Sun Li funded the "White-eyed Wolf" to Haiqing for four years, and the result was sad. Why did he come to this day?
Sun Li funded the "White-eyed Wolf" to Haiqing for four years, and the result was sad. Why did he come to this day?
Only those who know how to be grateful are worthy of true kindness.

more than a decade ago, Han Han posted a Weibo message that "saved" Sun Li at a critical moment.

he wrote on Weibo:

"even large dogs are not allowed in big cities, so why can Sun Li raise wolves in Shanghai?"

at that time, Xiang Haiqing, a poor student subsidized by Sun Li for four years, pushed Sun Li to the forefront with a 6000-word article, which almost destroyed her acting career.

as soon as Han Han said this, many people came to their senses:

it turns out that Sun Li is the biggest victim in this incident.

what happened that year, Han Han couldn't help standing up for her?

after so many years, what happened to Xiang Haiqing, who is famous for this matter?

in 2002, when Sun Li was filming the TV series Jade Guanyin in Kunming, she came across a documentary that made her have an intersection with a stranger she had never met for as long as four years.

this person is Xiang Haiqing, a poor student in the mountains of Chongqing, who was in his first year of high school at that time.

Xiang Haiqing's family is extremely poor and his mother is ill in bed. He often struggles on the brink of dropping out of school, and going to college is almost a distant dream.

Hope in the Mountains, recorded by Chongqing Satellite TV, reported the difficulties of studying from Haiqing. After the program was broadcast, Sun Li was deeply touched.

speaking, Sun Li's growth experience is also very bumpy.

because she had tasted the bitterness of life at an early age, Sun Li was very distressed by the difficulty of Xiang Haiqing.

after watching the program, she immediately asked her mother to get in touch with Haiqing through the program hotline.

Sun Li anonymously subsidizes Haiqing 500 yuan a month and sends him books, clothes and daily necessities through his mother, so that he does not have to worry about his study.

when he got the first grant of 500 yuan, he was moved to tears to Haiqing. He felt a pleasant surprise. It seemed that his dream of college, which he had not dared to hope for before, had a clear outline.

as a matter of fact, Sun Li's subsidy to Haiqing also has a long-term plan. She promised to subsidize Haiqing 500 yuan a month until he graduated from college.

this 500 yuan is undoubtedly a timely help to the families of Haiqing.

at that time, Sun Li was only 20 years old, a newcomer to the show business, and his career improved slightly.

and her support to Xiang Haiqing is not only financial assistance, but also spiritual support.

although she is very busy filming, she will take the time to write to Haiqing, encourage him to make progress, and call him to inquire about his study.

Sun Li is only a few years older than Xiang Haiqing, which can be regarded as giving him the warmth of his sister in all aspects.

what is even more heart-warming is that when she learned that Xiang Haiqing's mother had asthma, Sun Li's mother regularly sent a particularly good medicine to treat asthma.

with the financial support of Sun Li and her daughter, Xiang Haiqing successfully completed high school in 2004. However, it is a pity that he failed the college entrance examination and failed to be admitted to the university.

if Sun Li terminated the subsidy at this time, there would be nothing wrong with it, but she did not. Instead, she encouraged her to repeat it to Haiqing and sent her study materials.

Sun Li wants from the bottom of his heart to help him get out of the mountains and have a bright future.

but what she didn't expect was that it wasn't long before her kindness was eaten back.

in 2005, after studying again for a year, Xiang Haiqing took the college entrance examination again and was admitted to Shanghai Fisheries University on the suggestion of Sun Li and her daughter.

on the day of reporting for duty, Sun Li and her daughter personally went to the station to meet Haiqing.

although it is the first time to meet, 4 years of contact and thoughts have already made both sides feel extremely cordial. As soon as we met, Sun Li's mother gave Haiqing a warm hug.

by that time, Sun Li had become a household name by virtue of Jade Guanyin.

this meeting also surprised Xiang Haiqing that it was Sun Li who had been subsidizing him.

Sun Li and her daughter enthusiastically went through the admission procedures for Haiqing, paid tuition and miscellaneous fees for a year, bought him a mobile phone, left him another 500 yuan in living expenses according to the usual practice, and told him to "call if you need anything."

in the eyes of Sun Li and her daughter, these things are only natural.

as everyone knows, since knowing that the patron is Sun Li, Xiang Haiqing's psychology has quietly changed.

maybe I think that with Sun Li's "this big tree", the future will be bright. Maybe I think that a big star like Sun Li has plenty of money, so I feel more and more comfortable accepting Sun Li's subsidy from Haiqing.

he began to spend a lot of money.

in the first month of school, Xiang Haiqing was selected as a class cadre. When he contacted his classmates, he spent more than 90 yuan on the phone bill alone.

you know, 90 yuan is equivalent to three months' food rations when he is at home, and also equivalent to a week's food expenses at school.

when Sun Li's mother knew about this, she kindly advised Haiqing to stop fighting to be a class cadre and just study with peace of mind.

on the surface, he promised Sun Li's mother, but in fact he didn't put his study first.

perhaps it is such insincerity that makes Sun Li's mother and daughter have bad feelings and guard against Xiang Haiqing.

when this goes, let Sun Li completelyMother and daughter decided to stay away from Xiang Haiqing.

it turned out that he had concealed a lot from them from Haiqing. He not only applied for a financial aid of 6000 yuan a year, but also worked as a part-time assistant to the teacher, earning 300 yuan a month and receiving financial assistance from others.

