quilt,

has been as soft as jelly all day. Please

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and what is applied to the mouth must be safe.

I specially checked, HFP lipstick


rotten without fragrance, it is easy to use.

Picture Source Beautiful practice

moisturizing and not sticky

Boys can enter boldly

in fact, it is not too difficult for lip balm to be "moisturized", but it is difficult to moisturize without oil.

as soon as some are applied, they become "lard mouths". As soon as you speak, you leave a white line, which is so embarrassing.

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while HFP "Little clarinet" lip balm,

the "sheep fat jade" paste is as cool and refreshing as jade.

I was shocked the first time I painted it.

frivolous and inarticulate, and there is almost no reflection. The boys dare to enter!

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temporary dinner, see customers, use it

thick compress for 10 minutes

, lips soften after a while.

full and tender, but also like jelly Q play, lip lines are light,

I can't help but want to kiss ~ kiss

Source HFP laboratory, the actual use effect varies from person to person

I was still a little expensive when I bought it.... I don't know until I use it now.

sure enough, a penny for a penny!


I really want to give myself a smart award!

Super high-looking "little clarinet"

straight men also rush to buy

but to my surprise, the appearance of the clarinet is too high!

I bet many people use lip balm in either cute shape, plastic packaging or yellow? blue?

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and HFP's "little clarinet" almost refreshes my understanding of lip balm.

Advanced frosted packaging,

and lady lipstick will not go down, the mood of want to buy is + 1 ~

magnet suction port design,

every time the cover is crisp "da", high-end, want to buy the mood + 2

moreover, HFP also has a discoloration "small silver tube", the upper lip will change color with body temperature!

looks like "tortoise Ling ointment",

apply it to get peach lips and save lipstick money.

look bad, go out and don't bother to put on makeup. If you use it, you will look good when you get up early to go to work and class.

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compared with the daily routine of the little clarinet, the silver tube discoloration version, the little fairy must have one!

the mouth hin is white, the cherry blossom is as pink and tender as jelly, and the yellow skin can hold!


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I really don't keep boasting, HFP lipstick,

Little Red Book has long gone crazy


Picture Source Little Red Book

users' true reviews are also full of high praise:

Don't bother to put on makeup, so use a small silver tube as lipstick

the upper lip is pink and cherry color, color + 100 points! Jing²

clarinet packaging is so cool

male friends who don't like lipstick now take their lipstick with them every day.

@ Mann professional makeup artist

strongly recommend

small clarinet + small silver tube hoarding together:

after painting, it is like doing n times of lip care, and the dead skin is gone.

it is worth preparing one for family and friends.

if you buy it in this article today, you can still enjoy

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cut down ¥100 for two branches, and get only ¥69 /cost

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Daily price

¥109 /expenditure


1 taste fresh price: clarinet

reduce ¥30, only




2 combinations: small clarinet + discolored silver tube

increase and decrease ¥100, only



add ¥39 rehydration gift package *

(* 10ml of breviscapus water + 7g oligosaccharide emulsion)

it is strongly recommended to store 2 packages

Province 100, N uses for unlocking two tubes

enjoy fans' exclusive low prices


buy it quickly!


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what are the lip problems that bother you all the year round?

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