Six habits to make yourself happy
Six habits to make yourself happy
When you treat the world with kindness, the world will treat you with kindness.

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live each day as a new day

when you get up every morning, you have to greet the new day with gratitude.

maybe you wear the same clothes, do the same job, or even eat the same breakfast as you did yesterday, but when your mood gets better, everything will get better.

the sun is new, the day is new, and even you are new.

No matter the past is good or bad, you don't have to dwell on it, no matter whether it's sad or happy, you don't have to cling to it. Regardless of the success or failure of the past, there is no need to review it again and again.

Let's clear away all the troubles of the past.

bask in today's sun, live today's day, and enjoy today's beauty.


do more things you like in your spare time

No matter how busy you are every day, there will always be free time.

in such precious moments, try not to lie down, don't play with your cell phone, and don't spend your time on boring things.

instead of doing something that consumes you, do what you like.

you can go to the flower market to buy some pots of flowers to raise at home, you can cook some good dishes in the kitchen, or you can quietly read a few pages in the study.

there is a saying: "people are not addicted, do not have sex."

everyone must have one or two wholesome hobbies.

because when you feel tired, lonely and helpless, only love can withstand the insipid and long years.

when a person is doing what he likes, inner satisfaction and freedom will continue to emerge.


collect and organize regularly

in life, strive to create a good environment for yourself.

in a dirty and messy place, one's mood can also get worse.

in a neat living soil, you will have a neat life.

when you get up every morning, you should make your bed, the table and sofa, and put your belongings in order.

Don't lose the cleanliness and brightness of life because you are busy and tired.

sometimes, just wipe the place that should be cleaned and sweep the place that should be swept, it will bring a lot of good changes to life.

when we organize our lives regularly, we are also sorting out our thoughts.

in a clean environment, your mood will also become clean and transparent.


set aside one hour for exercise every day

in our daily life, we spend more and more time sitting.

No matter how busy you are every day, remember to take the time to exercise your body, release your pressure and let yourself have a good state of mind.

when you are in a bad mood, go for a run, lift the iron when you are under a lot of pressure, and stretch when you feel tired.

nothing is more important than health, and nothing relieves stress more than exercise.

A person who loves sports is also a person who loves life.

because when you move, a lot of troubles go away.

when you move, negative emotions are released.

when you move, you will have a better and better physical and mental state.


say more positive and optimistic words

in life, the power of language is very powerful.

what you are, you will say what you say.

the more positive a person's language is, the more light will always fill his life.

the more negative a person's language is, the more dark his life will always be.

maybe in life, we can't avoid meeting some people who are not good enough, things that are not good enough, and experiences that are not good enough, but your language is your mind.

when you face it with optimism, everything will get better.

but when you deal with it with a complaining mentality, things get worse and worse.

the better a person's heart is, the more he will say good words.


do more well-meaning people and well-meaning things

in life, everyone is not an island.

We need help from others, and we also need to provide help to others as much as we can.

I have read such a paragraph:

"Love is on the left, love is on the right, and on both sides of life, sow seeds and blossom at any time, making this path long-distance dotted with the fragrance of flowers, so that pedestrians wearing flowers and leaves walk on thorns, feel no pain, have tears to shake, and feel desolate!"

sometimes, it is very simple and happy to be a good person.

maybe you can donate money to children in poor mountain areas, give up your seat to a pregnant woman on the subway, or help an old man cross the road.

when you treat the world with kindness, the world will treat you with kindness.

when we help others, we not only bring a beam of light to other people's lives, but also make our hearts shine.

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