"Tang Yan, you are so disappointing!"
"Tang Yan, you are so disappointing!"
This simple maiden heart will never grow old.

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the Weibo night, which ended some time ago, made onlookers have a lot of fun--

first, the organizers failed to coordinate the activities, which led to the dissatisfaction of fans, and then the outflow of the life pictures of various stars, which made people wonder: is our entertainment for the new generation really over?

of course, the most important thing to catch a horse is to see the fairy sword series. A magic picture flows out, causing the whole network to recall and kill, and then take a closer look--

where is Zixuan (Tang Yan)?

it turned out that because of the schedule conflict, by the time Tang Yan finished the live broadcast and rushed to the night of Weibo, the party had already begun.

the news that Tang Yan did not come was instantly swept all over the network, and many people were aggrieved for her, and some even directly advised Tang Yan to quit the circle, saying that he was too disappointed with her.

Tang Yan now has her own happiness, and these complicated things are the icing on the cake for the rest of her life.

in the first variety show "our Inn" when she made her postpartum comeback, Tang Yan's status made netizens say: there are few female stars in the entertainment industry who still have light in their eyes after marriage and childbearing.

Tang Yan, nearly forty, still has a girlish heart.

in the life-and-death entertainment industry, there has always been no shortage of people who have been unknown for ten years and have heard about the protagonists all over the world.

but Tang Yan is not. Her starting point is higher than that of many artists.

in 2001, 18-year-old Tang Yan took part in the "Shu Lei Century Star" beauty pageant and won the first place in one fell swoop. The following year, Tang Yan was admitted to the performance Department of the Central Academy of Drama.

just two years later, she was chosen by Zhang Yimou as the "Olympic baby" to participate in the closing ceremony of the Athens Olympic Games, "China 8 minutes".

play the famous Chinese song "Jasmine" with traditional musical instruments such as erhu and pipa, representing China on the world stage.

Tang Yan has been so smooth in the past two years. From "beauty pageant champion" to "Olympic baby", she was only a sophomore when she was in the limelight.

at this time, her classmates have not yet received a play, and Tang Yan is already famous all over the country.

but the gifts given by fate always have a price, and Tang Yan fell into a low ebb after graduation.

at that time, the Hong Kong circle had not yet declined, and many mainland artists would go to Hong Kong for development. Tang Yan also met the famous director Wang Jing because she was a matchmaker.

Wang Jing is committed to promoting Tang Yan as the next "Qiu Shuzhen", but she is helpless and it is difficult for Tang Yan to survive in the Hong Kong circle.

the frustrated Tang Yan returned to the mainland.

I thought she would play a supporting role like everyone else, but fate once again favored Tang Yan.

in 2009, Tang Yan co-starred with Hu GE, Yang Mi and Huo Jianhua in the premiere of the Legend of Xianjian, in which she played Zixuan, a woman who has experienced vicissitudes of life.

the explosion of Xianjian 3 made Zixuan deeply rooted in the hearts of the people and turned into the youth of a generation, and Tang Yan also became popular all over the country by virtue of this role and completely opened her acting career.

after the explosion, Tang Yan received a lot of movies and TV dramas, and left many classic screen images for everyone.

for example, Zhao Mosheng of "Why is my Sunshine silent" became the first TV series with more than 300 million daily online broadcasts.

Zhao Mosheng is a relatively successful protagonist in the adaptation of the novel.

there is also the Princess Ningke, who is remembered by many people, a character with villain temperament, which enriches Tang Yan's on-screen image again.

but these are not people's impressions of Tang Yan. Her biggest tags are only two--

one is irreplaceable Zixuan, and the other is silly and sweet.

in other movies and TV dramas, Tang Yan is an outstanding supporting role, but in idol dramas, she has become the same "heroine".

especially the partially out-of-circle "silly white sweet" character solidifies this impression.

the roles in "Love wakes up", "three thousand Gold in Xia Family", "daughter thief" and "Live Color" are different, but they are all the same in essence.

they are either delicate and simple little white flowers, or the little sisters next door to ghosts and elves, even though they have experienced countless ups and downs, they are still full of vitality.

as a result, she often suffers from such criticism as Changhong on the way to acting--

Tang Yan, why do you prefer silly, white and sweet characters so much?

the answer to this question is simple: there is always a little princess living in her heart.

Tang Yan was born in a wealthy family in Shanghai. She didn't touch the spring water with her fingers when she was young, and her road to her debut was not bumpy, and it was a starting point that many people could not reach.

it is not surprising that well-bred girls look forward to "prince and princess" love.

but the reality is not a youth idol drama, the world of entertainment is destined to hurt the "girl's heart".

A detailed review of the controversy on Tang Yan shows that there are only two that attract the most attention--

one is sister rivalry; the other is heartbreak in love.

in 2008, Tang Yan and Yang Mi met at the shooting site of Xianjian San, and the two people of the same age soon became acquainted with each other.

maybe at that time, they had not yet entered the core of capital, so they were able to talk to each other unscrupulously.

at the beginning, Tang Yan and Qiu Ze fell in love with each other because of the play, but each other was a habitual cheater. After being photographed by the media, it was reported that Qiu Ze had an affair.The city was full of wind and rain, and he was still sophistry, so angry that Tang Yan's agent sent an article bombardment.

seeing that a good friend was hurt by love, Yang Mi, who spoke out of righteousness, went out directly and retweeted Weibo to hammer Qiu Ze to death--

"like two objects."

during that time, Tang Yan was so passive that she would be speculated even if she went to the hospital. She had to go out in person and responded harshly:

there is no negativity in my dictionary.

what Tang Yan needs most is companionship and comfort. At this time, the person standing behind her is always Yang Mi. According to Tang Yan's own recollection, Yang Mi will accompany her no matter when and where.

but then I don't know when, fans found that the two people were no longer in touch with each other frequently.

on Tang Yan's wedding day, Yang Mi was not only not a bridesmaid, she didn't even attend.

No one knows exactly what happened between them, and everyone speculates whether there is something wrong with the friendship of girlfriends.

there was a lot of public opinion at that time, and no one came out to respond.

believes that no matter what the outcome, the original friendship also supported them through each other's bleak time.

in the entertainment industry for many years, Tang Yan's "girl's heart" has been paid, but also been hurt.

fortunately, someone took care of her in the end.

Tang Yan made public her relationship with her boyfriend Luo Jin via Weibo on December 6, 2016. just two years later, she got married.

since marriage and childbearing, Tang Yan has gradually faded out of public view, and she is obviously more satisfied with her career than the other 85.

you don't have to chase in the tide of the new generation of florets, your love and life are already another world.

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every time I see the dynamics of Tang Yan, my uncle will feel beautiful and peaceful. She is no longer sentimental or sharp.

stay away from the land of right and wrong and realize the "I" in my heart--

this simple girl's heart will never grow old.