Take care of yourself and don't cross others.
Take care of yourself and don't cross others.
Everyone has different plans, different directions, and different lives.



Laozi Daojing

it is said in the Book of morality: "he who knows others is wise, and he who knows himself is wise."

A person's highest wisdom is to be able to see others clearly and take better care of himself.

you don't have to comment on other people's lives by your own standards, and you don't bother to interfere in other people's lives.

take good care of your words and deeds and plant your own one-mu of land, so that you can stay away from right and wrong, get along well with others, and get comfortable.

manage well, don't instruct others

Mencius said, "the trouble of man is to be a teacher."

I think so.

you may not know all kinds of things in the world, the changes of wind and rain, and the happiness of others, and you may not know all the difficulties of others.

it's not that others don't understand your so-called great truth, but it's just different circumstances, different experiences, different positions, and different ideas.

if you use your own knowledge to guide other people's lives, and to measure other people's right or wrong by your own experience, it is likely to lead them astray.

businessman Zhang Kang, with a rich family, is determined to become the richest man in the area.

A few years later, with the strength of his family and his smart mind, he made a success of doing business.

his brother is a teacher. Although he doesn't make much money, he lives a leisurely life.

Zhang Kang sees it in his eyes, but he is very anxious in his heart.

every time I meet my younger brother, I will hate the ironless education. Under the repeated demands of Zhang Kang, my younger brother left the academy and went to the city.

but surprisingly, my brother not only did not make any money in the city, but also became emaciated and suffered from a serious illness because of excessive stress.

although Zhang Kang regretted it, it didn't help.

there are no two identical leaves in the world, and there is more than one lane for the journey of life.

others may struggle with what you can squeeze easily;

people and things you don't like may be very important to others.

everyone is the protagonist of his own story and has his own unique way of living.

you can point out a lot of advice for others, but you can't pay for other people's failures.

Don't be self-righteous and point other people's lives in the wrong direction with your own one-sided ideas.

those who are used to planning the future and giving advice for others are actually not good intentions, but a kind of cruelty.

put aside your hands to guide others, judge others less by yourself, think more about others, be less mandatory, and understand each other more.

try to accept and understand, learn empathy and tolerance, mind your own business, and take care of yourself is the best practice in life.

watch your mouth and don't judge others

in the Book of morality, it is said: "those who know do not speak, those who speak do not know."

A wise man does not judge others, but focuses on himself; a fool gossips and takes pleasure in talking about others.

do not realize that judging others at will is the greatest malice to others and is spurned by others.

the wisdom to settle down is to keep your mouth shut, to keep your words out of your mouth, and to be prudent in your actions.

there is such a story:

an aunt over 50 died of cardiac arrest due to excessive exercise.

people talk about it one after another, and some people say, "it is because the feelings have been hurt and there is no place to vent that they exercise too much."

some people say: "Auntie is very old, because she thinks she is too fat, she does not hesitate to risk her life."

however, the aunt works hard to lose weight in order to control her weight and do a transplant for her cancer child.

did not hesitate to take a month to lose 20 jin of weight. He died of anxiety day and night.

the child was devastated by the news of her mother's death, and coupled with the gossip outside, she died with her mother.

those people, who do not know the truth behind the matter, talk nonsense and people's eyeballs; those people, who do not know the weight of their words, talk casually and fall into the abyss.

what we see and hear in life is only 1/10 of what we actually see and hear.

the difficulties and hardships are surging, and only the parties themselves are most aware of the difficulties and hardships.

the words have been exported, but it is impossible to take it back.

We are unable to bear the tragic consequences, and it is even more difficult to calm down.

We don't know what other people are going through, and we don't feel the pain of others. If we can't help, please shut up and be kind.

Don't always judge others with your own prejudices.

when people live in the world, they should learn to be cautious in their words and deeds, speak more in warm words, speak less in speculative words, do not judge at will, and do not judge easily.

only by keeping your mouth shut, mending your heart, and being kind to others can you reap the goodwill and long-term good fortune of others.

take care of your feet so as not to disturb others

Laozi said, "contentment is not humiliating, knowledge is not perilous, it can last a long time



those who know how to be content will not be humiliated; those who know that enough is enough will not lead to misfortune.

No matter they are close relatives or friends, only by not interfering with each other can they last for a long time and have a deep friendship.

if you don't know the boundary, you will only break your feelings if you always put your feet into other people's shoes.If you break up and break up in discord, you will get yourself into trouble.

once upon a time, a mountain climber went to climb Huashan when he met a bearer with more than 100 jin of goods on his shoulder.

sweating and panting on the steep steps.

seeing this, he felt pity and asked if he needed any help.

the bearer refused politely.

he thought the bearer was being polite, so he lifted the goods directly from the bearer's shoulder.

unexpectedly, the bearer fell heavily to the ground.

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it turns out that the goods on the bearer's shoulders are extremely heavy and have been in a state of muscle tension all the time. If he suddenly loses weight, he will be injured due to insufficient unloading capacity.

as the saying goes, "Don't mind your own business. Don't talk hard if you don't speculate."

in this world, a lot of things are out of blind help, and finally become a mess, unhelpful.

interfering with others out of kindness and self-determination will often disrupt the rhythm of others and bring serious damage to both sides.

and really wise people, know how to deal with others, behave in the world, have boundaries.

you can remind you kindly and care about asking, but don't force yourself to intervene. It seems to take great effort, but in fact it is thankless and disgusting.

as the old saying goes, "nothing is light, don't get into trouble."

Life is not easy. Not interfering with others and interfering with others is the greatest respect for getting along with others, and it can also keep yourself away from disasters and go far.

in the Book of Guanyuan, it is said: "every man sweeps the snow in front of his own door, regardless of the frost on his tiles."

it is not easy for a man to be able to complete himself throughout his life, so how can he have leisure to take care of other people's lives.

moreover, everyone has different plans, different directions and different lives.

Don't give random advice, don't judge wantonly, don't disturb excessively, and leave room for others is also leaving dignity for yourself.

, may you and I both take care of ourselves, do not cross others, worry less, have no tiredness, and live our own life easily.