Suddenly the official announced the good news! Posting pregnancy photos, netizens: this is the most powerful family to marry!
Suddenly the official announced the good news! Posting pregnancy photos, netizens: this is the most powerful family to marry!
Beauty is not what women are all about.

recently, good news has been spread in the entertainment industry.

Selina Ren Xuan Guan Xuan Xuan is pregnant, and the baby is nicknamed "Little Cashew Nut". He also created an original limerick to share the joy with you.

"Women with four to one flowers, lucky life is sprouting, cherish each other at the same pace, please eat candy with great joy."

Selina entering a new stage of life, reap the blessings of the whole network:

"Congratulations, finally out of the shadow, this warm girl, God will take care of her."

"the rebirth of Nirvana must be well."

as early as last year when Selina broke his love story, he said: "I don't want to get married again at this stage, just enjoy the moment."

now the unexpected

skip marriage and go straight to pregnancy and childbirth.

it's hard not to wonder what Selina has been through over the years.

if you want to use one word to describe the first 29 years of life of Selina, it should be a "winner in life".

born in Taiwan, she was well-off and grew up in the favor of her parents.

since she was a child, she always liked to put a mirror on her desk at school. when the teacher returned the confiscated things at the end of the semester, what was always given to her was a box of mirrors.

with excellent grades and sweet appearance, she has always been the envy of other girls.

in 2000, Selina took part in the "Universe 2000 strength Beautiful Girl Battle" instead of his sister.

having never received any singing training, she sang all the way to the top of the competition by virtue of her beautiful voice and inborn musical talent.

most importantly, Selina was signed by the music company before he graduated and became a member of SHE.

after all, who didn't listen to classic songs like "Don't want to grow up", "Super Star" and "Persian Cat" when he was young?

group have their own characteristics, and the beautiful and sweet Selina is always the most popular one.

Ella sings in Princess Selina: "Pink describes her, and delicate roses only fragrance for her."

at the height of his career, he easily stood at a height that was difficult for others to reach.

Love also blossomed and bear fruit. Her boyfriend asked her to marry him, and the two were ready to get married.

at that time, Selina was a star-studded existence.

but this is where the cruelty of fate lies.

in the most beautiful and happiest time, Selina encountered the accident that shocked the whole network.

overnight, Selina, floating in the clouds, was pulled to hell.

another key word in Selina's life is "lost".

in 2010, during the shooting of "I have a date with Spring", the pre-buried gunpowder exploded ahead of time, and the dodging Selina was blown out.

in this accident, Selina burned 54% of the whole body and 41% of the third degree burns.

she recalled: "you must have no way to imagine how timid I am. I am afraid of insects, dark and pain."

when she was sent to the operating room, her survival rate was no more than 50%, which was the closest moment to her death.

to repair her appearance, she needs a skin graft.

she took off the scalp and covered it over the affected area. She experienced this pain three times.

"when I saw my legs after skin grafting, I didn't think they were human legs."

however, the nightmare is not over.

skin grafting is just the beginning, and the subsequent rehabilitation process is even more painful.

even the simple movements such as reaching out and squatting are extremely painful for her.

once, as soon as she squatted down, blood suddenly spurted out from her knee.

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this is destined to be a long and iterative process.

when she finally finished her rehabilitation and saw her uneven legs again, she suddenly felt devastated: "how did my legs become like this? they are so ugly."

this is a devastating blow to her who has loved beauty since she was a child.

Selina, who lost her self-confidence, said several times that she wanted to quit her marriage, but her boyfriend Zhang Chengzhong insisted on completing the wedding.

but this fairy tale marriage has nothing to do with redemption and is more like a choice made by Zhang Chengzhong under the oppression of public opinion.

Zhang Chengzhong wrote the story of taking care of Selina into a book, opening her scars in front of the media again and again to win sympathy.

the media have filmed Zhang Chengzhong lingering in nightclubs, kissing women more than once.

five years later, the two officially divorced.

Zhang Chengzhong also admitted in the interview: "I feel that the task is over." I really want to throw up when I see her legs. "

in 2018, misfortune came again.

this time, Selina lost her sweet voice.

prepare the second individualWhen she was on the album, she suddenly couldn't control her voice.

when she was devastated, she went to the hospital for examination, but there was no problem.

this is another big blow.

once upon a time, she was the favorite girl of thousands of people.

the accident of life not only destroyed her health, but also made her lose her beauty, marriage and voice.

it can be said that how beautiful the past is, how painful it is now.

fate twists and turns, and the blow comes one after another, but fortunately, Selina finally gets over it.

Selina once sang in "I want to be my own My Own Beauty on the way to Beauty":

"do you want to argue with the world and make peace with yourself?"

"Don't flatter the boring aesthetic, how precious you are because you are not perfect."

in the company of family and friends, Selina went through the most difficult time.

after being confused again and again, she finally decided to make peace with herself and accept her imperfect self.

she is no longer deliberately secretive, bravely trying to coexist with pain.

in a 21-kilometer marathon, she graciously put on short-sleeved shorts to reveal her true self.

she began to accept love and tried to express it.

in 2019, Selina joined the ensemble "Girls in Love".

although the love affair in the variety show did not come to the end, she began to understand that even if she was not perfect, she deserved to be loved.

she is no longer obsessed with her former sweet voice.

on the advice of her music teacher, she accepted the fact that her voice range changed and began to adapt to a new range and a new way of singing.

everything is slowly getting better, and what has been lost is being found by Selina bit by bit.

teammate Hebe accompanied her through the trough and witnessed her rebirth step by step.

at the concert, Hebe confessed affectionately: "she blossoms again, more beautiful than before." That kind of light is a beautiful and undazzling gentle power emanating from her spiritual world and from her heart. "

this is beauty that has experienced setbacks and storms, has not been taken away and eroded, and is also a kind of autonomy, self-healing and self-acceptance of a new state and a new life.

Last year, Selina generously admitted her relationship after being photographed holding hands with her boyfriend.

seeing Selina,Ella coming out of the shadow and glowing again, he couldn't help sighing:

"she falls in love again like a 16-year-old girl, and she exudes pink bubbles, which is really precious!"

she finally came back.

an accident, a ten-year nightmare, Selina stood in the clouds and fell through the trough.

the experience of passing by life and death brings her not only the change of appearance, but also the thinking and perception of life.

once upon a time, she understood that "if one survives a great disaster, there will be a blessing after death", which means that after avoiding life and death, there will be a great fortune.

after real experience, I found that the so-called happiness is not luck, but contentment.

after going through such a difficult thing, her definition and standard of happiness become very low.

even the most mundane things like getting up and feeding the dog, she can find happiness and contentment in it.

once, beauty was her pride and weapon, but now she is no longer attached to the outside world.

was photographed with a double chin by netizens, and she teased herself on Weibo: "what?" Do you have more ugly photos? I'm not afraid. "

when she shoots magazines, she also chooses to show her scars calmly.

in an interview, she defined herself like this:

"I think my value is not just this skin, under this, my own personality or my outlook on life, values, I have a lot of things are worth to be cherished."

Yes, beauty is not what women are all about.

the best state of a woman is not to have a youthful and beautiful appearance and a beautiful figure, but to accept herself for who she really is, explore herself inward, and then love herself more and more every day.

Selina is exactly like this.

Today, 41-year-old Selina looks calm, confident and calm.

she still loves to dream, still loves life, and is still looking forward to the future.

, bless Selina.

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