500 yuan is really not much for Sun Li, but the deception to Haiqing makes Sun Li unbearable.

since November 2005, she has suspended her financial support to Xiang Haiqing and stopped answering his phone calls, unilaterally putting an end to four years of hard work.

she left after confirming that Xiang Haiqing could finish her college studies on her own.

however, the matter is far from over. A year later, a letter to Haiqing, coupled with the help of a person, almost ruined her acting career.

originally, Sun Li's subsidy to Haiqing was carried out silently, but in 2006, a year later, the matter continued to ferment online and evolved into a "Sun Li donation door" incident.

the key figure behind this is media man Qiu Chaoju.

he was a reporter who participated in filming the public welfare program "Hope in the Mountain". After the program, he had contact with Xiang Haiqing. When he knew that Xiang Haiqing was funded by Sun Li, he thought it was a rare subject matter. He asked Xiang Haiqing to write down his experience of receiving donations over the past few years.

wrote a long article of 6000 words to Haiqing, detailing the whole story. Although the letter thanked the granddaughter, it was filled with complaints and injuries.

he used a lot of words like "promise" and "demand", implying that Sun Li and her daughter promised to subsidize him until he graduated from college and promised to "call them if he needed money", but he failed to do so.

also said that the reason why he chose to study in Shanghai was also "required" by Sun Li's mother and daughter.

he said that Sun Li's 500 yuan living allowance was too small. When he called Sun Li's mother and daughter when they didn't have enough money, they always asked for money when they were rejected. Sun Li's mother also said that his "pet dog is more obedient than you."

in his letter, he asked sadly, "if you are poor, you don't want dignity?"

what is even more difficult to accept is that he complains about the ability of his granddaughter, who could have made him better off in Shanghai, but was only willing to give him very little help.

although Qiu Chaoju was repeatedly asked by Haiqing in his letter not to disclose the contents of the letter, Qiu Chaoju thought it would be a very valuable news.

so he posted the original text of the letter on Weibo.

although the names of the parties were hidden in the article, careful netizens still found out that Sun Li was the donor.

for a while, Sun Li was pushed to the forefront, and many people called their mother and daughter stingy and fake charity.

when the storm became more and more serious, Xiang Haiqing's classmates couldn't watch it any longer. He stood up and said that Xiang Haiqing was not poor. He had financial aid, assistant salary, and received financial aid from others, and he was better off than many of his classmates.

and in college, he spent a lot of money on Hai Qing, playing games, making girlfriends, wearing designer clothes, and boasting that there were big stars behind him.

writer Han Han also complained for Sun Liming, implying that she had raised a "white-eyed wolf" by posting on Weibo.

Public opinion immediately turned to Haiqing, and netizens scolded him for being ungrateful.

however, many netizens scolded Qiu Chaoju because he disclosed the matter in disregard of pleading with Haiqing, causing an uproar.

led to Sun Li and Xiang Haiqing, who were greatly affected by this "donation gate" incident, especially Xiang Haiqing, who paid a heavy price for this.

under the pressure of public opinion, Xiang Haiqing became the target of public criticism.

however, many media still went to the school to ask for interviews with Xiang Haiqing. He was so annoyed that he had to take a year off from school.

after graduating from college in 2009, he was no longer welcome in Shanghai because he repeatedly ran up against a brick wall in applying for a job from Haiqing.

in desperation, he had to go back to his hometown. According to netizens, now he works as an ordinary clerk in a small company.

originally, when Haiqing came out of the mountains, if he was grateful and studied in a down-to-earth manner, he would have a broader world, but in the end, he was beaten back to his original form because he forgot his original intention and was greedy.

what is even more sad is that influenced by Sun Li's "donation door", the name Xiang Haiqing has almost become a byword for "white-eyed wolf".

and Xiang Haiqing is the "tree hole" of poor Tsinghua students who brushed the screen some time ago.

is also a long article, and the student is grateful between the lines.

he is grateful for all the kindness and help he has met, even the free computers and drinking water at school.

Shopping for a perfect peach and white wedding dress to make your figure show to its absolute best? There are perfect pieces for formal and informal events.

for the enterprises and foundations that support him to go to school, he writes long letters by hand every year, reporting on his studies for one year and his plans for the next year.

when he was a junior, he worked as a part-time tutor and told the funders frankly at the first time.

when the other party replied that he was reassured to study, he was relieved and continued to receive financial aid.

in his first year as a graduate student, with his own efforts, after he had a little spare power to get rid of poverty, the first thing he did was to pass on his goodwill, spending 3200 yuan every year to subsidize other poor students.

compared with Xiang Haiqing, his actions have warmed the hearts of countless silent donors in society.

the reason why Xiang Haiqing created such a situation is that he never understood a simple truth.:

it is kind to help others. For small help to others, we should also be grateful and live up to each other's kindness.

sometimes, the weak who only know how to take is not worthy of sympathy.

only those who know how to be grateful deserve to be truly kind.